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  1. Hmmm I beg to differ.

    Tarmogoyf AND Lands are #1 and #2.
    Goyf is good in Zoo, Doran, Mono Blue, Bant… A creature deck will always play Goyf, period.

    I don’t even consider playing Vial in modern. Bob is great but very weak VS Zoo/ Aggro/ Burn and you gotta build your deck around him.

  2. You can bet that burn and aggro is hated like crazy.

    I mean you have also super strong hate cards against this strategies.

    Combo decks are also not shabby ; Reveillark will beat you in the nuts as they gain so much “extra” combo with Metamorpher / Relic Warder in the mix and tons of lifegain with Reinforcements recurring (Eternal Witness beats with Reinforcements give you lights out for aggro).

    Aggro might be “obvisious” but its also easy to hate if your format is full of it.

  3. Vial seems pretty overrated to me. It’s only good for getting around counterspells.

    I don’t think it’s right to say that the top 8 legacy cards would be similar. You’re missing Brainstorm, Force, LED, Wasteland among others.

  4. dan: this is not legacy.

    Creature decks that can not protect Goyf, or win fast enough that they don’t have to protect him won’t run him. There are no decks in Modern that can just play Goyf as their only creature and protect him to victory.

    I can’t believe that some people still thinks Goyf is better then Bob since all it should take is playing ten games of magic with each of them to realize how much better Bob is.

  5. Depends MB. If those 10 games are against Zoo it will be pretty clear that Tarmogoyf is better.

  6. i think they are completely off with this list.
    First of all dark confidant is not #1 imo, it simply doesn’t fit that many decks. Even legacy zoo doesn’t always play him and modern zoo takes alot more pain and might even have to be a bit slower which will make it much worse. Dark confidant is a great in the older formats where creature removal is rarer and card advantage is huge because of all the fast mana available, in modern that is likely not the case. Against combo i’d rather have something interactive like gaddock teeg then confidant for a draw and lots of combo won’t be able to play this because they won’t play black or can’t take the hurt.
    Aether vial is also completely off. I don’t think any tier deck will be playing it. Vial is great in legacy because of the free counters and having tons of other uses for your land (mutavault and wasteland). In modern ghost quarter and tec edge simply don’t compare as you can’t go degenerate plays as turn 1 vial, turn 2 start wasting your stuff. Also the deck that would want to play it, something monocolor probably like merfolk, will probably roll over to punishing fire, grove of the burnwillows. Finally there are no supereffective hate cards for zoo etc around that merfolk/fae etc could use to counterbalance their matchup against zoo. In legacy you can fix the Zoo mu with submerge etc. in modern you can’t really the same way.

    Cards that are missing on this list:
    ponder/preordain. These will be the motor for a whole range of combo decks ;ike pyromancer, d-storm, hive mind, twin-kiki etc.
    cloudpost/glimmerpost, this engine will almost certainly power some controllish decks like the old extended tron decks.

  7. @Mark You cannot say ponder/preordain. Preordain is so much better, they aren’t even on the same level

  8. @ MB

    Do you want to bet $50 that PT Philadelphia top8 will have more Goyfs than Bobs ? and bet an other $50 that modern PT one year from now will have more Goyfs than Bobs ?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Bob in Vintage. He’s just not THAT great in modern, at least not as great as Goyf

  9. <– Holding out for a Goyf reprint in Innistrad. IT'S A GRAVEYARD SET, MARO, DAMNIT!!!

    Good list although I would have Goyf higher, and Aether Vial much lower given that I can't see how counterspells will be that good in this format anyway.

    Remand and Spell Snare =\= FoW, Daze, or Misstep.

  10. Gifts Ungiven is a suspicious absence. I give it less than a year in the format before it is banned.

  11. Hive Mind still reliably kills on turn 4. That doesn’t give Gifts Ungiven a lot of time to be super exciting. There are still very good combo decks in Modern that mean your strategy needs to be fast combo, pure aggro, or some combination of aggro/disruption. Pure control is probably too slow to be as competitive as we’d all like, especially for the first PT of the format. Expect a lot of Nacatls, Pridemages and Figures in the top 8.

  12. Humphrey is dead, and sticking it with forests in hopes that he’ll get the hint and sprout into one won’t help. Nice video though, I generally agree with most of your choices except for Aether Vial, one deck plays it and thats it.

  13. Before watching ima gess:

    blood moon

  14. dan: it´s possible that top8 will have more Goyfs but then Zoo will probably b the most played deck in the tour. Which is the only deck that should run goyf really, I guess Doran. but Blue control decks should not run Goyf since he doesn’t do enough in a format without free counters and brainstorm..

    It´s pretty obvious that WotC really pushed for Zoo to be good in this format. First they ban everything that is faster and then they ban misstep too. They even said it was because it hurts creature decks that want to start their curve on 1, which is basically Zoo and nothing else.

    I don’t think this top list was so much about which card will have the bigger impact though, it´s about which card is better and since Bob > Goyf its natural to have him higher on the list.

    The most interesting thing with the list though, NO BLUE CARDS.

