24 thoughts on “Magic TV: Extra – The Deck Doctor Du Jour & Worlds Preparation”

  1. Conley, find a deck with Koth in it to use for Deck Doctor! You could be the one to find him a home 😀

  2. You mentioned Ajani’s Pridemate and imply that you were working on a new soul sisters deck, and the fffreak brothers mentioned it in their interviews as well. Any chance Conley could share a deck list, or a general outline of the deck? Thanks.

  3. Ahh, I get so jealous when Team ChannelFireball talks about testing together. I bet you could go pro just by hanging out in that room for awhile.

  4. Conley will only fix decks that he deems worthy. I thought he was up to a challenge with the Deck Doctor, but the decks I have seen him fix just turned into lamer versions of the already popular netdecks. I’m sure that his many follower’s here would love to see a challenge, like maybe attempting to make a viable Grand Architect deck. That’s going Rogue which Conely is usually known for. That would impress me more than turning a mono u proliferate decks into U/B control.

  5. “THE Conley Woods” is completely o’kay with me.
    There should be a separate segment for Conley’s deckbuilding ideas.

    Kibler’s interview where he mentioned Conley theorycrafting about Swans + Combust “combo” was hilarious, for example.
    “Conley…That just kills your swans”
    So good

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