25 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #58 – Scars of Mirrodin in Constructed”

  1. It seems like Ratchet Bomb is gonna be huge.
    if white weenie becomes a good deck it gets quest of the holy relic pretty good
    or even just its low curve guys.
    I think it works nicely against avenger of zendikar cause you can just play it and pop their plant tokens.
    I dunno if it’s worth maindecking but still seems good.

  2. I dropped wurmcoil engine into my prerelease build that did pretty good and hes probably the most reliable win condition there. I had him w/ argenium armor a few times; holy balls.

  3. @Mason: I’m no pro, but I think it’s pretty much a no-brainer that no one will laugh at you if you slam the most power-creeped creature in the history of the game on the table (goyf doesn’t count as power creep…Wizards didn’t mean to print a 4/5 for 2, it was just a mistake). Wurmcoil is a 6/6 for 6 *colorless*, already qualifying it as a very unprecedented critter, and then you add in 2 relevant combat abilities and the “No, I will not die to your spot removal” clause to tie up this jaw-dropping package with a neat little bow. It’s an engine of death that requires almost no engine of deck. Wurmcoil may not go in every deck, but it does fit in *any* deck…it’s a pretty arrogant wurm

    @LSV: My initial reaction to sunblast angel was that she should be playtested as a one-of in U/W over a baneslayer, or, if you’re playing 3-4 day of judgment, you could defensively switch one of those out. I too am skeptical of how good she is considering the availability of a 4 mana wrath and the truckloads of white bombs in the format, but X for 1s with big, evasive bodies tend to be pretty playable, and I was pretty surprised when you said she wasn’t a candidate for constructed. Glad you’ve come to the dark side (…well…I guess it’s technically the sunny side…)

  4. Venser plays better than he would seem, all three of his abilities are actual win conditions.
    +2: Alot of UW’s matches are won on strict Card Advantage, and the blink ability makes your dudes with CIP abilities much greater. The same goes for having more mana than your Control opponent, bouncing a land and making your spells cost 1 less so you can have counterspell mana open is pretty key. Also, the pseudo vigilance is pretty nice.
    -1: You can alpha people pretty quickly with this and generate wins out of nowhere because they think you will be forcing the ulti and not the unblockable, its an underrated ability when you are dealing 10 to them out of nowhere.
    -8: When you get to this spot you will usually win, obviously. Along with your Cantrip dudes/infinite planeswalkers, itll be pretty hard not to win with this up.

    He does look underwhelming most of the time, until you see him in actual play and has gotten the nod from me over elspeth, also because I am playing sun titan and getting two sun titan activations each time is pretty nice.

  5. uhh, no talk on green/black infect. seems like the way to go. for example: removal + infect + equips = victory. and equips really ain’t even necessary, it’s just more of a threat.

  6. Auriok Edgewright’s double strike procs off off metalcraft, not being equiped.
    Although I imagine the deck will also have metalcraft most of the time.

  7. I think there will be some sort of monoblack control deck, Black has a lot of good removal, good answers to planeswalkers with hexmage and finishers like corrupt and exsanguinate and cards like memoricide post board.

  8. @ Jessica, im pretty sure that tarmogoyf, wild nacatl. knight of the reliquary, steppe lynx, grave titan and primeval titan are examples of more power creeped creatures, but i do agree that it is going to see play, but i dont know what in? The fact that he doesnt protect planeswalkers in from baneslayers, in a deck like UW control, which really needs to protect them, is a problem i can see with him

  9. Creatures – 17
    3 Gatekeeper of Malakir
    4 Vampire Nighthawk
    3 Vampire Hexmage
    4 Skinrender
    2 Malakir Bloodwitch
    1 Grave Titan

    Spells – 20
    3 Ratchet Bomb
    4 Sign in Blood
    2 Nihil Spellbomb
    4 Doomblade
    4 Grasp of Darkness
    3 Natures Claim

    Land – 23
    2 Bojuka Bog
    4 Verdant Catacombs
    1 Forest
    16 Swamp

    Not quite mono, but the artifact hate is prolly useful.

  10. I think the best fit for Venser is a very simple one: UW Allies. While the deck may not be stellar, he does add a desperately-needed layer of reach to a fairly potent aggressive strategy. And playing guys is not a bad strategy early in a format.

    As for UW, I feel the deck might take some lumps this weekend. I think the deck is at its best when it knows what to expect, round after round. General shells tend to have a problem of missing the correct answers at the right time. Planeswalkers are very powerful, but they don’t work out well if they aren’t protected well, and without knowing the opposition, you can’t reliably protect them.

    Pyro Ascension is considered a non-entity by most players because it lost Time Warp and Ponder, losing it two of its biggest contributors in the format. Having said that, I know what my Standard meta looks like, and Ascension certainly looks like it can tango with the field at my shop.

  11. I’m guessing from all the talk that we pretty much all expect Dredgevine to be a real player, let no-one is really talking about it. LSV stops this long enough to remark its a real deck but that’s it. No states for me as well, not in The States but I’m really looking forward to seeing all the decklists that arise from it.

    Also, shame black still didn’t receive good reanimation spells as GB reanimator would be pretty sick right now. Alas.

  12. i’m no pro, but does no one get the fact that venser can bounce trinket mage, thus allowing for multiple tutor effects? you can get a memnite, and thus protect himself, or brittle effigy, again, to protect himself. so while you only get to draw a card/card selection with with wall of omens and sea gate oracle, with TM you do get to choose your effect with his +2 ability:

    +2: put a 1/1 artifact creature construct onto the battlefield
    +2: exile target creature.
    +2: exile target players graveyard

    if the goal is getting venser to survive four turns to ultimate, then these sorts of shenanigans should really help. again, i’m no pro, but it doesn’t seem too bad.

  13. You guys never let Humphrey talk its well rude. Im sure he has lots of valuable things to say about EDH

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