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  1. Playing off of someone is important. It’s why news anchors tend to come in pairs. There’s no reason why someone couldn’t simply read off the news, but it’s less interesting. Even if the other person is just asking the lead in questions…

  2. And here I was thinking to myself, “Man it’s been awhile since they did a MtgTV webisode.”

  3. nothing about the URG midrangey deck with jaces and bloodbraids and ancestral viosions and punishing fire combo with goyfs and whatnot?

  4. im very excited to see what comes from amsterdam
    i hope faries isnt too dominant
    the show goes quicker when ur alone, nobody to interrupt and go on random tangents.
    good video

  5. “the show goes quicker when ur alone”
    Is that a good thing?
    “nobody to interrupt and go on random tangents.”
    Those tangents are often just as valid of a topic as the main question, TSG/LSV combo was/is a lot of fun, and I hardly notice when they interrupt each other.

    Doing it solo definitely does get the question answered quicker, but it also has less commentary and only one vantage point, two people will always be better, but this video was still pretty good.

    You should bring back Moshi for m11 Hit or Myth, nothing beats those first few episodes of back-and-forth about planeswalker rarities/ baneslayer.

  6. I think that the content that Shawn brings to the videos falls outside the strategy realm. You may feel that he is not contributing meaningful advice, but he is creating a dialogue. I did not enjoy this format as much as your previous one as a result. If I wanted your opinion as fast and as directly as possible, I would as that you present it in article form. Both are appreciated.

  7. surprised you didn’t mention Teferi/Teachings as a possible deck. The deck didn’t lose anything except for the shock lands and a mostly UW splash black mana base is pretty easy to nail down. I don’t think it was really tier 1 in last ext. season but with the new changes I think it pretty much has everything it needs to deal with various decks that will pop out.

  8. not as much fun without tristan!

    and please more duel commentary drafts! those things are sweet.

  9. Damn, your draft picks SUCKED this week! 🙂
    All Channel Fireball writers should do draft vids, even Ochoa! 🙂

  10. Jund with Tarmogoyf and Punishing Fire combo? Or how do you belive it will look like?

  11. Punishing Fires is going to be good against Fae. Any reason why 5cc can’t just go Baneslayer,Tarmo,Cryptic,Jace,Fallout and Fires?

  12. yea… If people wanted to get right to the point they would read an article… Video’s are meant to be as much entertaining as they are educational. If you think the questions need to be answered distictly write them in an article if not addind a co-host make the video’s that much better.

  13. “Obviously someone didn't water TSG!

    Comment by amc – July 7, 2010 @ 4:34 am”

    Best Comment ever!

    This one was very to the point I agree, but magic is a social game and having the pro (LSV) and the joe’s (TSG) perspective along with the banter and backhanded comments is what made the show so entertaining!

  14. This is way better with Tristan. The banter is what made this entertaining in addition to informative.

    As an exercise, note how many puns were in this episode compared to any episode where Tristan is included.

  15. Definately miss Triston. He gave the perspective and questions of some of us who are not professionals. Got some answers that we “noobs” would ask. I definately want him back 🙁

    Agree with above comments, this is a social game. There should be fun, puns and social interactions for it to be more entertaining. Triston fulfilled a vital role in that area.

  16. Tristan adds more humour, he is essential, if not seemingly needed. Just try to be more polite Luis. 😉

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  18. lsv is good, and it got the info across, but it was better to watch with tsg on there.

  19. Still solid but I have to join the chorus in saying that its better with TSG on just due to the dialogue.

    Still good episode on the whole.

  20. …Seriously? Well I would much rather read something, I feel like sometime LSV is losing his touch. Like Jace, TMS being in M11. Well looks who’s wrong 😛

  21. i think you need tristan. the two of you worked so well together and that dynamic was what made the show so great, in addition to the top level content of course. i would love to see a follow up show about some new decks to consider in extended.

  22. Definitely better with Tristan. The show comes off a lot better when you have someone to play off of.

    This show was faster and more compact. If all I wanted was to get information this would be better but I’m looking for entertainment too.

  23. Instead of saving Humphrey we need to ignite a save Tristan-campaign. So Luis is our beloved Yoda, a man of deep and hidden knowledge, that’s fine. But the story needs the unpolished man of emotion, that blasts from the hip, as well. After all: content isn’t only about decks, numbers and statistics. I’m sure that TSG will be back. And as some have suggested, it would be highly entertaining with LSV, Conley, TSG, and more in the same draft, recording separately … if it’s possible to pull that of. Triumph for Channel Tristan?

  24. It is more fun and longer when TSG is there, as they can bounce off each other, or in reality, LSV can bash TSG! Personally, if it is just LSV, I would want a draft video!! I’ve been jonesing for another one here recently…

    Keep it up LSV (not a pun)!


  25. I agree with many of the comments here. TSG adds a lot and the banter is quite fun. If TSG is still willing to come back after this slight, I would recommend welcoming him back.

  26. Don’t worry, Tristan will be back this week! He only was unable to make it last week due to a scheduling conflict, and we decided that a show without him was better than no show at all. I’m glad to see that everyone missed him though.

  27. I agree with the consensus, this was similar to watching the video with Webster. LSV is so sharp that he doesn’t necessarily understand what does/does not need to be further explained. Plus TSG and LSV had very humorous banter. Good info though, I would like to see this topic revisited in the near future, preferably with someone to bounce ideas off of.

  28. This is great, can we get some more drafts? The last one was June 27th, that’s eleven days! Conley’s great, but release the Kraken already!

