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  1. “Treefolk? Lol, I thought like beasts and elves"¦treefolk? ok lol.”

    It’s a joke, ya dunce

  2. I’m getting really sick of the Humphrey banter. It was cute at first, but come on, how many episodes have started out with a “Tristan needs to water Humphrey more” joke?

    Otherwise, an interesting episode. MTGO is definitely a great way to become familiar with a new deck, but the obvious disadvantage (one that may have been worth mentioning?) is that it becomes difficult to realise when you’re making play mistakes, even if you do have a dedicated online test partner. I find live testing and play to be a lot more rewarding and educational.

  3. @Greg, I can’t really agree with your comment about the difficulties of play evaluation on MTGO. I’ve always found it rather easy to pinpoint play mistakes (you can really see the shift in momentum/position), at least as long as you’re playing against a competitive crowd.

    Sure, if you take your tournament deck to the “casual” testing section you’ll run into pure crap a lot of the time, but if you stick to tournament testing or constructed 1v1s and/or daily events, you’ll get a pretty good idea of how your deck performs and how you pilot it against a good variety of opponents/deck types.

    The best part about testing on MTGO is that you can play many more games than you possibly could when playing paper Magic in the same time frame.

  4. no way i can get my friends to play. im the only one who plays out of my friends who thinks that magic is for geeks which is pretty true lol

  5. best way to test? umm…magic workstation anyone? sometimes i wonder if lsv gets payouts from wizards for being an mtgo fanboy.

  6. Whatever Happened to Mr Cheon? Last time I saw him he was t8ing a GP, now 2-3 years of nothing.

  7. Dunno what happens if they speak of Workstation, the program most people associated with promoting mtgo won’t even speak of.

    Seriously, don’t want to drop hundreds of bucks into “virtual” cards? Play Workstation. It’s the boss.

    What does Wizards do when MTGO crashes and everyone loses their cards? It’s going to happen eventually. Systems crash. Food for thought.

  8. @weresquirrel: First off, let’s keep the petty comments to ourselves here, it’s sweet to be dissing respected Pro Tour players from behind your online alias but I doubt you’d say that to his face, especially considering the fact LSV got his name out there through MTGO so of course he would be an advocate of the program. (This is information I got from Rich Hagon in the PT coverage, tbh I’m never comfortable quoting a man who didn’t know what a loxodon warhammer was a couple years back. Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

    Secondly, MWS is nowhere near the playtesting powerhouse that MTGO is for many reasons, the most important of which is that MWS is based on a 40 card shuffler program so your hands, draws, and game states are incredibly inaccurate. While maybe MWS is good for getting in some games just to learn a deck in a very rough aspect, MTGO provides a better shuffler, better competition (people tend to play better when there’s money on the line) and better all around testing.

    @Bug: Please never go into any fields of business requiring technical knowledge of computer servers or data storage. Any legitimate business will have multiple backup servers for crashes, as well as backup data storage for account information that is backed up on a regular basis, I believe they back up their data every week during the updates.

    absolutely ridiculous that you two posted this kind of hate on CF, and to defend a program like MWS? you’re out of your minds.

  9. @ MeatPopsicle: for one, I do think LSV should get (more) payouts from wizards for promoting MTGO. I mean, beer companies will hook you up for wearing a brand shirt on television, and LSV has done a lot more for the community besides promoting MTGO. Oh, and I will say that to his face. =D

    That said, I like MWS, and I’m not saying it’s better than MTGO in playtesting power (though much easier on the wallet!). However, saying that it’s “nowhere near” is a stretch, and an insult to PV and Andrea Giarola, both T4s in PTSJ.

    In the end, both serve different niches in the game, and both seem good for the game overall. Oh, and MWS does have a few prized events. There’s also the elimination of all budgetary concerns with MWS, so everyone is playing the exact 75 they want to be playing, every game. Wins are more satisfying, defeats easier to accept, and tweaking can be accomplished much faster.

    From my experience:

    PT>Day 2 GP>PTQ>good online testing>Day 1 GP>regionals>FNM

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  11. @ MeatPopsicle I would gladly say that to his face. I wasn’t saying it as an insult to LSV, who is obviously an incredibly skilled Magic player, but I don’t see why they NEVER EVER MENTION MWS even though it’s more popular than Magic Online, at least among people I’ve talked to. We give way too much money to Wizards for pieces of cardboard, why the hell would we give them money for VIRTUAL PIECES OF CARDBOARD?

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