22 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #59 – A Look at States with Brad Nelson”

  1. Wow, I think Brad is my favorite pro ever. I have a serious Man-crush on this guy. He likes all the decks and theories I like. He plays the cards he loves…and dangit, I love him for it! And he has been on a kick-arse run! What an ambassador for the game. Go Brad, and go CF for getting him on your show…heres to more of the same! Shane

  2. @Smac
    Brad Nelson is an amazing Magic player with a great personality, but he’s also overweight and a smoker. May I suggest you expend your man-crush on Paulo Vitor or Brian Kibler? Remember, the goal is to be as normal as possible in the outside world, and dominate Magic on the side.

  3. @ Harrison

    What does been a smoker and slightly overweight has to do with anything.
    Kibler looks like a freakin business man and doesn’t represent the vast majority of Magic players.
    C’mon now… Have you ever been in a major Magic event ?
    Even Randy Buehler “The Former Voice of the Pro Tour webcasts” wasn’t exactly underweight.

    Anyways, great vid guys.. I wish Brad had talked a little more about UW but oh well … (which and how many 5 drops, which and how many 6 drops)

    (PS : I’m 155 pounds 6 feet and non smoker. I just don’t care too much about MTG players’ appearance)

  4. I agree that the glint hawk memnite deck is pretty easy to disrupt, but I dont know why know one has talked about a standard aggro WW build that also is running the armor combo. It seems like the biggest weakness of that deck is its running 4-8 crappy dudes that do nothing if yyou dont combo off on turn 2 or 3, but if you replace those crappy guys with steppe lynx and student of warfare that deck gets a lot better. Sure getting quest active takes a little longer, but its a lot less awkward than drawing the 4 plains 2 ornithopter 1 memnite argentum armor hand.

  5. Oh yeah and Brad your awesome, I’m also looking for any excuse to play naya in this format too 🙂

  6. It wasn’t Brad that suggested that WW in general is bad. He was pointing purely at the Quest of the Holy Relic build. I agree that the deck is jank. You replace the junk like the relic, the bad equipment, the bad creatures that rely on equipment etc etc and it’s a totally different animal. I’m still a firm believer in the WW Tempered Steel landfall deck that Antoine Ruel made. I’ve been testing it and the draws are disgusting. With Tempered Steel on the board, Cunning Sparkmage is irrelevant. I do however think that Ratchet Bomb is devastating against WW, just hoping people don’t start maindecking it.

  7. Gosh, I <3 Brad Nelson… All the same things I've been preaching for weeks and been getting shit on for saying were mentioned here…

    WW combo is awful. (check)
    Koth is not good in RDW (check)
    Tap Out Blue < Permission Blue (check)

  8. You get free entry into all constructed tournaments anyway. Any limited ptqs or whatever still require you to pay. At least they kicked up the prize support this year! 2 boxes to the winner yay

  9. “What does been a smoker and slightly overweight has to do with anything.”

    I laughed at “slightly overweighed”.

    The video was great though.

  10. Brad, I hope there’s some way I can see you at Nashville and pick your brain. I’m pulling for you to win POTY, and the crowd down here is another fan club… Good luck, and I enjoy watching you play.

  11. “…with this card coiling through things.”

    I see what you did there… 😛
    The pun is good, delivery needs work but you are definately learning.

  12. Skipping the Australian GP where your competitors caught up a ton of points to go to a useless tournament like States (useless in regards to the PotY title) seems like a terrible decision.

  13. @Brad: It also seems that the opportunity cost incurred in traveling half-way around the world is not all that insignificant in its own right.

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