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  1. I agree pretty much with everything LSV said. For example, I tried the Prototype Portal against a g/b infect deck and a white artifact deck and it sucked against both. It was simply too slow and costly. I believe it could be best abused in a Myr deck or some funky Throne of Geth proliferate type deck but it definitely didn’t fit in my Neo Wildfire deck. I took it out and added a fourth Myr Battlesphere and a fourth Molten-Tail Masticore and it worked quite well. My mono-red-artifact-ramp-destructive-force finishing beast lacks mid-game removal and Masticore fits the bill beautifully. Koth is also a practically garaunteed turn 4 destructive force if you have a palladium myr or everflowing chalice kicked twice with some way to untap it once, either myr galvanizer or voltaic key, before turn four. It’s not too difficult with correct mullagins. Also running straight mountains rocks so I’m thinking about bringing in 2 or more Valakut. Trust me it’s worth it.

    Also, this piece of advise is important, Masticore is really good at shooting down Skythirix. I imagine lots of people are going to run g/b infect because it’s cheap efficient aggro. LSV had it exactly correct when he said (paraphrased) “it makes it to where you only have to deal 10 points of damage instead of 20.” Infect is really good. It’s like a new RDW…

    The Wurmcoil Engine isn’t very good right now. There were times I wish I could have palyed it instead of waiting one more turn for that 7th mana so I could drop another Myr Battlesphere or All is Dust or Destructive Force again… the Wurm and the Battlesphere both survive either spell. The difference is Battlesphere gives you 8 power and 11 toughness across 5 bodies. Like LSV also said, “The creatures used effectively in standard are one’s that have resistance to removal.” Wurmcoil Engine also has resistance to removal but no real way to get it out of the graveyard making it a one shot deal. Ok Grim Discovery could grab it but thats also a one shot deal and it takes 8 slots. Not that good. Battlesphere can be grabbed with Myr Reservoir which can also be tapped then untapped by Voltaic Key ramping you into devastating game ending plays. Excuse me…. I meant to say destructive. Peace I’m out!

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  3. soul foundry in limited–this is a wise man talking.

    it’s almost worse than he said, because the tempo loss required to get that thing working + card disadvantage was basically handing your opponent your next 2 turns.

    unless it was my opponent in which case he was crushing me of course and then playing pristine angel.

  4. LSV is a pun master… the “eternal” pessimist… as in steel hellkite won’t be good in vintage… wow. I was surprised that they didn’t’ talk about Koth, if he ends up cheap, I’d certainly like to start playing constructed again (Jace kind of priced me out, and my RDW wasn’t getting me there), with RDW staying viable post rotation. If you read Mark Rosewater’s columns, I’m pretty sure it’s his life’s mission to make poison work in constructed, and so I wouldn’t dismiss that until we see the whole spoiler, and even then, if it’s not good in standard, I’m SURE he will make sure it’s playable in block constructed.

  5. @kyle – Why? It was good in block, so I guess it’s going to be still okay, especially if you can play bolts and koths instead of weaker cards.

    @Brian – Well.. no.

  6. @zmwt: btw i’m a different kyle. If red gets a good 3 drop them it will be a real deck. as it stands it has staggershot and a bunch of cards worst than it. If a hells thunder/ball lightning quality card comes out then there might be something. cards like ram gang and flame jav really weren’t good enough they just had demigod to carry them. Phoenix is cool but not near demigod quality.

  7. @kyle smith

    That’s not true, figure of destiny is actually the card that turned rdw into the best deck pre tsp rotation. Demigod was one of the best cards, but it didn’t carry the deck. I think the problem rdw has right now is it’s just overly suicidal, it can’t go late game and the only strategy it has is burning the opponent as hard as you can. Tsp red played SKRED, can you imagine current rdw playing that? Red could become good again if it somehow moves into the direction of big red with cards like inferno titan and valakut OR it becomes a hyper aggressive beatdown deck using bushwhacker and a lot of small creatures. I think a strategy involving cards that kill themselves is just not going to be good enough with the amount of red hate available.

  8. RDW is going to have a tough road ahead of it when it loses Ball Lightning, Hellspark Elemental, and Hell’s Thunder. Unearth creatures helped negate the card disadvantage of its 1-for-1 spells. If RDW still exists after the rotation it will be slower, and it will need a way to draw cards if it wants to stay in the game after turn 7.

  9. no talk of ratchet bomb? powder keg and engineered explosives were pretty solid in their respective days. Seems like the best card in the set that has been spoiled so far imo.

  10. Awesome stuff. Also, in response to: “I’d like to cast Chandra and go ultimate with her that turn” I have done it in constructed. With a Doubling Season and a Gilder Bairn in play, I dropped Chandra on turn 5 (Lots of accelerants), which got her 10 loyalty, then Gildered her up to 20. Ultimate that turn, AND the next turn for the win. Yup, it was one of the only wins of the night, as it was a gimmick deck, but I was running it for fun at an FNM.

  11. i think the reason why they didnt talk about some newer spoiled cards is cause it this was probably filmed before rachet bomb, koth , etc

  12. Precursor guy is actually really good against U/W. The ability that copies the instant or sorcery only exists on the ‘actual card Golem’, so the smart player simply won’t attack with that one until the other two Golems are dealt with, as to make Condemn inefficient.

  13. Love the banter guys, definitely cracked me up

    Infect looks like an interesting ability that should be fun to tinker around with in limited.
    Though, as Louis pointed out, this could backfire if the deck isn’t focused enough. Either way it should add a level of playability to spice things up a bit.

    Also, can’t wait till Tristan knocks the socks off standard with his secret tech ‘precursor golem into distortion strike.dec’ 🙂

    All these new cards has got me pretty excited for Scars and the possibilities they may bring to the constructed and limited formats.

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