13 thoughts on “Magic TV: Extra – What Will You Miss After the Rotation?”

  1. What about Time Warp, guys?! I don’t think Pyromancer’s Ascension makes the cut without that card.

  2. Soo, regarding what blue loses with m10 rotating. I was thinking Time Warp? That kills 2 decks right there… easily the card I’m going to miss the most!

    The solution to not making planeswalkers dominant is to make all the other cards better. Just look at standard one year back.

  3. Master of the Wild Hunt is leaving from M10 and that saw occasional play in pretty much every competitive Green deck.

    Path is also leaving.

  4. Path to Exile is something that I will miss when Shards Block rotates. I’ll miss Elspeth the most, but Path leaving is a big deal for sure. Oblivion Ring is another one mentioned that I’ll miss, but I’ve been trying to work without them more and more each week in case they aren’t reprinted.

    I will certainly be glad to see Jund and the cascade mechanic rotate, along with Nocturnus because as a lord he was far and away better than the other tribal lords were. Captivating Vampire is a little underpowered I think, but much more “fair” in relation to the cycle.

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