49 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #55 – Scars of Mirrodin Spoilers, Vol. I”

  1. When the video ends, and you get a little rottiserie of other you tube videos come up…..what the hell is going on with the crazy woman dressed like the joker? scary

  2. They could make an artifact land with no abilities. Just “Den of The Seat of Whispered Furnace Tales – Artifact Land (This card doesn’t do anything)”

  3. A note on Venser: it’s any permanent you OWN, not just control. almost never relevant, but still worth noting. can’t think of any way to exploit that in standard

  4. There has to be some combos where you use Vencer to bounce something that has a powerful come into play effect that are playable.
    Acidic Slime?

  5. Have to agree with Arwido about TSG:s shirt. The only way to top that would be a MODO-shirt. Yes, there is a hockey team called MODO, but thats not the only reason that the team is awesome.

    Nice video as well. Too bad that it was made before Koth was spoiled tough, would have been nice to hear your thoughts on him.

  6. Its all about using Venser with contagion clasp and engine, bouncing those -1/-1 artifacts is going to hurt any creature deck.

  7. How about Venser with Kor Sanctifiers? Artifact destruction every turn during Scars block seems good.
    Mnemonic Wall? Get an instant or sorcery back from the graveyard each turn?

  8. Venser – The minus 1 is what has me excited with all the poison going around…and with proliferate, you don’t just go up two loyalty every turn. For example blink an Ichor (Sp?) rats to give your opponent another poison, fly over with thrumingbird to proliferate to give another loyalty and poison counter, then proliferate with an artifact for the same thing. +4 loyalty in a turn.

    Elspeth – Solid analysis, pointed out things to me I hadn’t thought of yet. Still, dont forget the power of proliferating

    And finally the Mox – I think everyone is looking at this the wrong way. Sure, its not as powerful as the old moxes because you can’t use them turn 1 for an instant win. However, in the right constructed deck, just think of it as free mana. Put it down turn 1, then wait till you have everflowing chalice and steel overseer out and its as if you had an extra land drop for any color. Not bad. Not as great, but still not bad.

  9. The exception to the Planeswalker rule is Sarkhan Vol I guess as he was most certainly *worst* then everyone expected on the whole. Liliana Vess as well was hyped and rarely played.

    I was just curious – how long normally goes between filming and release of these videos ?

  10. Has no one discovered that Venser is INSANE in a U/W or Bant Allies Deck?!

    Flicker your Allies.. trigger insane abilities… make them unblockable. Seems good.

  11. What’s the point of a 5 drop in an allies deck? Isn’t the game over at that point? I think Venser is going to be useful in a lot of control decks especially in a new format with so many counters, which will of course make Jace even more ridiculously valuable then he already is, not that he was going anywhere. I’d like to see brainstorm come back and Jace can’t rotate fast enough.

  12. The first time I saw Venser my mind immediately went to the old Reveillark decks with Knight of the White Orchid, Meddling Mage, Glen-Elendra Archmage, and basically the best set of creatures to have with this particular planeswalker. I think the deck would have been unreal in standard, but I think extended may be a whole new animal that may hate out a strategy like that one.

    But I will say that does a few great things in Standard (without the full spoiler). It will likely be played with cards like Sea Gate Oracle and Stoneforge Mystic to get extra value while providing chump blockers. It lets essentially reuse cards like Acidic Slime and Journey to Nowhere which may turn out to be very good. It also may be the missing piece to some sort or White Blue tempo based deck with Student of Warfare and Steppe Lynx along side Mana Leak and Unified Will (which Elspeth makes work very well) although we do lose Ranger of Eos.

    He works very well with cards like All is Dust and Elspeth’s ultimate as you just blink whatever you want to live (even himself). And as mentioned he allows you to get additional triggers off of your titans (although as also mentioned this seems unnecessary). He also makes the minus ability on any planeswalker (like Chandra Nalaar) almost negligible.

    So overall I like him alot. He may not provide much more utility than Gideon, but I still think he will impact standard.

