44 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #53 – U.S. National Champion, Josh Utter-Leyton”

  1. And in the latest edition of Magic TV, U.S. National Champion Josh Utter-Leyton interviews LSV!

  2. LSV gave him quite a few chances to talk… Josh just didn’t really take him up on. Not everyone’s a talker, and LSV has to fill the silence with something…

  3. Yeah, I think the conversation was pretty natural. It looks like they’re just two friends talking about Magic. I enjoyed it since they’re both pros. Fun video, thanks.

  4. I thought the interview was fine and agree with Walter and dbach. LSV talks a lot (Quantity and Volume as he says) but it’s all interesting to listen to.

  5. ‘can’t watch part 1? says it’s private?’

    You mean it’s a private part!? I thought this was a family website!

  6. I hope you are still a successful team @worlds, even if there might be some bad blood with your 3rd member.

  7. 2 humble opinions of mine:

    Explore is a very good card. Very poweful. Very happy to see it in winning decks.

    m11 limted is very fun. Thank you WotC.

  8. LSV, love ya man, but you’ve got to give your guests some time to talk when you interview them. that first video, and I’m not joking, is like 80% you, 20% Josh.

  9. Good times, hope that TSG is in on the next one for the fatal fourway with these two and Humphrey.

  10. Okay, I guess Josh isn’t the most talkative person, but every time IF he wants to say something LSV should let him finish his sentences. I guess LSV had a lot to say about nationals! 🙂

  11. Well done JUL for being the champ, but this video was hardly a thrill a minute, I think LSV was talking to fill the void to be honest.

  12. If LSV was intentionally waiting on Josh to talk as so many of you are wanting, half the video would be an awkward silence.

    LSV’s a talker… Josh isn’t.

  13. You guys are insane, its not that LSV is TRYING to talk too much, the other doof wont speak!! Hes getting interviewed and hes not giving anything! Uhhhh, good Magic player, a little socially ackward?? YOU BET! He needs to realize the situation, get involved and SPEAK MAN!!! GAWD!!

  14. loved that Josh was quick to mention if he disagreed with anything said and why. It led to a much more interesting conversation from different perspectives. would like to see him on more

  15. Josh could do well to round out the magic TV as a regular. Josh, Tristan and Luis would make a better trio than Luis and Tristan because Luis throws out ideas, Josh keeps Luis “honest” and Tristan is the lovable one.

    Sorry Tristan, but you’re too nice to Luis when it’s just the two of you and sorry Luis but you make a mess of the show when you don’t have somebody to keep you in check.

    You guys should seriously consider making magic TV a trio.

  16. I liked the video so thanks a bunch for the solid effort. Josh is the real deal right now, so even a few words of insight from him are valuable. The combo of Tsg+Lsv+Josh would actually be pretty sweet, looking forward to it one day 😉

  17. I’m getting the vibe that neither of them like either of the other team members.

    is it because they’re new?/bad?

    any insight?

  18. LSV, you are an awesome player and quite good as a TSG guest, but you’re absolutely terrible as a host. For the love of God, let Josh speak once in a while!

    Yeah, I know: you’re the talkative guy, Josh is the quiet guy, I get it. But look at the second part of this show: you ask Josh a question, he starts answering and then you interrupt him in the middle of the sentence and make your own speech instead. After a minute or so you ask him another question and almost immediately interrupt him again. And then again…

  19. Josh just isn’t much of a talker. That can be seen at the beginning. I think the interview is good. Its just chatting, like it always is.

    Also, I don’t think Anthony is the Pokemon world champ, but he is a successful/known player. Looking forward to seeing him represent Stl at worlds.

  20. Zendikar draft was fine, who doesn’t like forcing B/R Aggro over and over and over and over for 3 months? Oh, right… me.


  21. I found some humor in the part where Josh says Mythic is like a better Turboland, it was sort of like Josh inadvertently insulting Luis’ baby.

  22. It’s basically OK throughout, wrapter seems to be an introverted guy who needs to be prompted which is perfectly fine, but the first 5 minutes sound like LSV lamenting about the old days and being basically disgusted with his results this time around

  23. pretty sure LSV just kept talking because wrapter was awkwardly quite for a bit, he seemed fine at the end tho.

  24. Loved it, love the venom against the other team members, the subtle derision with which LSV said “Pokemon world champ”.

    For those saying LSV should let him speak, this is how a good host works. You don’t wait for your guest to hem and haw and slowly mumble nonsense (exaggerating, Josh wasn’t that bad), you speak over them to keep the show moving. Look at The View. Okay, bad example, listen to Howard Stern. He’s the greatest interviewer of all time because he knows what people want to hear, and when his guest goes down a path that leads to bad radio he interjects with a new question.

    The ultimate goal is not the interview; the interview is a means to entertainment. The second the interview stops being entertaining you need to step in.

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  26. I really wish they used Team Rochester instead.
    Both for worlds and for a team PT each season.
    Team Rochester is jsut so much fun even though it´s ratter time consumeing.

  27. u can also use explore to play turn 2 jace.

    turn 1 noble
    turn 2 tap noble and forest to play cobra, play fetchland crack, so u have 3 mana, use 2 for explore, play a fetch crack it get 2 mana off fetch, then tap your other 2 mana for jace turn 2

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