  15. I also think Dark Confidant is better than Tarmogoyf, and I happen to think that in Modern both Confidant and Tarmogoyf are stronger cards than Stoneforge Mystic (so I really think the bans were inconsistent in terms of power level – but I think it is apparent that the bans were mostly not based on power level).

    In Legacy you can protect the Batterskull play with free permission. In Modern, Goyf protects itself better against maindecked removal used (Punishing Fire obviously, but often also Bolt). Goyf is often hitting for 4 power (but not gaining life or staying untapped, of course) for 2 mana. Even if you get Batterskull down, that is 4 mana for the 4/4 which still dies to Path and Dismember.

    If they can’t remove your Mystic, they wouldn’t be able to remove your Dark Confidant – I don’t think people are running Darkblast. So without further mana investment Confidant will take over the game drawing more cards. Mystic tutors of course and gives the card even if they kill it right away, but if they do that it probably means you got Batterskull (the mana discount for a Sword is tiny and it is better to kill in response to equip) – so if you went for Batterskull with Mystic and lost it, your card advantage is actually have a 5 mana card in your hand which is possibly a dead card for the rest of the game – and that is assuming they didn’t use Punishing Fire to remove the Mystic, in which case they often have not even used up a card of their own.

    In contrast, even if they can’t remove your Dark Confidant there are several ways they can deal with your Mystic. Repeal is amazing against the germ token and Into the Roil is also a good maindeckable bounce spell. As Mystic gets you an artifact, there are many more ways to deal with the equipment (Batterskull or Sword) that would not nail Dark Confidant on top of the creature removal options – Qasali Pridemage is maindecked and in multiples (and Zenith gets it). Vendilion Clique is also a quite maindeckable card and you can Clique in response to the activation of Mystic and strip the equipment away. These are all answers to a play that is 4 mana total at least, and perhaps 6 mana if they get a sword and you can remove in response. That is a huge tempo loss. And you can see it in practice if you look at the Overextended decks. Zoo with Goyfs and Punishing Fire everywhere, Mystic decks running Jitte and often tutoring for that or Sword because they could count on Mystic dying against any deck that wasn’t mono-green.


  16. I’m just calling it right here, people should play Inquisition of Kozilek mainboard and Thoughtseize sideboard because of all the zoo that will be in the format. IoK will just hit everything you care about anyways.

  17. @ MB

    I see your point. But let’s say you play mono blue control and you have the choice to splash Green for Goyf or Black for Bob, what do you do ?

    I’d splash green for Goyf.
    Bob dies to punishing fire, Grim lavamancer, lowers your life total, prevent you from playing too many high CMC cards…
    Mayb 4 bobs in a Dark zoo list might be interesting.
    I don’t know, I just don’t see it. I might be wrong though…

  18. “Gifts Ungiven is a suspicious absence. I give it less than a year in the format before it is banned.”

    The deck is slower then 12-post and Hive Mind, so while it may be good against aggro, I think I’d rather be running that.

    “First they ban everything that is faster and then they ban misstep too.”

    A lot of people are not happy in legacy with what mental misstep did to the format, so I can’t blame wizards for not wanting modern to go that route. Besides, spell snare, rune snag, mana leak, ect, still plenty of good counterspells.

    I also know it has already been said, but I agree with the list, except that vial shouldn’t be anywhere near the top 2, or even in the top 8. Merfolk doesn’t have wasteland, daze, MM, or Force, and it looks to be an aggro dominated format, so I can’t see it being that good right now. Goblins doesn’t have any of its legacy shell, so I can’t see that many decks actually running vial, especially with merfolk probably being unviable, and counterspells being not as strong as in legacy.

  19. wow no bloodbraid elf or magma jet ? O.o
    i would have thought that at least jet would be on the list

  20. This was a pretty easy list, I imagine most of us called most of the cards.

    @Jowzer: I think you’re probably right in your assessment of IoK over Thoughtsieze main, or some sort of split.

    I also agree that Aether Vial made it a little high considering Zoo won’t play it. Given time though, as the meta adapts, it may find a window.

    I reckon ‘Goyf sits on Bob. You kind of need ‘Goyf both in and against Zoo. With so many cards getting The Hammer I’m mildly surprised that Tarmagoyf wasn’t whacked too.

    Honesty, the lands could’ve topped the list (and they could of mentioned the ‘Posts.)

    That’s my two cents.

  21. How can Goyf not be #1!?!? 90% of decks will run the goyf. I can’t remember if it was on this website or another, but one guy wrote, every Modern deck will run 4 goyfs and 56 OTHER cards. Playing a 4/5 for two mana is alway good isn’t it? Bob is good, but he has to be supported and protected in order to work. In order for goyf to work you kind of just play your hand, play some instants, sorceries, burn a creature, sac a land, someone loses a planeswalker, and the goyf is 5/6! Can’t beat that at all. I love that I still have 8+1 foil goyf. Everyone told me to sell my goyfs at 50 each when TimeSpiral block rotated but I held onto them. At the time IMO I thought the goyf was one of the most powerful creatures in history and I still do.

  22. how wrong this list is. Punishing fire, Bob, Vial, and thoughtseize were no where to be found in the top 8. Wild Nactal, Path, and Goyf were only in one deck of the top 8, and cloudpost appears to be the best land.

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