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  1. [email protected] answer to the first question

    I have to agree with LSV on keeping planeswalkers at the mythic level. I think that even at lowest, they should be rare. I feel as though uncommon would take the flavor out of planeswalkers because they’re supposed to be power casters of magic that transcend dimensions and travel to different planes. I’d feel awkward seeing something like a Hada Freeblade next to a planeswalker in a pack. In regards to making them more accessible to new players, I think more copies at lower rarities would be bad because say after 8-10 packs, they pull maybe 5-6 planeswalkers at uncommon and rare, then they’ll probably say to themselves, “Well, now I have a bunch of cards that I don’t know how to use.” Whereas if they open it at mythic rarity, they’re more likely to be like, “Holy crap, I want to know how this card works.” I dunno, maybe they’ll want to know how it works either way, but that’s just my 2 cents.

  2. my friend opened two planeswalkers the first day he started playing magic and he had no idea what kind of cards they were and gave them away… unlucky there lol

  3. An issue with changing the planeswalker rarity – aside from what’s already discussed – is that the sheer powerlevel of the cards would warp the limited formats in which they were. Having five Gideon Juras at the draft table changes everything completely and irreversibly. This above all is why the mythic rarity is important.

  4. I would be very unhappy to see Planeswalkers at any rarity other than Mythic. When trying to determine why a card should be mythic, planeswalkers are a great reference point. They are their own entities, they are “players”, at least that’s how I saw it when they first came out.

    When you play Garruk or whatever, it’s like having your buddy to help you out, and having a buddy that spits out beasts or brainstorms for you is such a powerful and exciting play, that reducing it to “+1 gain a life” (although “+1 gain 2 life” on vanilla Ajani… hmm..) would make them less exciting and rewarding to play. It’d be like having a legendary uncommon, which I know was the case in Kawigama (http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=85106)
    but it ruins the flavour.

    Awesome video, as per usual. And I lol’d at the first question too. 🙂

  5. LOL at LSV with the first question. TSG looked so confused. Great chemistry, guys.

  6. They just need to print more dual decks with planeswalkers. That is a great way to introduce them without making them uncommon.

  7. “Having five Gideon Juras at the draft table changes everything completely and irreversibly. This above all is why the mythic rarity is important.”

    pretty sure the idea is to have weaker planeswalkers at rare/uncommon and not the ones like Gideon, though it could still have problems as mediocre planeswalkers like Chandra are still monsters in limited

  8. “i wouldn’t know”
    what a tool…just answer his question to the best of ur ability.. don’t be a douche/faggot. Everyone, including the great lsv, has been in a rut– whether its at the start of ur career or in the middle of it.

  9. James

    Look up the definition of Joke and Sarcasm. Then watch the end of the video, where ya know, he DOES answer the question.

  10. Thou Shall not Hate against LSV! ..Haters be Damned!!! …Down with thee Pathetic Swine Who Call themselves Man!

  11. @James

    Before you comment, watch the video. Also it makes me laugh when people who don’t know what they are talking about don’t use correct grammar and/or misspell words

  12. I like having planeswalkers at mythic for limited purposes, but I’m all for lowering the prices of chase mythics like jaces and gideons. Duel decks are a good idea, but it would be nice to see them released before the PWs rotate out and lose value anyway (elspeth)

  13. I think that having PWs at mythic only seems a little mean to the newer players. Obviously, anything that would break limited should be a mythic (or have easily gotten answers)

    The thing you are not understanding, is that if a new player opens a planeswalker will want to know what it does and learn, secondly it is a lot easier to understand something when you can try it for yourself.

    Having PWs at other rarities is unexplored design space, why not have more “utility” type planeswalkers at rare or uncommon. Here is one that I would love to see at uncommon

    Starting loyalty: 1
    +1 add G to your mana pool
    -1 add one mana of any color to your mana pool
    -4 add three mana of any one color to your mana pool

  14. Why do planeswalkers have to be all powerful anyways? I’m not really familiar with magic lore but why cant I summon Johnny to help me out. He doesn’t sculpt minds but maybe Johnny can ping for 1. Oh and by the way could Jace be any more pretentious? Whatever Mr. Cloak and Dagger, and who calls themselves the “Mind Sculptor” anyways?

  15. Didn’t they restrict artifacts from being common in the early years of the game? I would imagine that at some point they’ll expand beyond the mythic rarity.

