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  1. It’s standard best of 3 as far as I know from the worlds live coverage. They may have changed it but I don’t think so.

  2. Matingon’s topdecking skills have to have run try after the worlds finals, you should be a lock for PoY Brad 😉

  3. Like i said before, contact him and offer a 60 card mirror. Then you could enter without fear of bad 2 player meta. Also you can build fun decks with a bunch of 1 ofs or just really bad decks that are just equal b/c they are the same deck.

  4. “If I could pick, it would be best of 7 Winston draft.”

    Brad might be at too much of an advantage in a Winston draft. I don’t think the other guy evens smokes.

  5. Why don’t they just run it during the bye rounds while the rest of the GP is going on? Give them bye’s until it they finish the matches

  6. The best thing to come out of this is imaginary cards with “Protection From France” for the anti-French deck.

    British Cooking
    Enchantment GRB
    Creatures you control have Protection from France

  7. More like

    British Cooking
    Enchantment GRB
    Creatures you control get -1/-1 and have Protection from France

    Have you ever eaten a spotted dick?

    I hope not 😛

  8. Put Wizards on the spot and play every single duel deck against each other with each player getting to play each deck once.

  9. excellent stuff, and someone should see what Matignon thoughts are for the formatting as mentioned above. LSV and or Wotc should have enough connections or contacts to find out what PT players think would be “deemed” acceptable for this award. Fans vote for All Star Games, whats wrong with letting players vote on the format for this extreme circumastance…I mean really how hard could it be to get ~X% response on a multiple choice questionnaire:

    Choose on response for each numbered line.
    (1) (A)Single Format (B)Multiple Format (C)Multiple Format Including Limited
    (2) (A) 2 of 3 Match (B)3 of 5 Match (C)4 of 7 (or More)

    I mean, I don’t know the dates or timeline but doesnt Wotc have to ship Tax Info out to players soon anyways…

  10. Obviously the POY should be battled out in in Highlander (www.highlandermagic.info).
    You know, there can be only one…

  11. Hey there and happy new year.

    For the format there is one or two things I would really like :

    – something not to hard or long to prepare. We don’t have a lot of time to prepare the STD format for Paris (about 10 days between the previews and the PT) and testing for the PoY playoff will be hard to fit in that schedule. And we have to draft a lot in those 10 days too…
    Since there isn’t anything to win for PoY, I guess I won’t prepare it too much if they come with something like a triple format constructed thing.
    – Something fair. A two person metagame is quite strange and uninterresting at best. That would be totally random to have only one serie of constructed matches.
    – Something funny to play and to watch. Again there’s nothing to win. Having fun playing for nothing is the least we can ask.

    So the best solution for me would be some kind of wacky format. Like the ones that were used in invitationnals years ago like duplicated sealed or about anything MaRo can come up with. That would be good for the show, not hard nor long to prepare and definitely fun to play.

  12. @matignon: That’s an awesome idea. I’m not really interested in seeing Standard, Extended, Legacy 2/3 and definitely not just standard 2/3. That’d be so plain and boring.

    This is one of the few chances they get to mix it up and make something interesting, try something new while being guaranteed people are interested. Everyone wants to see this match, so why not try something they’ve perhaps been mulling over or pondering about?

    Duplicate Sealed, Highlander (premade, same decks), 60-card mirror of some interesting flavour (half Scars, half Mirrodin Besieged cards?), life/hand size bidding, Winston Draft, why not? I’m sure they can come up with something really good that wouldn’t require the players to prepare extensively just for 3 matches.

  13. Whatever they do for the playoff will have to be quick: finished in a very few hours. WotC doesn’t really have the option to let the POY interfere with the other main event of the weekend (whether requiring the POY contestants to be in two different places at once or making them play such an unreasonable amount of Magic for POY that it cuts into their capability to do well in the other tournament.)

  14. The problem with multiformat is the sequencing. If you do the full best-of-three’s in order, then you might never get to the third one. If you rotate formats after each game, then that makes sideboarding really hard.

    I think Wizards will want it to be seen as serious and high profile, so I don’t think they would want something too wacky or low powered (like Sealed).

    I think the best to hope for is 3-of-5 standard with the same decks as they use for the main event.

  15. Duplicated pauper cube sealed. No one will get bombed out and you will both have a good time. Also you wont know the reach and extent of the cards used, so both players wont be able to test it.

