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  1. Yay TSG is back!

    I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, though I would say that the red leyline is a bit better because it also stops Baneslayer. With it’s lifelink, sometimes it can steal the game away from a red player. Granted, combustion is probably the better SB card for it in the end.

    I also think sun titan is a bit better than the red one. I say this only because I don’t think the red titan will find a spot in any deck. Sun titan at least helps the game plan in Naya, as shown on this site, and even NLB. While its ability may not be stellar in comparison, it has more application in the current metagame, at least as I understand it.

  2. Thanks for the shout out TSG.. I totally forgot to mention it in my article this week.. See everyone out in L.A.!

  3. SpoonSpoonSpoon

    the green leyline is the only one which is “useful” in multiples I guess?

  4. I think you might eat your words on Primeval Titan, LSV.

    Getting 2 2/2s is cute, but getting the option of getting 2x of any manland, tectonic edge, or even sejiri steppe on the attack for a blowout is pretty strong too. 6 mana is only one more than baneslayer, but it fetches a colonnade and a tec edge to destroy theirs; that’s some impressive card advantage right there. Even though they cipt, a manland offers you a lot more in the way of utility than a 2/2.

    Primeval Titan is quite literally the [card]Ranger of Eos[/card] of lands, which has a lot more to offer than the 1cmc slot, and is a refueling tool with an appropriate p/t for its cost, and trample. These are offset by a sizable mana cost increase, but I honestly could see [card]Ranger of Eos[/card] played in the 6cmc slot as a 6/6. I sure know it’s tough to get there with fetch lands and [card]lotus cobra[/card]s…

  5. SpoonSpoonSpoon

    (it’s still pants though)

    Any chance of a discussion about destructive force?

  6. By cute, above, I really should have said powerful. It’s not cute; it’s powerful getting two 2/2s. Two 2/2s is also better in certain instances. I don’t really see the card as a guaranteed 3:1 though.

    But I maintain that in any number of situations, getting manlands is powerful-er, with the audible into any number of a bevy of options, board-state dependent. Who needs to go from 6 to 8 mana, unless you’re fetching 2x [card]Celestial Colonnade[/card]. And who needs to go from 8 to 10 except the guy who wants to be able to attack with both of them on the following turn if the Titan survives through removal.

    The Titan demands an answer, otherwise you make the boardstate worse for them. But they can’t really [card]Day of Judgment[/card] into a Colonnade and a Tectonic Edge, can they?

    This card is nuts. Nuts I say.

  7. Because I’m still thinking about the implications of this card, I can’t stop. Primeval Titan is going to impact Naya in particular, because it gives it a viable late-game refueling option that can attack through [card]Baneslayer Angel[/card] as that Turn 6-7 finisher that it’s been craving so desperately.

    I was thinking, it is lame that it doesn’t work for providing chump blockers like the black one does, but then I remembered [card]Khalni Garden[/card]. Silly me for doubting one fragment of how crazy good this card is.

  8. If you hate Primeval Titan lower the darn price so I can get my playset in time to play Valakut at my PTQ on the 24th!

    I do agree though, the Black one is the best, even if that’s mostly due to the fact that it’s Black and most of the ways to kill it (Terminate, Pulse) are rotating out.

  9. Lol, I must have rewound at least 3 times. At 7:56 Luis makes a funny face, what’re you making that funny face at?

    And then a mere ten seconds later, he gets so excited and makes a funny noise for turning the titan sideways. If I get that titan in the pre-release I don’t care if it’s my only red card, I’m gonna play it just so I can make that noise.

  10. Not saying this will vault it to playable, but getting back tectonic edge with the white Titan multiple times seems pretty strong

  11. *someone have typed Sarkhan then Mad with double d.

    the green leyline gets better in multiples against red 😛

    aaand gets out of control with token generators.

    I mean I wouldnt underrate this card that much, thats all.

