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  1. Humphrey may need some Braundo. It’s what plants crave. Why would you feed him water? That’s what’s in a toilet!

  2. After placing 5th in a local 2K tournament I can honestly say that Sovereign Mythic (or Mythic Conscription, which ever name you prefer) is one of the top decks in Standard. The only game I lost all tournament was in Top 8 against the Mirror. During the tournament I played and beat almost every major archetype: Jund, UW, UWr, Allies, even Time Sieve/Open the Vaults. The ability to attack with a 14/13 on turn 3 (T1 Noble, T2 Cobra, T3 Fetchland, Sovereign, attack with Cobra) is really tough for most decks to beat. Also, because Mythic has so many mana sources, it is not uncommon to hardcast Eldrazi Conscription and start Annihilating right away. Seeing as there is going to be an increase in Sovereign Mythic decks, the list I played ran maindeck Rafiq and Sphinx of Jwar Isle, which makes the mirror match easier to win.

  3. Mythic was one of, if not the best deck in standard before rise and got a huge upgrade. It is definitely in the discussion.

  4. i like the name sovereigns mythic… but thats just me.
    i played UWr planeswalker at FNM and lost 2 rounds of control mirror due to time constraints. i think it has too many 4 drops and gideondshould be a 4 of

  5. No love for the Naya deck you played at the pt? You think it’s just completely not viable now?

  6. This is regionals. Open entry tournaments, most likely attracting the FNM crowd. How many of these folks are going to have $300-$500 to spend on UW and mythics?

    People should be preparing against Monored and Jund. Bring in pithing needles for Planeswalkers if you make it to the late rounds, or you get unlucky and run up against them.

  7. looks like im trowing together the good old BWG junk deck with some pulses and O-Rings since U/W and U/W/r planeswalkers are getting big,,8 main deck vindicates are good against walkers i heard

  8. I’m thinking that the most popular builds for qualifiers will be UW/UWr, Jund, and Mythic (which I expect to be played to a much lesser extent than UW and Jund). Taking mythic out of the picture, could red deck wins or a boros build be the solution to the metagame? I’m not sure how you’d reliably beat mythic (making me think that mythic is the real deck to beat). Also, it’s no secret that jund and UW/x are the best decks because their card quality beats the pants off of any little kid beatdown deck that doesn’t have a real mid-late game plan aside from burn. That being said, goblin guide, steppe lynx, geopede, hell’s thunder, and a healthy suite of burn might be able to punch through quickly enough before jund or UW/x can stabilize. Even though qualifiers are a week away, I’ll definitely be experimenting with a fast aggro such as red deck wins (splashing either white for the boros variety or black for blightning and possibly anathemancer) build as well as mythic. One other point to mention is that mythic has been taking down quite a few tourneys recently, in top 8’s littered with UW/x and Jund. I guess that’s a testament to it being the real deal.

  9. The Brilliant control deck that runs Ultimatum into Emrakul won a PE recently and it was looking really good. I don’t know if it was on the radar when this was taped but it seems like it might be the real deal?

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  11. I’ve been playing mythic conscription online since rise came out there, and people are adapting their gameplans for it. I’ve been seeing a lot more bolts for birds and terminates. I’ve since fudged the numbers and have been running spell pierce in the main and a one of boar umbra. Spell pierce is just sick agaisnt any uw deck and is pretty good against most of the field. Shuts down those 4th turn days and walkers and ploymorphs as well as saving guys from people who make a play and leave an r or rb up for removal. The boar umbra is also a hedge. A lot of players will let you get conscription and then terminate or just day you next turn. Umbra laughs those plays off and allows you keep your kotr or baneslayer in the face of destruction effects. It’s a lot of fun to play right now

  12. Is no one playing Boss Naya anymore or was that a one shot meta game choice? Other than that I think Grixis is pretty decent if it didn’t have such a bad matchup against rdw and u/w

  13. @ Denog

    I’m not sure, but I think Boss Naya has a bad matchup against both Jund and UW (though not terrible – just slightly disadvantageous) making it probably not a good choice at the moment. It does have a great matchup against Mythic, however.

  14. kind of funny being color blind has nothing to do with not seeing a plant is dying lol. There are more signs than color alone like leaves falling off when its not fall. Lack of leaves on a tree, branches that have no leaves on them while other branches do. I can go on forever on the subject.

    As for taking care of the tree water does help and sometimes the correct Miracle Grow or Fertilizer can help the tree but there is a point where the tree cannot be saved and hopefully Humphrey has not reached that point.

  15. from what I’ve seen at least from the people I play with Jund has changed a bit.

    -4x Putrid Leach +4x Beastbreaker of Bala Ged
    reasoning from them is too often it has come up where the Leach was the cause of their demise due to its causing some life loss.

    -4x ??? +2-3x Sarkhan the Mad
    reasoning from them is the card draw is nice to get out of clumping issues and then letting him go boom to give you a dragon. Not sure as to what they took out too put them in but they seem to feel he really helps.

    Watched one of them play against U/W and Super Friends and Sarkhan was a bulk of the reason they won. Although this doesn’t happen everytime but the dragons just got too be too much that and he outlasted their spreading seas slow down tactic through Sarkhans draw.

    Thats the tech that I saw at least from the tournament I was at they also had All is Dust as sideboard tech vs Planeswalker control lol.

    Later yall

  16. I have been a Naya player for quite awhile, and I splash black for Pulse….between Pulse, O-ring, and Qasali Pridemages….I feel good about Conscript , U/W control has been giving me issues, I crush Jund very often, I was 3-0 against Jund at Cinci PTQ Amsterdam, 1-1 against U/W control……just some insight.
    Another note, Vengevine was built for my deck (ranger and BB) and has been a little under whelming, but I think in the long haul will be good against U/W’s sweepers. Later SMac

  17. Grixis is still around there’s several dedicated players in my meta. The deck has really great matchup vs U/W. The only time the deck stumbles against U/W is the turn 2 Luminarch Ascension but that hurts most control decks. If U/W is on the rise so much it might be a good time to dust off Cruel Control in your testing.

  18. Wel yeh Vengevine is decent also against Jund or grixis when u have to discard somethin gon Blightning its lovely to drop some vines in your grave and after that cast some range of eos, bb elf or just 2 one drops.

    I went 5-2 on qualifiers with just Naya (more like Coimbra)
    Without the equipments but with THoctar, T2 Thoctar can be really scary.

  19. You should give Humphrey some Nitrogen Feed, it should make him feel a lot better. It’s not too expensive and you can pick it up at any gardening center.

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