16 thoughts on “Magic TV: Extra – Scars of Mirrodin Limited”

  1. This was a cool format. One nitpick: Molder Beast’s is a common 5/3 trampler, not a 4/3 uncommon.

  2. I 3-0-1ed my first Scars draft with literally not a single metalcraft or infect card in my deck, but with 5 mana myr, a myr battlesphere, and a grand architect. LSV said in an article a week ago that the “good stuff” deck isn’t good, I’m glad to see that Brad doesn’t agree.

    Glad to see you know the pledge of allegiance.

  3. About green in drafts, I don’t really know, but; Tel-Jilad Fallen + Bellowing Tanglewurm “combo” is pretty hard to deal with.

  4. hey tainted strike isnt bad. I have personally used it to apply 8 poison counters in 1 attack primarily because i was swinging with 8 power in poison and an darksteel axe equipped rusted relic who my opponent felt it was safe to let through. his demise was of course timely.

  5. Yeah, the good stuff deck is fine.especially when you’ve got Mimic Vat, Nim Deathmantle, and 3 Sylvok Replicas and 2 Vulshok Replicas… >.> <.<

  6. Good job on the pledge…but what’s a “fleg”?

    On topic, I think people are being way too quick to make judgements about decks/colors in this format. Metalcraft can be effective with any color combination, easily including green, because you really only want a few colored cards anyway.

  7. Molder Beast

    Creature – Beast 5/3, 4G (5)


    Whenever an artifact is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, Molder Beast gets +2/+0 until end of turn.

  8. Hey just to be nit picky you should put the monitor that you are watching right next to the camera or even better underneath it, so it doesn’t look like you are talking away the whole time.

  9. sorry matthew completly disagree. it looks better when they are looking slightly to the middle of the screen like TSG is.

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