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  1. What are your thoughts on Grixis Control? The more aggressive Sedraxis/Blightning version. While looking through National Qualifier decks, it seems to be near the top for the “Tier 2” decks that aren’t as popular as the ones you listed.

  2. Great episode. One deck that didn’t get mentioned though is Grixis, though it only needs to be mentioned that it is on the same level as vampires and UR Runeflare trap. People like to say that it’s good against UW, but having testing both Grixis and UW I have to disagree.

  3. Why no mention of Superfriends. It was kinda mentioned in the u/w part, but not as much as I would like.

  4. I noticed LSV played Naya at the GP. Can’t wait to hear a tournament report and his thoughts on the deck after many, many rounds of playing it.

  5. @balmo:

    Midrange Grixis stacks up pretty well versus Jund, UW, and Poly, and very well against Mythic, but your matchups vs Superfriends and Vaults are just straight terrible. You have no way to interact with Vaults pre-board. Post-board versus Friends you have All Is Dust, which is pretty rockin’.

    I played Grixis at our nats qualifier but I can’t really give you an accurate summary of that played out, since I went to time versus Tapout in round one and then gave byes to two consecutive Vaults decks. I think the mix could definitely use the addition of Sarkhan, since he plays well with Specter, Ruinblaster, and Gatekeeper.

  6. You forgot to cover:

    Time Sieve
    Brilliant Esper
    Grixis Control
    Grixis Land Destruction
    Eldrazi Green
    Emeria White
    Spread ‘Em

  7. Why is vampires not viable? The way I look at it, it has answers to just about anything other than a white weenie type of deck where they spam out numerous creatures. I play my vampire deck at my local store and it does very well. I don’t have a Super Friends type of deck to play against, but it beats everything else i play against.

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  9. Tristan Placone

    “um, moving on” Shaun’s most spoken phrase each and every episode.

    The new watering bulb in the planter box is cute to.

  10. Coming from a guy who played Runeflare trap at the beginning of the year – and lets be honest, it hasn’t gotten many additions from RoE – it isn’t a true Standard deck. It did alright then, but it’s got too many weaknesses and is even worse now that control decks have been gaining in the metagame. LSV pretty much said it all, but I just wanted to shout out that someone who has played it seriously agrees.

    P.S. Forgot to mention…Glad to see you chose the best Flyers jersey to wear. 😉

  11. Last I looked Runeflare owns control especially the tapout versions with lots of planeswalkers.

  12. Man, I really enjoy LSV’s articles and videos (more than any other MTG commentator actually), but I have yet to see a Magic TV episode where he is not a total dick to Tristan (who happens to be in contrast exceedingly nice and polite). I wish LSV would be less of a dick.

  13. Hey LSV – Boros isn’t a deck anymore primarily because of vampires! Also anytime you want to try your luck against me and my B/R Vamp deck, seriously, just let me know.

  14. new jace is certainly “broken enough.” Consider that old jace (which people used because it was good) was -1: draw, and new jace is 0: brainstorm (filtered draw). Oh, and btw Brainstorm is restricted in vintage. If an effect is deemed broken enough to be restricted in vintage and you can do it EVERY TURN from jace at no mana cost that seems pretty broken to me. Don’t even really need to mention the fact that he is a win condition.

  15. That’s not really a valid comparison Just Some Guy. Brainstorm is broken in vintage because of the other cards that are in vintage. I probably disagree wtih LSV on the point about playing four Jaces, but not about the card not being broken. The reason you want four Jaces is because Jace is fragile. Brainstorming Jace is really good. Fatesealing Jace is pretty mediocre.

  16. Brainstorm is also being used at instant speed to filter/draw Vintage-level cards. In a format where T1 wins are easy, such a card is far, far more powerful than in Standard.

    Powerful? Yes. Broken? The jury is still out, imo.

  17. Intuition at 11.99. Wish you had some in stock cause i would buy them in a heartbeat at that price.

  18. I’ve really enjoyed playing vampires in the 8man queues on MTGO, but I have to agree with LSV it’s not really a deck. I have good percentages against non-Jund decks, but pretty bad against Jund, and I know it would be worse in a serious tournament. Like, I’m probably 40% against Jund, but 35% of that is my opponent playing poorly. Against someone who knows when to attack and when to block, you really can’t win.

  19. Yeah right, vampires could be a deck in a metagame without jund, but you just scoope to any experienced player playing jund.

  20. Man watching your chemistry with each other is BRUTAL! I love the site, has the best info….but WTH with the unease….the stiffness. Man, it seems like LSV LOATHES Gregson. Like they would throw-down (if either of them had ever been in a fight in RL!) Im really joking but it doesnt seem like there is any mutual respect, trust or coecion between these two…..I say scrap it and go to another host, or a different format, like have a guest to sit in and break the tension. Thanks…sorry for the kinda neg review…but I had to this time. L8R Smac

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