66 thoughts on “Magic TV Top 8 of the Week: Best Counter Spells”

  1. No love for Spell Snare? It might not have the history that Forbid does, but it sure is more powerful in today’s magic formats.

  2. Slow motion TSG laugh was without question the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. Before I watch, in no particular order:

    Mana Leak
    Force of Will
    Spell Pierce
    Mental Misstep
    and uh…

    Rune Snag?
    Last Word?

  4. I don’t know if I like spell pierce over counterspell. I know spell pierce changed the way the game is played, but I think it’s fair to say the existance of counterspell added an element to the game that without it, m:tg might be completely different.

    I wonder if maybe these lists should be split into “best” and “most influential cards”.

  5. So glad Remand made the list. It’s one of my favorite spells ever and if you were on the play and able to play it on the draw it was essentially Time Walk

  6. Great Ending! Had me laughing out loud. For some reason I instantly thought of Jabba the Hut . 🙂

  7. Flusterstorm is a Spell Pierce for everything. Vastly better than spell pierce, and if they want to stifle the storm trigger, then you get a daze you spent a blue on…. Really?? not even on the list? Seems brutal to me.

  8. HAHAHA OMG I have never laughed harder at anything for CFB jokes than the TSG Jabba the hut laugh. Thank you so much CFB for the FREE content!

  9. Maraxus of Keld

    No Mental Misstep, really?

    Being a Legacy player and all makes me love the free counterspell that doesn’t give carddisadvantage.
    Force of Will (keeping unfair decks in check since 1996) is the definite number one. People do sideboard it out way less then they should tho.

    @ OzalO: You better be trollin’ man..

  10. OzalO: You know Flustestorm only hits Instant and Sorceries, right? So, say in vintage and legacy, Spell pierce is usually better because it can hit stuff like artifacts and jaces.

  11. TOP 8 ROGUE DECKS!!!

    ( i guess determined by low % in metagame, but built for said metagame; i.e. u/g/w land cascade[cascade into sea’s etc.] built to pwn jund)

  12. Spell Pierce is the only one I was iffy on. Mana Leak seems better because of its influence on making counter magic so splash-able. True, spell pierce is no less slash-able, but no one splashes blue just for SP. I’ve played plenty of decks that wanted a mana leak over a straight counter spell. And while vintage is a great standard for overall power level, it does tend to overlook card that are good because they have low color commitments.

  13. Counterspell was not overpowered. Actually when it was standard legal it was part of some of the most balanced metagames in magic’s history. Noobs just don’t like playing against good players playing counterspells and they complain and whine to R&D and they listen because there are more bad magic players out there. Counterspell stopped being printed because noobs were whining about things getting countered. The card was definately not overpowered, noobs just viewed it that way because they were loosing to it all the time. and there are many more noobs than good players so R&D listened.

  14. I always feel a bit bad for Force of Will’s runt of a sibling, Arcane Denial. How must it feel after all these years seeing its bigger brother still a 4-of?

  15. If people play Cancel in top 8 matches, then that is proof enough that Counterspell was too cheap.

    Awesome evil laughter!

  16. Lol @ “red elemental blast for daze” if you have one red open, why not just pay for the daze?

  17. Lack of mental mistep seems somehow like a mistake… that no one thought about… Mental mistep has TOTALLY warped the legacy metagame, while although cryptic command may have been powerful in standard/extended it sees no play in eternal formats. Like mentioned spell snare is another strong one, though it’s understandable that it did not make the list.

  18. Nice list, I can’t really think of anything I’d have differently on it, since mental misstep is really only amazing in legacy and holding a spell snare just feels awkward. By the way, miscalculation is probably better than condescend in most archetypes and color combinations, with the only real exception I can think of being some sort of UGx ramp deck since condescend is awesome when it lets you draw your threats AND counter almost anything if you’ve been ramping up. The rest of the time though, miscalculation is usually better since it makes it easier to leave counter mana up than condescend does, and being able to cycle the card is an underrated benefit as well.

  19. I think Misdirection should get an honorable mention. Although it is not a ‘counter’ per se, it does counter some of the best cards in the game, namely other counterspells. I love having 1-2 Misdirection in my Vintage decks as FoW 5-6…

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  21. pedroguazzelli

    played mental misstep in my UW control last weekend.

    standard deck, BTW.

    IT’ so POWERFUL, ffffff
    DAMN good card.

    2 life, ruined your:
    goblin guide, preordain, spell pierce, misstep (funny!), bolt on my creature, inquisition of kozilek, duress, despise, etc…

    damn good card!


  22. @rich……Wow, you sure do say “noob” a lot, which is kind of funny because your spelling and grammar would indicate you’re kind of a “noob” yourself. Noob. Noob. Noobnoobnoobnoobnoobnoob

  23. Mental misstep and reb are definatly better than 7 and 8, though I think daze is too high on the list as well.

    Some other cards I am surprised were not mentioned are Burnout and Disrupt, gotta love the value.

  24. As LSV is the pun-master, you have to do the top eight Top 8s (PT, GP, whatever) eventually

  25. I like the whole “top 8 of the week” series!
    Maybe a small suggestion: you could show the full top8 (in text or cards) again in the end.
    (This would make it easier to remember and discuss all of them.)

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