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  1. Sun Titan recurs “little Jace”!

    Ultimate Mind Scultptor slaying tool — infinite Jace Belerens.

  2. M11 development was 18 months ago. There’s no way WoTC could have known about the Jace TMS mistake back then. So, the Jace in M11 will likely be the old one, sadly.

  3. I for one would be unhappy if they reprinted Jace, TMS. Having just spent the money on a playset, I’d hate to see their value decrease so rapidly. That said, even if they did that, I wouldn’t be half as POed as if my entire Ravnica shockland collection had become worthless overnight, so I guess there’s something to be thankful for…

  4. I’m surprised there was no mention of mana leak, unless this was recorded before it was spoiled, then that would make perfect sense

  5. Unfortunately, the second Jace helper card is a mill card, and since only little Jace mills players with his Ultimate, its clear we’re getting Little Jace again.

  6. lol @ the Jace TMS mistake.

    Wizards seems to be screwing themselves over quite a bit these days. They print super-powerful cards and then print new cards in future sets to deal with those specific cards.

    Combustion > Baneslayer
    The green 4 mana 4/4 gain 4 life discard guy > Jund
    Condemn > Vengevine
    Great Sable Stag > Faeries (yes it was a while back, but still)

  7. Jace 2.0 (Big Jace) only draws 1 using Brainstorm (Card Selection)

    Jace 1.0 draws 3 cards between 3 turns. That would be 5 mana if you add a mana every turn after you play it (Turn 3 = 3 mana, turn 4 = 4 mana and turn 5 = 5 mana). And Jace’s Ingenuity costs 5 mana and draws 3 card in the fifth turn.

    So based on that speculation (From LSV) I can only see Jace Beleren be printed.

  8. i feel like reprinting lil jace would be like wizards giving me a big ol S**t sandwich and asking if id like chips or somthing when i say wtf. while he does have his uses, imo he just sucks. i would like to see all new pws, a new garruk would be cool mabey more loyalty with a 4/4 beast and some sort of land fall ramp with same ult? i realize they dont want to mess with power levels but cmon make some new guys. pws are like the coolest thing to happen to magic in a long time. i started to collect because of them. if they only reprint all same pws in this set i will likely only buy singles. the last 2 times i stoped playing magic that is the way i started my way out.

    also i like that they reprint time spiral but why not let you untap??? like seriously the only reason that card was broken badly was academy. what would ppl do now? beside mabey untap eldrazi lands…

  9. If they reprint ranger of eos can they please reprint it and not a functional reprint it’s becoming a joke

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  11. Best Magic site on the web by a big margin. Great content as usual. Love you. Fix the audio or we – the Magic mob – will burn down your houses. Cheers!

  12. I’d really love to watch this and hear your thoughts, but the sound is even worse than it was on that Conley Woods draft, I literally can’t hear it even with the sound on full volume.

  13. Sun Titan not abuseable?

    Knight of the Relequary, Dauntless Escort + Nova Blast Worm, Jensura, Art of War, Elvish ArchDruid, Imperious Prefect… Until Shards Rotates out, this guy’s got alot of potential to be a nightmare with G/W/x shell…

  14. @wrench217

    your 18 month argument is really flawed. for one, its true that wizards was making m11 eighteen months ago. theyre always playing two-ish years ahead of us. so what do you think they were playing before m11? zen block before that, then alara. secondly, wizards have been known to even put cards from future sets in current sets. like might of the masses being moved from scars to rise.

    im not going to go to further into it but if you want proof, goblin tunneler – a roe card, is getting reprinted in m11 also. all these other comments are debatable both ways imo. i can see jace 2.0 being reprinted. lsv makes a good point. and also on jaces ingenuity/erasure. while they do showcase jace 1.0s abilities, you can also argue that they show jace 2.0s also. jace 2.0 draws 3 cards in one turn and mills (technically) with his ultimate. yes though they do lean toward 1.0, just saying that doesnt set it in stone.

  15. @wrench217:
    Well, actually, it BEGAN 18 months ago.

    You cant develop a set for a standard environment you just released the first set of! You just dont know what happens.

    On the other hand, too hasty development is not always well thought out.
    For example, Tarmogoyf was added to the Future Sight file weeks before print. It is possible, but we all know what happened, so i hope they dont do it again…

  16. What if you used Second Chance? I know we’re talking legacy here, but it’s fun to take infinite turns!

  17. Maybe add subtitles could help non-english speakers also?… sound is really bad, and it would help foreign people 🙂

  18. I don’t think jace 2.0 was a mistake, but I find it highly unlikely that they will reprint it. I mean they could have replace Ajani with Elspeth (especially since they’re making the duel decks with it), so I’m pretty confident they will just use the original jace.

    Also, sun titan gets any permanent that costs 3 or less, so gets back lands.

    And lol at Jace’s brainstorm. I think LSV just wants to play 8 brainstorms in legacy. Nothing wrong with that.

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