  29. I shamelessly love all you guys (Humphrey the most, obv) so I’m glad to hear TSG is coming back. I do think the solo LSV video here, and the reaction to it, highlights what I think is a weakness of the TSG/LSV pairing, though. LSV’s sharp repartee often makes TSG the brunt of jokes (as at the start of this solo video), and TSG doesn’t throw it back in LSV’s face nearly often enough. The end result is that LSV dominates the videos. Compare that to how Mashi and LSV would interact in the early Magic TV videos: Mashi would needle LSV relentlessly, keeping LSV’s puffery in check with his own unwarranted hubris. That kept it from being the LSV show, which, as LSV’s intro to this video humorously acknowledges, it does sometimes feel like, and I think everyone agrees is not ideal.

  30. I’m pretty sure he was just joking and TSG wasn’t in this episode for some reason IE out of town, etc. All these comments are sad. He is clearly joking about not needing Tristan

  31. Another interesting deck is Korlash Control in my mind as black has a lot of control magic Time Spiral block to now. I know this is a bit of work combo wise and doubtful but I love the interaction with Korlash and Landfall triggers ie Bloodghast and Ob Nixilis but that’s a bit mana intensive. I love that black still has great kill spells with great discard tricks yet and it also got stronger with M11 spoiler completion.

    Can’t wait to see what hits the top and what is not as strong as once thought. This is an interesting extended environment.

  32. Two things:

    You need TSG.

    Hate Fae… All Fae of old needs is a better Planewalker than Jace Beleren…Oh wait…

  33. Yeah, thank you LSV for the show, but we really do need someone else on the screen with which we can contrast your Magic prowess.

    Here’s to hoping Shaun doesn’t miss another episode!

  34. mtgnubbbbbbbbbbbb

    I liked the LSV solo format in this mtgtv episode and would be happy to see it continue.

    In addition to being a top magic player, Luis is an excellent communicator, with elaborate ideas on mtg. One problem I’ve seen in almost every interview with Luis is the other person not allowing Luis finish his thoughts. They want very short, concise, simplistic answers. Then, when Luis tries to elaborate on his point, people accuse Luis of interrupting the other guy. When you have access to someone like this, it’s really worthwhile to let him finish his points.

    I always find it extremely awkward to watch Luis interrupt Shawn nonstop. The problem is, I want him to interrupt Shawn, because I want him to finish his point (no offense to Shaun). I did enjoy the moments when LSV and Shaun were cracking up on the draft videos though.

  35. You don’t need TSG. You need someone else with whom to create a dialog, but doesn’t delegitimize your articles to non-casual players. The problem with Tristan is he’s so far below LSV in scale of experience that it isn’t a likely pairing.

    It’s not going to be easy pairing a player of your calibur with anyone, LSV. Ochoa isn’t it; I like the guy a lot but he truly excels as a writer.

    In my opinion you should just find some hot gamer chick to read you questions and ask you scripted follow-ups. I feel like you have the knowledge base covered, now you need an effective sidekick. Nothing translates like T&A.

  36. Whether they are right or not, I find hearing TSGs questions to be really helpful. I remember an episode where you were discussing a first pick of a ROE pack, and it came down to TSG fighting for Oust while LSV insisted Makindi Griffin was the better card. In retrospect I think LSV was right, but if TSG had not supported his ideas for Oust, I would not have developed such a good understanding of the decision. The great thing about having two people is that the shows become conversation (even if they are is a little one-sided) rather than a speech. I find the former to be much more entertaining and insightful than the latter. Please, bring TSG back!

  37. I like it better when you made fun of TSG. Honestly, it just keeps the conversation going. Thanks for the video, though, LSV.

  38. I guess you are… still what I said about the show with TSG stands. It’s why it has been my favorite magic commentary on the web for a while now (when TSG is there….).

  39. I can’t believe how difficult this has become to watch. Your offensive tone toward TSG has become so difficult to deal with. I understand that there are good reasons why the two of you have trouble creating harmony on the set, but between the way you have talked down to him in past episodes and the past comments from viewers compound that, I’m surprised he hasn’t come out and said something.

    It’s great that you all are experienced magic players and know how to run the game, but being disrespectful to another individual is never a reasonable thing to do – let alone if he has been nothing but respectful to you.

  40. LSV solo isn’t working too well for me. Maybe if you dressed Humphrey up in a Jersey and had him talk about how he doesn’t water Tristan it would be better.

  41. I agree with Tim. LSV talks down to TSG too much. It’s supposed to be funny but when watching it I get the feeling that TSG is actually kind of hurt by it, and it makes those moments awkward and painful to watch.

  42. No offense, but it works better, at least for comical reasons, with the two of you. I hope you don’t listen to these flaming idiots raving about wanting more solo lsv videos.

  43. Most people fall victim to the feeling of power when they become good at something. LSV is no different. I don’t know TSG but perhaps he acts the same way when the topic is hockey…idk. It takes a very mature (not sure if that’s the right word…) to be humble about the things they are good at. I mostly agree that the passive aggressive nature of top level magic players is a major turn off from the game.

  44. Why are all the pros ignoring elves?

    Oh, and Tristan should be back! Just take a look at how popular putting him on the draft show was!

  45. @LSV

    since you’ve played a deck named humphrey.deck and made a show with and and not Shawn, you MUST play a deck named Shawn.deck and do a show with him and not Humphrey!

  46. As much as I’ve grown to enjoy Luis’ videos, you can’t have a one-man show. If this is your new format, maybe you need to rename the videos.

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