  12. Marcin Sciesinski

    My order would be,
    Laylines: black, blue, white, red, green
    Titans: black, shortly followed by green, white, red, blue

    Reason for valuing green titan quite high is, I can already see G/R “wildfire”.dec with the green titan and Destructive Force.

    Reason for valuing blue layline high is playing CIB creatures with the green Survival of the Fittest guy in play.

  13. I noticed that too, Kenseiden. However, everything is better with a Double D!

    I wonder if the Green Leyline could be played in a white-green elves deck with Nissa’s ultimate and Felidar Sovereign!

  14. SpoonSpoonSpoon

    @ Marcin;

    Wouldn’t the blue titan be quite good in the destructive force deck? They’d essentially need to get 4 lands together before they could target him with condemn or vendetta (1 tapped, 2 extra cost, 1 for the spell). I guess they’d just target him the turn before the wildfire though.

  15. I think the Green Titan is on par with the black one. In the right deck he is just pretty strong. I mean getting any two lands is a huge deal. Its just a freaking tool box imo. With all those nice man lands, tectonic edges, lands that do stuff in general he’s just great imo.

  16. The real strength of the green titan that is not being mentioned is that, regardless of your actual need for land, pulling more lands out of your deck to ensure you are drawing gas is always a good way to go, especially when it doesn’t cost you another card to do so. That is why decks with no landfall whatsoever still benefit from playing sac. lands even though they cost life to use. Taking two land out instead of just one increases the odds of drawing a relevant spell rather than a blank land. If nothing else Primeval Titan provides an upgraded version of this service along with a 6/6 body. Also, let’s not forget the guaranteed ramp into Gaea’s Vengeance the next turn.

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  18. Yeah i noticed the lotus too, heh. Maybe they think Humphrey can gain something from it via osmosis.

  19. I love the sound effect for titans attacking 😀

    I think for the next vid you guys should switch spots, just to mix things up

  20. Rafael Quadros

    The Green leyline is better than the White one versus the Red decks we play against *right now*. Those decks only run 11-12 burn spells, and beatdown from Goblin Guide to Hell’s Thunder. Leyline of Vitality is going to net you a considerable ammount of life (considering a Green deck will most likely play a lot of creatures too) and the +0/+1 bonus is actually relevant post-SB. Forked Bolt won’t get two mana critters anymore, Flame Slash won’t take Rhox War Monk anymore, and even Combust alone won’t be enough to finish off a Baneslayer Angel. I think Leyline of Vitality is the best SB card for Mythic to have against Red right now (Kor Firewalker is “better” but Mythic has a lot of trouble having WW early when the mana bugs all die). Thoughts?

  21. Marcin Sciesinski

    Humphrey is growing lotuses now, probably because of all the Magic around it…

  22. Green titan plus avenger of zendikar or something like that? Can’t you make a bomb deck with that? +2/2 (or more) every turn on your tokens.

  23. Just curious, and it may have been answered before, but what is the Magic card that Humphrey is holding?

    PS: TSG is back, yes!!!! (No offense to Humphrey.)

  24. Also one more thing that you guys didn’t mention:

    While yes, I agree that the Green Leyline is the weakest of the group, it’s the only leyline that gets better in multiples and doesn’t act as a dead card once you draw after the first one. It stacks. That’s something worth noting imo. Especially with the crazy ramp that green’s getting this set (cough, primeval titan, cough), droppin’ 2-3 of these leylines doesn’t seem totally unreasonable.

  25. Rafael Quadros

    @Charlie: Exactly, and the second Leyline probably kills any Red-based aggro deck right there. Specially considering you’re Gx and have access to Qasali Pridemage, Naturalize and stuff (for Leyline of Punishment) and the Red player… does not.

  26. Why does no one ever mention the green titan and valakut. It seems like it would be great to go grab two valakut after you have been ramping into mountains through the new cultivate and harrow. you could drop him grab the valakuts and even if he is removed you now have to valakut online. or next turn swing and boom 12 damage. Also The new wildfire seems like it would combo with him amazingly as well. I can easily see a nice R/G ramp into him on 4 or 5th turn right into wildfire the turn after ending the game.

