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  1. Thank you Humphrey for another informative episode……your cohost could use a little work though 🙂 Good episode as always

  2. I prefer having Tristan. He is funny and the banter is good. You do better with someone to keep you in check. Just try to give him some talking time.

  3. I miss TSG. There was a comment on the previous video about how news anchors play off each other, and that is pretty much the case here. No offense LSV, but its also nice to hear somebody say ‘the’ instead of ‘da’ all the time.
    “Like, for dis format, dis card is good. Da cards don’t exist in a vacuum”
    lol gotta laugh

  4. When there are two people, the videos feel like i’m in a conversation with you two. With just one person in the video it feels more like a lecture… not as much fun.

  5. I think LSV solo is fine – TSG had very little useful to say, what was worse he would try and contest LSV on every point and then get pissy. I am not saying LSV is right on everything (thought pretty close), but some of the crap that he would have to get into to prove a point obvious to most semi-competative players with TSG was just a waste of time.

  6. ChannelFireball on Twitter: “Worry not Magic TV viewers, TSG & LSV will be back soon looking at M:11”

    If Tristan had something better to do, that is OK, but I enjoyed the videos with him as a co-host a lot more.

  7. Yea, it looks like TSG was out of town/doing something else when they were shooting these.

  8. Since you asked I’ll repeat that I liked having Tristan around.

    This was fun though, well worth my time, and obviously way better than having nothing at all!!

  9. I dunno if TSG has been removed completely or not, or they’re just joking around with it, and he is off temporarily.

    But anyhow; TSG, while not always providing the top notch strategic info, questioning LSV’s conclusions helped. There are lot of player’s who don’t see things so obviously as the top professionals do, and TSG was a “voice” of those players. Either intentionally or naturally.

    Many times TSG said stuff I’d be thinking, and hearing his pointers crushed by LSV’s reasoning helped me understand better how some of my own similar assumptions and ideas were suboptimal or plain bad.

    For example with new the new sets being released, it was nice to let people hear that certain cards and strategies are bad for standard. There are always “cute” and “shiny” cards easily misleading inexperienced players, but co-host debates eliminated those “traps” quite effectively. At least for me.

    “Card x is unplayable in standard.”


    “Card x is unplayable in standard.”
    -But I thought it’s nice to play powerful effects practically for free?
    “No, because multiples end up being dead draws, and you need to mulligan aggressively to get it into your opening hand.”

  10. NastySasquatch

    how about they fix the audio. this episode was nearly unwatchable but was definitely unlistenable.

  11. The point of this show isn’t to have hardcore pro level strategy, it is to talk about the game of magic (at all levels). If you wanted to talk specifically about professional level magic, sure, TSG may not be the best co host. There are a variety of different topics which TSG has a wealth of knowledge in and is very much needed in those areas. Furthermore, there is a reason the Greeks used dialogue to hammer out tough philosophic issues! It is, by far, the best method of discourse. Here it is no different. As LSV has said (specifically about drafting at the time), discussing magic will make you a better player. I think TSG has shown at times to be a good facilitator in his discussions with LSV and think that he should continue to be on the show to focus on that role.

  12. TSG is nice. He’s very much the voice of the people. When he says something, it’s usually what bad or at least not as good players (like me) are thinking. Then, when you explain why he’s (inevitably) wrong it’s a lot more enlightening then just being told what’s correct. It’s the difference between being told the answer to a problem and having the method of solving it explained to you.

  13. Humphrey’s soil is actually a bunch of mulched-up Mons Goblin Raiders, so no, they’re not useless

  14. skeptical jesus


    the bubble at the bottom isn’t a leaf, it’s one of those automatic waterers that you fill with water and it slowly keeps the plant hydrated so that you don’t have to be bothered spending like 45 seconds a week watering it.

  15. LSV, please don’t take our clamoring for TSG coming back as a slight against you.

    LSV is a bad ass, that much is apparent. I, and as it appears many others, enjoy the format of the show more with TSG. I enjoy his comments and concerns about various cards.

  16. I miss Tristan.

    Solo LSV is kind of… I don’t want to say pointless, but I don’t understand why I’m not just reading an article.

    I don’t know how many of your writers are actually physically available at superstars, but you have a lot of solid magic players on staff.

    TSG would be my preferred choice. He’s a good flavor guy. He is a little timid, but that’s fine. In my opinion, he should challenge you a bit more. I know he’s not quite on your level, but he’s still solid, and frankly, he’s had a very good 2010.

    If TSG is not around, Tom Ross, Conley, PV, Gerry, all those guys would be awesome.

  17. Decent Episode but I’ll repeat and join the chorus -its better with TSG mostly because it feels more like a discussion and less a long speech on the topic.

  18. TSG is absolutely necessary. He’s the casual player and LSV is the pro-player. I’ll stop watching these videos if it’s just going to be LSV looking into the camera going “blah blah blah I’m better than you”. Condescending and lame.


  19. “If it fits exactly what the deck needs, then it’s good enough.”