  13. Good point about Elspeth chaining with herself. I missed that, and I could see it being awfully important. Elspeth just ticked up several notches in my estimation. It’s also worth noting that with some proliferate cards, you might never have to use her +2 ability at all. With just one such card, you get to use her -2 either three (with Contagion Clasp), four (with Thrummingbird) or infinitely many (with Contagion Engine and a turn’s delay) times in a row.

    As for Vencer, he and Stoneforge Mystic seems pretty good together. And eventually, if infect is pushed hard enough, I could see Vencer as a finisher in that deck. So far it doesn’t look like there’re the cards to do it, and right now Blight Dragon seems like it might be a better option at 5 mana, but we’ll see.

    I think Mox will be good in the right deck, but not as super-amazing as some people seem to think. If it weren’t legendary, it would go in all sorts of decks, but even as it is, I think it’ll be a good choice for any metalcraft deck. If you have metalcraft, it’s a mox; and if you don’t have metalcraft yet, it gets you a third of the way closer for zero mana. It’ll almost certainly see play.

    Also, I agree about them not reprinting either the artifact land cycle (Seat of the Synod et al) or an equivalent (CIP tapped duals, for instance). Before metalcraft was spoiled, I thought they might, just to show people that it could be done fairly, but with metalcraft in the picture access to twenty artifact lands would just be too good.

  14. Yeah I really liked the point about chaining elspeths together, seems powerfull. I might have underestimated her

  15. @Chris Thomas – No, they aren’t. How are they going to kill off old elspeth? They specifically talk about old Elspeth turn 4, new Elspeth turn 5.

    Other than that, cool video, as usual.

  16. They will keep Elsp 2.0 in hand til Elsp 1.0 dies. They have to kill 1.0 or risk having team go indestr., so they will focus their fire.

    Once they clear her out drop 2.0

    That is their intent, and that’s how EVERYONE plays PW’s if you find 2 in hand, it’s very obvious people….. these two doods are not ignorant about legendary rule.

  17. I bet in either the next set or the last set they print an uncommon cycle of Artifact Land Karoos. The cost could be balanced at either bouncing a land or an artifact (or either).

    Venser can bounce a land to leave up instant mana.

  18. If you BLINK a PW out (such as itself) will it lose all its counters and just go to the Grave Yard? When it comes into play will it have its come into play counters?

  19. @ Dice:

    306.5b A planeswalker is treated as if its text box included, “This permanent enters the battlefield with a number of loyalty counters on it equal to its printed loyalty number.”
    —-So it returns the PW to original stats.

    I was thinking about doing that with Elspeth Tirel’s -2 ability. Get 3 blockers 2 turns in a row, Blink her. Get 3 more bodies 2 turns in a row (by that time Venser’s up to Ultimate, assuming you’ve used his plus ability on at least 1 other turn).

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  21. Blink Avenger of Zendikar for double plants, which act as blockers for Venser so you can blink lands from there on out

  22. So, presumably when they see Koth LSV’s head with explode right?


    Espeth 2.0 is pretty good I think, Venser might be cool but I still haven’t seen the card he combos with to “make the broken”.

  23. uhhhhh, clearly TSG and LSV haven’t seen the other spoilers… Proliferate??? Venser gets RETARDED… Contagion Engine? turn 5 Venser, +2. turn 6, Contagion Engine and proliferate twice, venser is at 7 loyalty. bounces the engine, venser is at 9, he pops his last ability….te second turn he’s out

  24. sorry, rather with proliferate and the current spoiled flying creature that proliferates when you hit your opponent, you can buff it, and venser comes out and you make it unblockable and you proliferate keeping venser at 3 loyalty.

    originally meant to say that you could use the stupidly broken myr 4 piece combo to make infinite mana. use something like a voltaic key you played earlier and on your turn 6 you can pay to proliferate twice, untap it with the key and do it again, and then play his last ability. it is possible to get venser’s last ability to pop on his second turn out… and thats only with the cards that they’ve spoiled so far. with this proliferate nonsense that’s going to dominate the format, you’ll likely see a way to pop venser on the first turn he’s out. just need to proliferate 5 times somehow.

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