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  1. Good to see TSG back! Can’t wait for my two prereleases this weekend, they’re going to be a lot of fun 😀

  2. Magic TV is great for casual players like me, who are really interested in the game and the thinking behind it, but do not have the time to play competive magic! Thanks both of you for these vids!

  3. Why no mention of the new Wildfire? I think it’s a hell lot more interesting then the mentioned cards.

  4. You cannot Negate their Negate with Redirect… Well, you can cause it to be countered with it, but saying it that way is misleading because it sounds like you are trying to redirect Negate to target itself, which is illegal. Spells on the stack are never legal targets for themselves. For those who don’t know how to make it work, the proper way is to play Redirect targeting the Negate, then have the Negate change it’s target to the Redirect, which is still a legal target because it is still on the stack while it is resolving. Redirect finishes resolving and is binned, and when Negate tries to resolve, it’s target (now Redirect) is no longer there, so it’s countered.

  5. @newager I’ve swerved a negate onto itself on mtgo several times so i think you could do it with redirect aswell. i think they cant target themselves because when your casting them they are not on the stack, but once there on the stack they can be changed to target themselves, but i might be wrong and it could be a glitch.

  6. lolz and the 1min clip after. seems like you guys are all good friends who love your work. keep the vids coming.

    p.s. luis and conoley “the drafting duo” vid plz!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nice 30 second ball scratch, LSV. Anyway, thanks for putting Fauna Shaman into perspective. While obviously powerful, the drawbacks you mentioned bring the card back to where it should be.

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  9. @Jorje

    Yes, thats the rule but you are interpreting it incorrectly. What the rule is saying is that when you cast a spell, you have to have a legal target. This happens before it is placed on the stack. Eg. You cannot just play negate when the stack is empty, because there are no legal targets. However, if negate is already on the stack, and the opponent casts misdirection (which is a different spell) negate is a legal target for the spell. Thus, as explained above you can use swerve/misdirection and the like as a functional counterspell in these contexts. LSV is absolutely right in what he asserted.

  10. newager had it correct; jorje too. rule 113.4 applies at all times; it never states that a spell/ability can target itself when it’s already on the stack, etc.

  11. TSG adds good humor and less-experienced-viewpoint to these, I am glad to see him back. Good stuff.

  12. When you’re swerving or misdirecting a counter spell such as negate, you’re changing the target to swerve, not itself.

    For example, Opponent casts Countersquall on my Lightning Bolt. In response I cast Swerve targeting Swerve. Swerve resolves, Countersquall now fizzles due to not having a legal target. No player loses life.

    You cannot swerve the Countersquall onto itself.

  13. Erg Swerve targetting swerve should be “Swerve targetting Countersquall changing CS’s target to Swerve.”

  14. Funny how they think the new fork isn´t good enough but do mention the ability of the new misdirect to counter a counter…. Agree with most of their opinions though. Especially like how they put the fauna shaman a bit back to earth which is overrated atm.

  15. Why is Dark Confidant not reprintable? It was strong in Standard, but not over the top, and definitely fine for extended. Obviously Survival can’t come back, and Maze violates current land rules, but Bob was never really degenerate in the modern formats it would be reintroduced to.

  16. *I posted this on the other video but for those of you wondering* …in the tree is an alpha black lotus. We were about to start filming and shaun (TSG) had a kor hookmaster up there randomly and I said “wouldn’t it just be way cooler if it was a black lotus? Everyone would be like ‘humphrey’s growing black lotuses!” Luckily, I had an alpha lotus on me, so we put it up there lol. And thats the story children. And in case anyone cares, i’m the guy who was doing commentary w/luis in his last video….there, im plugging myself….trying to be famous….let the flaming begin lol. Hope everyone enjoyed the show!

  17. Funny that nobody caught that Redirect can change targets on spells with multiple targets, where they spells they compare it to (Misdirection and Deflection) cannot.

    I consider it much better than both.

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