19 thoughts on “Magic TV – The Standard Environment”

  1. Vengevine doesn’t require much more than a well-timed thought hemmorhage…. a card that’s worth playing anyway.

  2. Any chance for a continuation where you two discuss TurboLand? Felt like it was a 10 minute video about NLB/Planeswalkers labeled as “Standard.”

  3. Necrogenesis + Sarkhan the Mad is kinda like build your own super Elspeth.

    I am going to stick with Naya Allies with mainboard Sparkmage combo. Seems reasonably positioned.

  4. Bear in mind that I did make this before I really tested Turboland, so I didn’t omit the deck for any nefarious reason.

    With the addition of Land, you have another interesting deck, though it is limited by the prevalence of Mythic (and to a lesser extent, MonoR).

  5. Jesse 'Onyx' Withrow

    Do you think Turboland’s moment in the sun is short lived now that it’s a known quantity?

  6. Bant get enough is the best pun in awhile.

    lsv takes every opportunity to cut down tristan, haha. the comment about gideon’s loyalty was so unnecessary.

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  8. “Plus, it’s like a miniature Elspeth, Kind of”….

    “Yeeeah, I don’t know about that” .

    They should reprint PtE in M11 or Standard gets stuck with Oust?

  9. While not dominate, I still like how Jund sits in the meta. It has access to the cards that can shut a lot of the decks down.
    Which is one of the reasons Jund has had as much success as it did, besides the power of it’s core cards, it can build a fantastic sideboard.

  10. I think ethersworn canonist might see abit of play to try and deal with vengevine in the naya vs. nlb matchup, simply because it doesn’t fold to linvala, and doesn’t remove your own vengevines, if nlb simply doesn’t die to turbolands existence.

  11. Not sure when you guys made this video, but in the feature match of round twelve of GP Manilla which was Brian Kibler vs Xue Tong Du, Du played a necrogenesis in round 2 after bording and Kibler practically crapped himself, ok in reality he didn’t have a huge reaction, but it was the first time in to GP’s that i saw a picture where Kibler looked nervous. Du was already too far behind for the card to do much work in game one, but in game two it exiled 2 vengvines, both of which would have been returned multiple times, and almost won him the game, time ran out so its difficult to tell who would have gotten the win. Basically it looked like the card was doing some serious work, although its not nearly as good if the jund players mana is tight, then again neither is the rest of the deck.

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