  16. The problem with the current format is if one knows what the other is playing in advance, chooses to play a foil of that deck. A much fairer test of skill would be duplicate sealed.

  17. By duplicate sealed, I mean each player gets the exact same 140 card pool, makes a deck out of it, and battles 3 out of 5.

  18. 4 of 7, both extended and standard, present decklists. Losser of each game pick format for next game.

  19. @matignon

    Why do you say there is nothing to win for POY? Is this because you are both already at level 8? Is there no cash prize for poy?

  20. So were the last 3 episodes shot in the same day, or do you guys just wear the same clothes every day?

  21. Unfinished Business
    Sorcery RRR

    Clash with your opponent. Winner is Player of the Year.

    No? RPS maybe? Russian Roulette?

    Best of three Standard, using the decks they used at World’s might be best for simplicity. Unless one just loses to the other, but I think they were both U/X Jace control.

  22. @Blazed
    PoY never gaves anything worthy of note; Some years ago that allowed for a suite instead of a normal room on the PT, but apparently they removed that.

    So the only thing to win is the trophy.

  23. suite? thats wishful thinking. was always a room in the staff hotel. which was sometimes amazing and sometimes normal stuff. but nothign special, at least not that i am aware of.

    but it used to be quite a bit of money. during the times of the end of the year-payout thing the 1st on points would get free airfare and free hotel to all events and then 20k for the end of year payout thing. the 2nd would get 19500 aaaaand …. nothing. so 1st to 2nd was quite a big gap. 🙂

    before that with the master series it was the same free flight/hotel for poy and nothing at all for 2nd etc.

  24. “this is my last day in san juan….san jose…”

    @ bowman

    lolol i play path to exile…on you! mwahahahaha

  25. I think it’s only fair to play best 2 of 3 in the 3 major formats (standard, extended, legacy) because, in order to win PoY, you have to be able to get points in all 3 (I mean, Brad top 8ed GP Columbus, which was legacy, and, ironically, if that one dude had wescoe checked, Brad would have gotten 9th and lost PoY, but that’s a different tangent). So, due to the nature of the 3 formats, all 3 should need to be played, and Wizards should milk this for all it’s worth.

  26. Choosing Commander as the format for the decision match would be the best thing WotC could do to get people interested in this format.

  27. It will not be Commander. Wizards has said they don’t want to get too involved in Commander, and it is intended as a casual, player-run multiplayer format. The Heads Up metagame is dominated by blue decks and isn’t very fun.

    My favorite idea so far is duplicated sealed – seems awesome.

  28. Add another vote for multiple formats. Originally it was said on the webcast that it would just be a 2 out of 3 standard which is the worst EVER. That would be ridiculous and unfair and win or lose it would feel like a complete ripoff. I’d like to see three 3 out of 5s across three formats, though I think 2 out of 3s is probably more realistic, and I’d be outraged if were a 2 out of 3 and that’s that, regardless of what format it was.

  29. I think Brad and Guillaume should have heads-up mirror matches in whatever format(s) is (are) assigned. We all want to see a skill-testing match, not just a die roll, and the best way to reduce variance is to play a mirror match. Best of luck, Brad, and congrats on tying for POY.

  30. Mirror does seem most fair, but how do you decide what the deck is?

    How about each of them submits a 60-card deck at the same time, DeckBN and DeckGM. They each get to see the other deck, and build a sideboard to go along with it (something that makes the deck their own) — Brad makes SideBNBN to go with DeckBN and SideGMBN to go with DeckGM, Guillaume does the same.

    Then they play best 2 of 3 or 3 of 5:
    Brad:DeckBN+SideBNBN versus Guillaume:DeckBN+SideBNGM

    and another match:
    Brad:DeckGM+SideGMBN versus Guillaume:DeckGM+SideGMGM

    If they each win one match, they play:
    Brad:DeckBN+SideBNBN versus Guillaume:DeckGM+SideGMGM

    Since they know each other’s deck beforehand, they can formulate their sideboards to do well in the last match-up, but that match won’t even be played unless they tie, so the SB is most important for the two mirror matches.

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  32. keep wearing the jeans lsv.
    I think best out of 7 would be great because there is a lot less luck involved but what lsv said was true about one deck being better against the other so maybe 3 formats is the best thing.

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