    Of course, the thought of a “utility” planeswalker kinda spits in the face of the storyline…

  16. I stopped watching the video after that comment, so my apologies if I offended one of you soft-skinned nerds for wrongly accusing mr.scott-vargas.

    and… @Kitten rofl using “ur” is mispelling or bad grammar to you? get a life idiot, all the words in my post over 4 letters long were spelled correctly and grammar is for letters and resumes, not for internet posts.

  17. Planeswalkers are like the superheroes of Magic: The Gathering.

    People talk about them the most, they’re the strongest, they’re what part of magic is all about. They are special and it’s a (mythic) rare sight to see one.

    A Hada Freeblade is just a dude from Zendikar (probably the Hada region/clan?). A Llanowar Elf is an Elf that hails from Llanowar. A Planeswalker is ONE person, hence they have their own, even more restrictive, version of the legend rule.
    Legends shouldn’t be anything but rare (Wizards has admitted Kamigawa legends were a mistake) and Planeswalkers shouldn’t be anything but Mythic Rare.

    Flavour aside, they also give such powerful effects that they have to be very rare. And if they are as weak as Tristan’s suggestion, then why even have it be a planeswalker? His suggestion is just a bad Llanowar Elf/terrible Birds of Paradise. How does that dude walk the planes? (Ok ignore that question.) How does he add to the game? Just to explain to people how Planeswalkers work? That’s it?

    I think having a very special card enhances Magic and makes it a ‘cooler’ game. Players will want to know what they do, because they look unique, have a ‘real name’ and all these awesome powers.

    I still don’t understand what exactly the reasons are for wanting it at a rarity below at least rare, and I think I never will. But at least here are my reasons for keeping it (mythic) rare.

  18. Hmm, that was quite a rant. Sorry about that.

    Anyway I loved the vid, and I laughed out loud at the ‘I wouldn’t know about a losing streak’ comment. Coming back to it, but not right away, was perfect =)

    Oh and <3 Tristan (except his Planeswalker stance…what is it with co-hosts and wanting to ruin Planeswalkers? :P)

  19. @Rich There was a time when they made all artifacts at least uncommon based on the fact that these magical objects shouldn’t be found lying around everywhere. However, they decided that there are some utility artifacts that make sense to be common like Prophetic Prism.

    @Zage I agree completely except for the last couple sentences. It would have been better if LSV had come back to it quicker, but it was still good he came back to it. Also, although Tristan is a good cohost, I don’t quite <3 him. 😛

  20. I paused the video and did other stuff until I got bored after his first response. In fact, I waited until after the 2nd question to see if he would answer the first question, so I can kinda see where James is coming from (aside from the prejudiced comment). I eventually watched the rest of the video and realized he was joking, but I don’t think he made it apparent enough that he was joking when he said it. Let’s be honest, LSV comes off a little smug at times, especially when sitting next to TSG.

    Typically I tend to agree with a lot of what TSG says because I can relate to him more (not being quite as diehard and skilled a player as LSV), but I will say, I definitely agree with LSV’s point on the whole planeswalkers debate. They would lose a lot of flavor if they were seen in other rarities. I feel like most newcomers to the game who would bust a planeswalker would ask what it did before just giving it away (no offense to your friend, Brett)

  21. Balancingthetwo

    HAHAHAHA! That was so funny! LSV the answer to that first question was rad to the power of sick. I laughed so hard I woke up my neighbors.

  22. I also think that all planeswalkers should be mythic. Honestly, it’s about the only thing I like about the mythic rarity, is that planeswalkers are there. I think pretty much everything else, with some rare exceptions for legends like Emrakul et al, should be rare at the most.

    But that’s just my two cents. The fact of the matter is, at some point Wizards is going to make rare and/or uncommon planeswalkers. They just will, in the same way that they made common legends during Kamigawa, despite legends never having appeared at that rarity before. It isn’t a good idea now, it probably won’t be a good idea then, but that doesn’t change the fact that they will do it eventually, probably in about, oh, 5-7 years or so.

  23. @grf, our favorite legend Riven Turnbull aka “the finisher” was a common printed back in 1994

    The problem with common plainswalkers is that whatever you do, they will rape limited as plainswalker inherently have evasion, and your opponeants don’t have removal spell to interact with them. Play a plainswalker that scrys or pings on a stalled board = gg far more often than should be good

  24. It is kinda weird about lsv being wrong about drawing. Usually his thought process is decent but now…
    The thing is that most cards in the format are already two-for-ones. all the token makers, rebound, eldrazi, even totem armor can act like that. so, the faster deck has a higher chance at winning.

