25 thoughts on “Magic TV – Magic 2011 Initial Thoughts”

  1. No no no, cycling can’t be a core mechanic because it has no flavor – and flavour’s their main concern in these M-sets now.

  2. the audio quality made this a little awkward to watch, I couldn’t really pay attention to what they were talking about

  3. I can’t help but wonder if the fact that baneslayer does not show up in all bant decks is more an issue of availability than it is dominance of the card.

  4. Ditto on the Kodama’s Reach reprint (well, functional reprint), one of my favourite ramp spells for sure. Perfect time for it too considering people will still want help powering out Eldrazi =)

  5. Scry is better described as “Tutoring”…

    P.S. But Scry X would be awesome… Almost like drawing a card…

  6. I think I would have liked to hear opinions on Shivan Dragon VS. Ancient Hellkite. I mean, Ancient Hellkite costs 1 more for +1/+1, which is kind of fair, but the abilities do completely different things.

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  8. Looking at the last scg 5k results, congrats LSV on the 2nd place finish btw, there were only 3x Baneslayers MD and 6 more sideboard in the whole T8. It is powerful but certainly not dominating anything.

    The audio quality was actually salvaged very well in my opinion, so props to your video/audio editor.

  9. I love these magic tv clips, you guys should make even more of them 🙂
    And about M11 what planeswalkers will we be seeing?

  10. To DragonLover:

    I’m totally with you. There should be a discussion about the lack of Shivan Dragon. Shivan Dragon has been in the base set every time, save for Sixth.

    As someone who enjoys Draft quite a bit (though I am certainly no pro), Shivan Dragon was always a top pick, but the Ancient Hellkite is a bit cost-prohibitive with three red symbols plus four.

  11. @Chaz

    scry has way more flavour than cycling because people can visualize what scry is – looking carefully into the future – and relating it to the manipulation of the cards. But nobody knows what cycling would look like in real life, so it has no flavor; seeing how you can cycle lands, spells, creatures, anything.

  12. I agree that they are pushing “flavor” in core sets, but not in a normal sense. what there doing is pushing generic fantasy flavor, nothing specific. they are never going to have floating hedrons, Fox-folk, and arab merchants in core sets. i like cycling in core sets because people easily understand and like cycling. “i toss this card to get a different one, so if i don’t like it thats no problem”. that is simple logical reasoning that new and old gamers enjoy.

  13. I agree that scry has more “fantasy” flavor than cycling, so if that’s what they’re going for I guess WotC got it right there. However, I’m not sure putting it into this core set in particular will be a good way to get new players to enjoy it, what with Jace 2.0, Halimar Depths, See Beyond (I know, not particularly popular but available) etc. already pushing card selection. I don’t mind it myself, since I enjoy playing blue and appreciate selection trying to make up for pure draw power, but I could see New or Returning Player X on the other side of the table really hating it in the July/August FNMs when I use it to “get lucky” into whatever answer or finisher I may need.

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