  27. Getting back a kight of the reliquary with sun titan is pretty great (better than a pair of 2/2s). Obviously that isnt always going to happen, but i do think he is on a similar level to grave titan. Also fauna shaman and sun titan seem to have good synergies. That said grave titan is more consistently good, so it will probably be better

  28. @ hockey jersey questions:
    TSG said in a previous video that the season is over so no more jerseys.
    WTS [Attention] pst


  29. For those of you wondering….yes….that was a black lotus. They were gonna put a kor hookmaster up in there, but then i was like “wouldnt it just be better if we put a lotus in there?’ …LSV: “shaun, u have a lotus here?’ Me: “ok ok, you can use mine (alpha signed btw)” and thats how the story goes. And yes…humphrey ate some of it, now one of the corners doesnt look as nice.

  30. LSV´s initial card evaluation is not his greatest strength imo. I can´t really agree about the black titan being the best, it´s in a color that has a fair bit of trouble getting it out quickly and might also have access to double dragon which is arguably better. It also provides fairly little card advantage when it just gets killed as 2 2/2s can be quite irrelevant in some matchups these days. Also he has no protection against a sweeper unlike the green and white one. Finally, deathtouch is almost irrelevant on a 6/6 whereas the trample of the green one IS very relevant in a racing situation.
    The green one is just the best imo for a couple of reasons,
    it´s green which is the easiest color to play a fattie in
    it has trample which is by far the most relevant ability on a big guy as he kills very fast on his own even against chumpers,
    he has the best lasting effect when he is dealt with by pinpoint removal or mass removal,
    he has some great combo potential making him even better, think of khalni gardens, tectonic edge´s, manlands, eldrazi lands etc.

    All the titans win the game quickly if they get too attack, the green one however does the most when he doesn´t get too attack and has the most lasting effect when he gets dealth with. The black one for example can give a control player a few turns to find a wrath effect as they can generally chump the 6/6 and take some damage.

    As for the leyline´s they are fine at doing what leyline´s do, being good sideboard cards. The white, red and black one obviously are but the blue one might be good in some combo decks of older formats and the green one can actually be ok against some stuff. He can be baloth #5 and #6 for example for some green decks like turboland.

  31. I’m just happy there are more leylines in G/W… Now my modified Enchantress/Leyline/Serra’s Sanctum deck will become a reality! I’ve had it proxied up for a bit and although it’ll never be tier one for legacy, it still is a blast to play…

    4x serra’s sanctum
    4x crop rotation
    4x savannah
    4x khalani garden
    4x Windswept Heath
    1x forest
    1x plains
    4x Argothian Enchantress
    4x Sacred Mesa
    4x Leyline of Lifeforce
    4x Leyline of Sanctity
    4x Leyline of Vitality
    4x Leyline of the Meek
    4x Sterling Grove
    4x Enlightened Tutor
    2x Oblivion Ring
    2x Sprout Swarm
    2x Doubling Season

    Pretty fun to have 2-4 Turn 0 plays. Then drop a Sanctum (or another land and crop rotation it for one) and have enough white mana to drop a turn one Sacred Mesa. The sprout swarm is there as a backup for the Sacred mesa as it works well with the leylines/doubling season. Gimmicky, but given that they can’t counter your enchantress, target your leylines (with Sterling Grove out), target you to get rid of Enchantresses via Diabolic Edict, and you can quickly build up a lot of fliers that get pumps and gain you life in the process. Fun at least…

  32. Green Leyline + Saffi + Loyal Retainers. It has some use already. There was already a deck using Soul Warden and it now gets a 3rd turn combo that is only disruptable by Krosan Grip. Not bad.

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  34. the sun titan can give you two cards by bringing seagate or wall of omens back also

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