  25. SpoonSpoonSpoon

    I’d like to see some planeswalkers at rare. I don’t think they should ever hit uncommon, but I definitely know people who play magic regularly who have never encountered a planeswalker. For there to be an entire card type which lots of players have never encountered (let’s just ignore tribal, eh?) seems wrong to me. I don’t really see why some of the less complicated planeswalkers (chandra, sorin, nissa, etc) couldn’t show up at rare.

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  27. In my next life i wanna be a Planeswalker. Or even better, a MTG grandmaster who can p*** everyone off with his witty videos.

  28. I think its takes some getting used to but in the new slower m11 limited drawing first is almost always right.

  29. Personally, I agree with TSG that with PWs being the flagship card type of MtG, they should be introduced to the new player in a simpler fashion. My suggestion, although I didn’t read all of the comments so this might have came up, I think that a good idea for the core sets of the future would be to simply keep the intro packs moncolored and to put the specific colored PWs into the intro pack as the foil similarly to how they are done in the X vs. Y Duel Decks. I mean, as it stands none of the M11 PWs are over half the MSRP of the deck (Garruk is the closest I think since he hovers around $6) so it’s not going to kill the secondary market, it’s not going to change their appearance rate in limited, everyone that wants to play with a PW in the non-singles buying market can walk into Target or your local shop and pick one up off the rack without having to crack packs and hope to hit the lottery for the mythic they want. I guess this may interfere with DD(XvY) but those also have alternate art cards and things from other formats that attract buyers as well.

  30. I am strongly against the concept of non-Mythic planeswalkers. Speaking strictly from a flavour point-of-view, it makes no sense. The way Wizards has built the image of planeswalkers, there is no way you could have common, or even uncommon ones. Maybe rare, but I’d rather not.

    The planeswalkers, to me, are best described by a modified quote from Babylon 5. “One in a million humans carries the potential to be a [magic user]; one in every thousand of those has the potential to be a [planeswalker], and half of them are clinically insane.” LSV put it very succinctly when he said “it damages the brand”.

    Also, the argument that players need more chances to open them in packs, to learn how they work, is flawed. For starters, players have to learn all sorts of rules that will not be divined solely from the contents of a few packs. While I doubt most players actually sit down and read the comprehensive rules, there is still some degree of “homework” that every player has to do.

    In addition to the above, there is also the extremely viable option of purchasing duel decks. In addition to providing easy access to planeswalkers, the decks also provide new players with a template of a decent deck to learn other facets of the game. (Deck construction, mana curve, etc.)

    I think it’s worth discussing the topic, and maybe revisiting it in a few years. Planeswalkers are still a relatively new addition to the game’s design space. I think there is still plenty that can be done with them, without sacrificing their luster.

  31. I would like to see planeswalkers moved down from mythic.

    In fact, I would like to see every card moved down from mythic, because mythic rarity is terrible.

    There is no flavor argument here because mythic has no flavor.

    Did someone actually say that planeswalkers were a flagship card type? That role CLEARLY belongs to creatures.

  32. I hate mythic rarity because there are quite a few cards I havent even seen in drafts. But I also think PW’s should be mythic, flavor and limited it makes sense. Maybe keep the Planeswalkers at mythic, everything else Rare or lower…? Im just pissed I still dont have a Kargan Dragonlord.

    And that first question/answer, I knew it was a joke as soon as I heard it. Common sense would dictate he was not always one of the best Magic players.

    (Who could win a fist fight, LSV or John Finkle? A match of Magic afterwards?)

  33. I don’t horribly disagree with Mythic. I think card like Planeswalkers, Gaea’s Revenge, Platinum Angel and so on are really good for a Mythic Rarity. They are cards that, while game bombs that will destroy if left alone, are Mythic flavorwise as well. We have the one in a million people with planeswalker sparks, a giant angel, and the ground under your feet jumping up and smacking you for 8.

    Now my problem are cards like Vengevine. Its really good, but doesnt feel mythic and wouldnt completely break limited if it was at rare and isn’t amazing enough that having it in rare would make green the only color to be in standard.

    New Jace, on the other hand, is entirely different. On one hand, its way too expensive. On the other, it is a PLaneswalker and has a Mythic effect.

    Well after that tangent, I just think it would be bad to have something as Mythic flavorwise as a Planeswalker who is supposed to be one in a million moved down to….well moved down at all to be honest.

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