17 thoughts on “Magic TV – Block Format in PT-San Juan”

  1. Sounds like you took comments about not talking about the deck you are actually playing to heart, hehe.

    I know it’s just a coincidence, but it’s funny to notice you are mentioning RUG several times in this one instead of it being coincidentally omitted 🙂

  2. Congrats to the channel fireball crew and PV for dominating this PT. You have assembled quite a crew.

  3. LSV did technically “win” since he placed highest out of the level 8 players (besides PV)!

  4. Comon LSV,,u realy think the Kiln Fiend deck is good?Ya u double Distotion strike it then i cast Vendetta,lol,,gg’s?

    Also ive been calling treespeaker “SOL RING ELF” ever since the spoiler came out and no one believed me lol.

  5. I like how Tristan has finally found a way to water Humphrey, through that water bulb thing.

    Congratulations to Josh Utter-Leyton , PV, and Brad Nelson for making the top 8, and PV for winning it all. I really liked the deck that Team CF came up with, the RUG deck (not GRU or URG).

  6. The Red,Green,Blue deck with Jaces,Baloths,and Commet Storms?ive been running that deck on modo for months,pretty sure people where playing it beforehand

  7. Nicely done, CF crew!

    Is xsv this site’s official troll yet? I can’t think of any other major contenders.

  8. I think L.S.V. did a fantastic job describing exactly why drafting Rise is phenomenal. Good post!

  9. This is all fine and well, but when you jump in to back-to-back queues and your opponent plays turn one Guul Draz Assasin EVERY GAME, you can pretty much say ‘peace out, strategy’.

  10. you’ll get em’ next time LSV, either way I’m glad team channelfireball took home the win, grats!

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  12. lorax the treespeaker

    Also ive been calling treespeaker "SOL RING ELF" ever since the spoiler came out and no one believed me lol.

    Comment by xsv1nrg2

    lorax the treespeaker is a MUCH better name!

  13. @Caleb While he may be the front-runner for biggest CF troll so far, he’s too much of a clear cut, by-the-book, boring one. Almost trying too hard, if you will, as he’s just too much of a typical troll with the standard poor spelling and awful comments. I prefer a more clever and imaginative troll for the position of Official CF Troll to really keep people on their toes. xsv is just too easy to disregard. I’m sure a better one will step up eventually.

  14. He may be a troll, but he’s right this time. The RUG deck isn’t a Fireball invention, nor have they claimed it was as far as I know. I think Brad actually encountered it for the first time in a video where he is playing Valakut on this site, actually.

    In any case, it is a very good deck, though it seems like it might struggle against Eldrazi without journeys or counters. Haven’t seen that match played out yet myself.

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