15 thoughts on “Magic TV: Extra – Working with Team Fireball & Worlds Preparation”

  1. Corey Baumeister and PV are my two favorite pros, because what’s not to like?

    Corey is basically Brad nelson, except he’s in shape, doesn’t smoke, and is just your average guy (who’s really good at magic in a double life).

  2. Nice helmet Corey 🙂 I didn’t like UB either, but now that the TOP 8 at Worlds is mostly UB, I have to admit it’s better than I thought.

  3. WOW nice south park WHIFF there corey…he talks about Kyle, and corey says “I wish i was immortal”…that’s KENNY smart one -.-

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  5. You can’t say POY in japanese but you can say POI (ぽい) then it means “throw something away” or if put together with a word “-ish, somewhat”

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