20 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #38 – Rise of the Eldrazi Mock Draft (3 of 3)”

  1. Don’t forget emerge unscathed’s rebound can also hit narcolepsy and guard duty, making it an occasional 2 for 1 for 1 mana. It doesn’t come up often enough to make it a high pick, but the rebound is definitely not unimportant.

  2. These videos are still interesting, but sort of dull… in the meantime before the set is online, why not try a live draft commentary? Just set up a camera and film LSV’s picks in an in-person draft, and then add the audio commentary in afterwards. Maybe even film games and show highlights. I think it’d be a lot more interesting and fun to watch.

  3. We got called five turns in game 3 and I needed to top deck 8th mana to win. So before my last turn I cast emerge unscathed so I would have the 8th mana open on my turn with unblockable green invoker. And got there thanx to the rebound. Infrequent interaction for sure, but it was important there.

  4. Indeed not unimportant to notice i mean the rebound also can make your dudes kinda unblockable for one color so its kinda good actually. Hit with your eldrazi or other bomb.

  5. for the shift vs other blue argument, the chances of wheeling the shift are much higher than wheeling the invoker, and if you do wheel the shift and you took the invoker you got a sweet combo!

  6. This video was good, but the entire time I was wondering if that guy was seriously trying to pull a fast one with that Gideon…LOL

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  8. Actually bestiaire is pretty useless for that as it doesn’t use the correct print runs so it will give you choices you’ll never have in real life. Over the long run this really matters.

  9. thanks for the draft thoughts again – definitely benificial and enough to hold me over until ROE is on MTGO.

  10. I think given the choice between Drake Umbra and Frostwind Invoker I’d take the Umbra. Mostly because it’s uncommon and not as likely to be seen later, but it also turns just about any random dork into a legitimate threat that can be a nuisance for most decks to contain.

    LSV mentioned Umbra over Invoker when first going through the pack but then for some reason never mentioned the Umbra again.

  11. I think you would have gotten more use out of the second pack if you first treat it as a first pick (like you did) and identify the best card to take (Induce Despair). _Then_ treat it as the second pack in a draft by eliminating Induce Despair (presumably picked by the drafter to the left) and identify the next card to take while assuming that Gideon Jura was already in your pile.

  12. On bestiaire I can regularly pick up 5x Narcolepsy and 3-4x Dawnglare Invoker and have it give me a 60% rating, so I’m not really sure how helpful that would be as an instructive video segment.

  13. About bestiaire :
    Does anyone know how the % work ?
    Like Chris P mentioned,the % are often totally off.
    Getting 60% with 3-0 decks all day long.

    @ LSV
    NIce pull on the Gideon. Is your lack of happiness on the video (Gideon IS a $40 card and the best card in the set for the moment) due to being on TV or just due to been used to open 1000s of boosters?

  14. IComposeEFlats

    The % in bestiaire is based off of a static card rating system they have. There’s no synergy involved, and I think it only looks at the top colors… so it is going to rate Venerated Teacher the same if you have 2 level-up creatures or 10.

    They haven’t published the formula since it would be easy to break 100% every time, but my assumption is that it’s top 23 cards in up to two colors, rated against everyone elses. Average score is 100%, other scores are based off of how far from the average you are.

    Personally, I’ve never gotten over 100% even with decks that I know are 3-0 capable. Highest was like an 87%

  15. Billy Hewlett

    Despite the horrible bot drafters, and the lack of print runs, I feel like fraps/voiceover of a bestiaire draft would be easy way to distribute useful draft information (until RoE becomes available on MODO). It’s gotta be more useful than opening a pack with Gideon and nothing else and trying to give meaningful advice on it.

    The most difficult draft decisions are rarely made in P1P1, but limited articles tend to focus on this pick disproportionaly, especially early in lifetime of a set.

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