    That seems like really good advice on determining if a card is playable or not.

  20. As much as none of us actually like Tristan there needs to be a back and forth in the episodes. You know who you should get? ERIC LEVINE. Eric is HILARIOUS and he claims to be able to play Magic in some capacity!

  21. LSV is my favorite magic player, but it’s sometimes
    aggravating to hear him talk over Tristan all the time, regardless if he is right or not. Sometimes Tristan does have something interesting to say about the game. And I love the debate, and LSV’s amazing mtg reasoning. Tristan is a very charismatic host I have to say, a million times better than the other guy before him, he was a douche. He just made fun of LSV the whole, and it was in a stupid 4th grader way, he NEVER had anything interesting to say about the game.

  22. What do you mean, none of us like Tristan?

    LSV is an excellent player and his advice and draft videos have taught me a lot, but there’s something about him I don’t like whereas Tristan on the other hand is someone I can warm-up to, he has a sincerity and integrity of character that LSV lacks.

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  24. Devoted Viewer

    I’ve spent a long time viewing, but this is my first time commenting. I love talking about magic. Even hearing magic talk is good. LSV, I love your drafts, I enjoy your events, but the best part of watching this is hearing Tristan challenge what you’re thinking. Every question is very wide opened and what makes it fun to watch is him asking you to lay out your reasons.

    Shakespeare writes a monologue, Gandhi speaks a monologue, but Magic TV should not be a blog. It just takes away from the production value.

    You made me want to buy singles, now I just want to homebrew.

    Your homeboy always,
    Devoted Viewer

  25. @LSV
    since you've played a deck named humprey.deck and made a show with and and not Shawn, now you MUST play a deck named Shawn.deck and do a show with him and not Humprey!

  26. The show is a lot better with a cohost (who can talk, sorry Humphrey) since it’s a lot more interesting to have a dialogue than to have someone lecture. Think about it this way LSV: when you’re the only one talking, there’s no reason why the video couldn’t have just been an article, but when there are multiple points of view, a video lets us follow the conversation easily.

  27. TSG need to be the facilitator and allow LSV to be the knowledge resource. TSG gives lead in information, and tosses questions up then Luis can give us insight. The banter back-n-forth between two of you is entertainment in its own right. LSV usually interrupted because TSG would try to say something that was on some level inaccurate.

    Tristan, be the setup guy. I know you are around LSV at length, and you have a comfort level with him, but he is the guy we want to hear opinions from. He has done in Magic what so many of us have spent years and years trying to do, and he makes it look easy. You sir can take the role of keeping the show on track. Give background info, toss out facts and stats, and ask him the questions so that the viewer doesn’t get overloaded with just the one voice. I don’t mean to be rude, but let’s just role with LSV’s opinions, and let us enjoy your personality in a manner that breaks the show up and gives us transitions between topics and segments.

    Right now LSV is talking about Mono Red, and I’m already tuning him out because he has been talking non-stop for several minutes. We viewers are simple creatures… break it up for us, keep things moving, and each of you know your role.

  28. It’d be cool to have a voice-over for Humphrey. I’m sure TSG is absent because he’s on vacation or something.

  29. wheel of armageddon

    Basically, Magic TV is just LSV talking about Magic. But that doesn’t mean you should actually do just that. Clearly, TSG is just on vacation somewhere as LSV obviously needs a foil (pun intended) with which to work.

    Finally, I would just like to state that I am now, unequivocally, the king of all adverbs. *shamefully leaves the boards*

  30. Without a doubt, if LSV will continue appearing on this “show,” it needs a co-host. By himself, LSV is utterly boring. Also, the co-host shouldn’t be Tristan, because it’s clear that LSV and Tristan do not get along, and it makes the show awkward to watch.

    Sometimes, Tristan says things that are way off point, and sometimes entirely wrong, which is certainly annoying.

    It’s even more annoying when LSV feels he’s making a funny comment, but comes off sounding arrogant, or like an asshole.

  31. these shows are fine without TSG, i’ll still watch even if he doesnt come back but:

    LSV +TSG > LSV + Mashi >>> LSV + Humphrey > LSV + Ocho

    (Ocho is awseome but the chemistry doesnt work)

  32. The answer is not as important as the reasoning, and that is why two people discussing is infinitely more interesting than one person lecturing. What I’m trying to say is.. why the hell haven’t you taught Humphrey to talk yet?!

    (Seriously though, get TSG back.)

  33. I definitely agree with what everyone was saying, for I’d like to see TSG back, and maybe talking a bit more in the videos. This video, while good and very informative, felt more like a 1950’s video that one would watch in high school. What i mean is that there’s no conversation between two very different players, and sounds more like what it is, a top notch player lecturing people who wish to become better at the game.

  34. You need another person asking the questions. He shouldn’t necessarily talk as much as TSG did (as most people aren’t watching for him), but someone needs to be present to engage LSV. Otherwise this is just kinda boring. That’s my two cents.

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