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  1. Another reason is the metagame. Examples of cards that were good because of a certain metagame are:

    Sulfur Elemental (was mainly played because it stopped Martyr of Sands and Boros)
    Anathemancer (was played when most decks had LOTS of non-basics)
    Flashfreeze (countered anything that mattered other than Baneslayer when Zendikar came out)
    Sudden Death (to beat Teferi, later to beat Ashenmoor Gouger + Figure of Destiny)
    Rampant Growth in Jund (to beat other Jund decks)

  2. This was a great topic and discussion. I’ve discussed the same thing with friends many times. Although, I tend to think that more cards are missed than we realized. This was especially true when Coldsnap through Eventide was the standard format, as standard was so enormous.

    Lodestone Golem is my call for sleeper card.

  3. @dustin: Especially with the next expansion set being titled “Scars of Mirrodin”!

    I already bought my playset :).

  4. I think the best example of this is/was AEther Vial. It’s hard to imagine a time where affinity did not run Vial, but when it first came out, it was not included in most lists.

    An example of old cards getting better with new cards would be Hypergenesis becoming a deck after cascade came out.

  5. Lodestone is great in block now honestly. If anything it might get worse with scars if artifacts become the big thing.

  6. I remember getting a 10th pick Tarmogoyfs in drafts when the first set came out.

  7. u never got 10th pick goyfs unless ur draft group was dumb,,it was like at least a 2/3 in draft witch was good,,i remember drafting that set alot

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  9. Hehe, looks like Tristan got possesed by some kind of demon there for a few seconds around 4:15.

  10. I agree that Lodestone Golem could be a sleeper who will find his way into decks once Alara block has rotated out. If you look at the creatures that have been printed in Zendikar you might notice that they are less powerful than the Alara creatures (Steppe Lynx and Goblin Guide are GOOD cards but not as tough to deal with as a Thrinax for example). The same thing goes for removal spells. Oust, Smother and Staggershock are all good removal spells but they are no match for Path, Terminate, O-Ring, Pulse and Lightning Bolt.

    Lodestone will probably be an annoying threat for the control player in the new standard. He’s good against Wall of Omens AND Day of Judgment.

    What I’ve learned from watching this video is that if you want to try and create a powerful new strategy you should browse spoilers for cards with unique abilities that are difficult to compare to older cards because everybody knew how good Maelstrom Pulse (Vindicate) and Nacatl (Kird Ape) would be. It seemed like Saitou was the only one who found Terastodon (a unique card with a never seen before ability).

  11. Could someone please send in a follow up question of which cards lsv thinks will start seeing play when Shards rotates?

  12. I’d also like to see a Humphrey update. Be good to your mascot, or he’ll go Vengevine on you!

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