15 thoughts on “Magic TV: Extra – Worlds Testing & Deck Building”

  1. Seriously! Chapin is just the best. Couldn’t you guys recruit him somehow? There must be something that’s gonna pry him out of his engagement with SCG.

  2. Chapin could be the only premium author on SCG, and I would still consider subscribing. (Which, since I’ve touched the subject, way to go CF for the awesome free content!) Always fun to hear from him on-screen.

  3. Conley and I had an hour and a half long phone conversation unsupervised… lol. I love these guys. Oh and “web and I share the same insanitySENSE OF HUMOR…”

    If, god help me, I ever win a PTQ, I’m joining this team.

  4. As sad as it is, most of the ideas do not work ONLY because the payoff for creating a synergetic themed deck (Tokens with shared discovery i.e.) cannot overcome the RAW POWER of overpowered mythic rares like Titans/Jace which are so incredibly good on their own.

    There are so many cards in the card pool at which you look at and think ‘hey this may have some cool interaction with something I’ma try to build a deck with this’ and then you realise that tha card costs 5 CMC and you’re better off investing additional mana and playing wurmcoil engine or a random titan instead, even if it has ZERO direct synergy with your deck.

  5. LSV has a higher expected performance, but Brad has a larger variance. Your math works Mr. Chapin. Excellent job.

  6. Personally I don’t think Brad’s as awesome as some of the other pros out there, and i may get lynched for saying that. PV, Kibler, and LSV are my highest-rated pros because they’re so well rounded.

    Caw-Go from Kibler? uhm, wow?
    although i can’t understand some of what pv says and how he explains things, ive seen his drafts and they’re pretty amazing. as for LSV, i drafted a SOM blue-white flyers deck and i totally agree with him. the aggro decks just can’t deal with what happens if they dont win by turn four or five.

    im not saying brad isnt good, by any means, but when you compare him with the all-stars, he just seems like a modern success story.

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  8. Pat may have gotten creative with the truth on the part that I said it’s OK to bet on a match when only pushups are the stake.

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