30 thoughts on “Magic TV – PT-San Juan Wrap-Up with David Ochoa”

  1. We apologize for the early closing at the end. We intend to fire the video guy. He is obviously a hack.

  2. Jesse 'Onyx' Withrow

    Webster is a man of few words.

    It is interesting to see an interview where LSV isn’t stepping all over TSG’s half of the conversation. 😛

    Great video guys.

  3. With all due respect, LSV, but you are far too dominant in this episode. It’s not a dialogue anymore (like with Tristan), but rather your monologue with a few words from Webster once in a blue moon.

  4. If you paid Webster for his input in this10 minute video, I’d have to lend him 63 cents to pay for his small coffee.

  5. I think it’s not a good mix, two pro’s. LSV talks in an explaining way which is great for the viewers and Tristan, but Ochoa obviously is fully up-to-date and doesn’t really have a role in such a conversation.

    So because Ochoa has nothing to say, LSV just keeps talking.

    I like David Ochoa’s articles, but the mix LSV-Ochoa just doesn’t work really well on camera imo.

    Thanks for the vid though, I did take a lesson from it concerning how to value block in regard to future standard.

  6. Yes, everyone here is right in saying that LSV dominated this discussion, but anyone who has seen any video with Ochoa will realise that he gives very little input to spur a conversation. LSV does a good job in preventing dead air and I imagine this is how Ochoa actually interacts with a lot of his friends (eg. they are not acting) and it works for them.

    Unfortunately, this does boil down to the fact that Ochoa isn’t great for the videos. I enjoy seeing him pop up from time to time but his draft articles and other reports are surely his strong side.

    Thanks for the vid, guys.

  7. Ochoa seems a bit nervous/shy, i think he could add alot if lsv would let him finish a sentence 😉

  8. lol @ all above comments. I thought the content was solid, but jumping around too much.

    The part about your deck needing to be built with jace or to beat jace was a great point, and LSV’s experience getting owned with the ramp deck by jace.

    I don’t agree that the mono green is going to be underpowered in standard though. “More powerful things going on” than a deck that attacks for 41 on turn 4? hahah, i think it has great potential. Maybe im wrong. Enjoyed the vid though, thx

  9. I think this was a good video and will be the only one not to mention what anyone else talked about. Great stuff keep it up.

  10. LSV interrupts Ochoa 3 or 4 times in this video (10 minutes), despite Ochoa only speaking for like 1 minute of the content. Ochoa, next time LSV interrupts you, just slap him in the face, that’ll teach him.

    Given that TSG (aka “the guy who brings the notes”) was apparently stuck in traffic for the video and that LSV was both posing and answering the questions, it seems like the planning for this episode was not as good as it might have otherwise been. As a result, people seem to think Ochoa is some kind of mute, antisocial person. I am not sure that this is the case so much as he is the laid-back “”hey Ochoa, we need another guy on camera in 5 minutes” “ok”” guy.

    Perhaps if the subject was something where the two pros could differ in opinion, there would be more of a back and forth, for example hit or myth, draft pick orders, or perhaps a hypothetical ranking of how the top 8 decks might have finished if there had not been a draft at the end. To be honest, I think people would even enjoy just seeing the two of you play a match with some relevant deck archetypes in paper.

    Also, out of curiosity, which one of you loves blue more?

  11. Not enough love for Beastmaster green.

    I have been running the block list against the top standard stuff and it has been holding its own and then some. It is really resilient while also having the mythic-esque ability to just nut draw people out of the game. You tend to lose if you get an average draw and the opp drops an turn 3-4 Baneslayer, but otherwise it does well against Jund/UW/Mythic/NLB. Haven’t run it up against anything playing Sparkmages though…

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  13. Luis has got to let other people talk and ask some questions off Ochoa while actually listening. Poor David, man, the guy was just sitting there.If he was allowed over a hundred words, I would be surprised.

  14. @ everyone bashing LSV…

    C’mon, he’s trying to have a dialog with a half muted ET (no offense)
    Really not that easy to keep people interested.. I wouldn’t wanna be in his shoes…

  15. LSV is a great interview subject and Web is not. Hence, both were miscast (LSV as the interviewer and Web as the subject). This is not to say that both could not learn these roles, but a present neither is well suited for it.

    Tristan does very well in the interviewer role, which is harder than it looks.


  16. Ocho just seemed really tense in front of the camera “body language, etc.”
    Great opinions from both, just a mismatch on screen. Although we are all ignoring the host who is truly never given the chance to contribute, poor Humphrey.

  17. “C'mon, he's trying to have a dialog with a half muted ET (no offense)”

    What? I didn’t realize I could say anything and make it ok by adding that! Today, I’m going to say to everyone I see “You’re a P.O.S., no offense.” This is such a great idea. I hope it works out.

  18. How is anybody making fun of Ochoa here? I get the idea that he’s somewhat antisocial from what I know about him, but an evaluation strictly from watching this video shows that LSV cut him off every time he tried to talk. Yeah, he might not great for video content, but how little he talked in this particular video was easily due to LSV talking over him.

  19. To be fair though, all Web did was agree with LSV the whole time so I didn’t really mind that LSV spoke for most of the ten minute segment.

    Good info either way.

  20. I would’ve liked to hear more from Ochoa on this.

    I think it is tough for LSV to adjust to having Ocho as a co-host, but I’d actually really like to hear more of a balanced dialogue between these two.

  21. It is a LOT harder to do an interview on camera than it looks. I agree the vids work best when Tristan interviews LSV. LSV likes to talk way too much to be the interviewer. I think Tristan and Web would make an interesting duo and we could hear his opinions as well.

  22. It’s hard to talk theory without rambling like LSV, I understand what he’s doing. But at the same time, he could let webster finish a thought.

    I think the ideas from block can apply to standard, but no decks really. Except for mono red

    beastmaster green looks like so much fun, almost standard. I would definitely take this to an FNM and have fun. Would like to fix bad draws though, as the whole decks is done if you don’t find either a monument or ascension.

    Plus, what does a wrath do against a deck like this could single-handedly end the game.

  23. I am not bashing LSV or Ocho,I have a great deal of respect for those guys and their play skills, but gawd dammit let Ocho talk!!!!
    LSV knows Ocho, his personality and traits. What he should do is have been better prepared for Ocho, knowing that the guy is not as “talkative” as Tristan or himself. I would like to continue seeing Ocho on camera.

  24. LSV knows how to keep you focused on the show. You’d all fall asleep if Ochoa started talking for a sustained period of time. You can’t just be silent and mumble alot on camera. Dont blame LSV he’s pushing it along. It just happens this combination of people on camera dosen’t work. No big deal. Tristan and Ochoa is probably fine, as is Tristan and LSV.

  25. Plus i think they agree on alot of topics, so LSV is just telling it how it is, and Web is kinda just agreeing, there isn’t much debate because they share the same ideas.

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