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  1. Infect strategy (and metalcraft) seems unplayable in sealed, as you never get enough decent infect guys, but might be good in draft.

    Also the artifact that makes you exile a land, then gives +1/+1 for each land of that type in play, is 1st pick draft (the format seems pretty slow so far..)

  2. That’s the best outtake I’ve ever seen you guys do! =P

    I seriously chuckled for 10 minutes…


  3. Seems like you really nailed it this time. You pointed out a few things I hadn’t noticed, and covered most of the ones that I did. I’ll think the only thing I’ll point out is that the new black spellbomb might just replace Crypt and Relic in Legacy decks. The only downside (admittedly not insignificant) is that it takes 1 to cast (though note that it doesn’t take any mana to activate), but that seems minor compared to drawing a card when you use it.

    Heck, some decks that wouldn’t have ran Crypt or Relic main might run this one. Even if you don’t go up against Dredge/Reanimator/any deck abusing its graveyard, at the worst, it cycles for 1B (that doesn’t even need to be paid all at once). And with Academy Ruins, you can remove your opponent’s graveyard every turn and still draw a card.

  4. @ C

    You suck I don’t want to hear it I just got done with a prerealse went 3-1
    I built two decks one R/W with lots of metal craft that I killed someont turn 5 with and B/G infect deck. They were both fun. My bomb rare was the 5/3 hasty infect. O yeah bomb tasticaly

    I’m sorry for posting such jerk comment on your awesome site.

  5. on the “five+ mana spell that enforces the set’s gimmick” making it in constructed, I guess Mind’s Desire counts…

  6. I believe the answer to the whole “how to get the hierarch onto the battlefield on turn 1” was answered in Ancient ziggurat. Or that’s what Nass said.

  7. The Infect cards are ridiculously powerful. In my prerelase I played versus SEVERAL infect.dec. Their whole decks literary only had infect guys. Especially the 3/1 elf is absurd. also the GX pump etc.
    Infect is definitely good in sealed IF you have enough infect cards. If you don’t, well, sucks.
    Also if built right metalcraft is always active.
    Everyone who doesn’t think metalcraft or infect are viable strategies obviously has never touched the cards.

  8. @C infect will most certainly be a viable strategy in sealed, but you need to have a pool that supports it, such as pretty much anything with the infect dragon. Not many cards in the set beat that guy.

    Painsmith seems like the best smith in my opinion, simply because you do not have to pay for it. This allows you to curve out with guys (possibly with infect), while getting a free power bump as you do so. Also, it provides even more incentive to play infiltration lens, which seems like one of the most important cards in the set for limited.

    I, for one, plan to make a casual deck with Prized Unicorn + Infiltration Lens.

    I look forward to drafting this set, particularly hoping for the Heavy Arbalest + Soliton combo to crabcannon some free wins.

  9. Infect is one of the best sealed strategies….

    The key is proliferate, and something that will do it repeatedly, with quick guys, you can normally get them two 4 counters or so before the board gets bogged down, then you just sit back and wither block while you proliferate away.

  10. Jake the Tecca N9nja

    My favorite idea with Koth is what my friend and I came up with, its more a combo deck because its supposed to Destructive Force turn 4, then start bashing with a mountain. its awesome, turn 4 titan, or force or hell giant Everflowing Chalice is very exciting.

    and the turn 3 koth is off a chalice and we are thinking of using the new ritual as t3 koth chalice numbers five through eight. so far so good, its undefeated currently.

  11. @C

    You’re wrong and your set evaluation sucks. 6 of the 8 decks in the top 8 at my prerelease were Green based infect with creature pump or white based metalcraft decks (I won it with W/r metalcraft), and another deck used infect+proliferate as an alternate win if the game went long. Also, the format is not that slow (G/x infect can and will kill on T5 with a good enough draw. Any deck with Tempered steel will do the same)

  12. Thank You LSV for supporting my oppinion on Racthet Bomb and the card not being good aginst Jace and his friends.

    Had basicly everyone against me on IRC when I said so and I was told that I shouldn´t diss cards before I had played them since Ratchet bomb was obviously awsome. I guess now that you said so too people will atleast not give me crap since your oppinion is worth ten times more when supported by a pro for some reason.

    Having played with both the Red and White Myrsmith I have to say they are both great but the red is probably better. There aren´t exactly a ton of removal in this set and while the white one let you build to metalcraft the red one does prevent your opponent from geting there. Also, there´s alot of 1 Thoughness guys (like the Myrsmiths) making the red one the best card you can get at common/uncommon for controlling the board and tempo of the game.

  13. Double post.

    Not sure why people think infect is good though.
    I lost to it once on the weekend
    3/1 protection fro martifacts + 4/4 all green creatures have intimidate is quite hard to block and with exactly 1 way to remove an artifact and 0 to kill creatures it was pretty hard to beat.

    But, on their own, effect guys aren´t really that great.
    Wither is good against big guys but most of your guys have T1 so they trade against any kind of mytoken of which there are plenty.

    Sure, you can get a good infect deck but the strategy is really easy to beat. Especsially in a draft so I really don´t see it becoming a major player especsially since you can just ignore guys in your deck that does not have infect since they will never be able to race you on life.
    If you are the only guy at the table drafting it then maybe but I´d stay away from infect for the first couple of weeks since lots of people will try it and it need to much to come togather.

  14. This week i played draft (won 1st), sealed ( won 1st) and 2 headed (won 2nd)…
    Im my experience, infect isn’t a good strategy. I’ve seen some good decks with both the lord and the 5/3 trampler. Their decks were good but there arn’t that many good infect guys. Most are 1 or 2 toughness and they are easy to deal with. never leave yourself open for a flanked infect because of pump. Im my experience of playing with the cards infect is not an awesome strategy. Like MB said, in the early part of this set, many drafers will be interested in taking infect. You need to draft the absolute nuts to do infect.

    In all 3 tourneys i played blue/white or blue/black. I played with very little artifacts, no infects, and i had a large number of removal and flyers.

  15. Nevermind, it was just me. I do have to agree on ratchet bomb being good but not good enough for PW killing. I’ve already seen this wreck some face in limited but I somewhat doubt it’s constructed playability. Time will tell though and I’m no pro so I could way off.

  16. Yeah, I didn’t think Infect was good based on my experience at the prerelease. The equipment that gives Infect is good however. Other than that, I’ll be staying away from it and I’ll be grabbing Arc Trails instead.

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