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  1. I couldn’t play Duel of the Planeswalkers since I don’t own an X-Box, but it’s going to be released on steam soon.

  2. What was the name of that magic console game where you’d control your avatar and cast guys and they’d fly across the screen and attack your opponent ?? It was pretty bad from memory

  3. So speaking of MTGO, are you guys going to put any constructed videos up again…with the standard ptq season in full swing it would be nice to be able to get LSV’s expert advice on the matchups between the top decks (and with grixis cuz thats what i play :D)

  4. Wizards has certainly come a long way from products like Battlemage, which is still the worst video game I have had the misfortune of playing

  5. Don’t be hating on Battlegrounds. Played it a couple months ago, and when I was a blue mage and accidentally summoned horned turtle when I pushed a button, I just sat there laughing for five minutes. That game is awesome. I advise anyone with $1.50 to pick up a used copy. It’s legitimately challenging.

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  7. Did you guys reset the matrix at 6:15? I opened my window after and it was bricked over…

    Tristan: To get everyone off your a$$ about the plant, just take him off the side table he’s on so people can see the flourishing green top part instead of the 3 dead stalks supporting the remaining live one. Or you could just trim them and spray paint them green!

    (More MTGO Legacy vids please?)

  8. I don’t think you get garruk anymore, but you will get nissa iirc from the steam version.

  9. Full view of Humphrey is demanded as a proof that Humphery is getting its deserved care and attention from Tristan.

    PS: Thanks LSV for supervision Tristan in taking care of Humphrey.

    Oh, back to topic. MTGO, something I want to try for 2 years now but have yet to becuase I still like cracking packs, smell the new cards and the physical pressence of my mythics! Yes, I need to feel it to believe it is real.

  10. U must feel ashamed for wearing that Flyers jersey. Next show you need to have a Hawks jersey with a STANLEY CUP patch on it

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