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  1. Wow, there have a lot of Magic TV extras pumped out recently. I like it!

    It was extremely interesting to hear patrick chapin’s opinion on a lot of cards/formats I know nothing about.

  2. Wild Mongrel pack 1 pick1….comes down early, enables madness….aggro.dec
    turn 1 nimble mongoose
    turn 2 wild mongrel
    turn 3 arrogant wurm, basking rootwalla
    you’re basically beating your opp so hard that if they aren’t blocking then they aren’t going to win and if they’re trying to setup for the overrun against you….well no more creatures on they’re side of the field doesn’t make ovverun very good by that turn

  3. @Huck101:
    Well, that is also kind of the dream start for the constructed madness/threshold deck, so, yeah, mongrel is pretty good in that situation. But I bet one could also come up with a dream start for overrun that is just as good.
    I mean basically all the overrun like effects over the years have been first pick material, except in formats where you should avoid green like the plague. Sadly there’s been enough of those.
    So my point is I’m not quite so sure about mongrel over overrun. Sure, it was and still is a ridiculous 2-drop, but it’s just not as game ending as something like overrun.

  4. Overwhelming Stampede for green. Almost an auto win if you can cast it. Better than normal overrun at least.

  5. I had Cursed Scroll in the MTGO Stronghold champs. It was a house, won a $400 foil set with it.

    Karakas in ME3 draft is probably the best land.

  6. Where is Opposition? It’s easily the best blue card ever.

    These videos are pretty bad because no one prepares answers before the filming and thinking of a certain card is impossible given the number of cards/formats through Magic’s history.

  7. Its hard to say Overrun or Mongrel because you are more likely to see an extra Wild Mongrel rather than an extra Overrun.

  8. Wild Mongrel was so, so good.

    Pick one pack one? I’d say Wild Mongrel over Overrun. They’re both insane, but with Overrun you’re going to want green as a VERY primary color while Wild Mongrel can easily have green be secondary and still come down turn 2. You take the Overrun, and the guy to your left takes Mongrel and cuts green hard pack 2 unless you cut green harder than you need to. You take Mongrel and you can still play U/g if you get passed some good blue.

    Plus it’s probably a sign to the guy to your left that the Mongrel is gone if there’s an overrun in the pack and a common missing.

  9. So what ended up happening to multicolored cards? If you guys went back to do it that would be awesome because there are plenty I can think of off the top of my head, like psycatog or glare of subduel maybe even grave shell scarab. Just a thought.

  10. I remember Starstorm being really good in Onslaught. It was instant speed, you could possibly leave your own creatures, and it was in a set with morphs and a lot of creatures. Plus, if you didn’t want it, you could just cycle it.

    I remember taking Wild Mongrel over Overrun on two separate occasions during Oddyssey. But I wasn’t a very good drafter back then, so I’m not sure if it was the right choice.

  11. Opposition was pretty good as well, but Treachery might just have been better. They were both just crazy good.

  12. @Peter

    You clearly haven’t played any M11 8-4s if you think overwhelming stampede is good. In my circle, we call it underwhelming stampede, because you can just get blown out by a removal spell on your biggest guy, and now it’s all 3 of my remaining creatures get +2/+2 and trample until EOT, leaving me with no profitable attacks.

    I never got the chance to draft Odyssey block, but now I kind of want to.

  13. Oh man, Skullclamp vs. Jitte. Still gotta go with Jitte. You have to have good cards to draw with Skullclamp. Jitte just wins the game.

    Mongrel > Overrun.

    Various white Wrath effects were all pretty good… Also, planeswalkers are insane in general.

    Opposition deserved mention in the blue segment, but Flood is probably better.

    Leaving rares out, or picking best common/uncommon/rare would make some more sense, IMO.

  14. Original Masticore was better than cursed scroll in my opinion. Yeah cursed scroll killed a lot of things in tempest block, but it didn’t stabalize the board when it came down. If you are behind and cast masticore in Urza’s block, you probably just win. Once you untap with it and have regen mana up, it was pretty impossible to lose.

    I’m surprised no one at least mentioned Drana for black. Hatred also finished out a lot of games especially in a block with shadow creatures.

    Treachery I agree with for blue. That was a really unfair card 🙂

    For red, I liked Crater Hellion in Urza Block, that was like wrath + you have a 6/6 in play.

    Green/White i’m not really sure. They are more wide open imo. Watching this video and thinking about things, man tempest block and urza’s block were so busted for limited rofl.

  15. I haven’t actually played odyssey block draft, but I don’t understand how Wild Mongrel can possibly be better than Garruk. I have almost never seen someone lose when they landed a Garruk. Can’t Mongrel be killed by a normal removal spell? Doesn’t that weakness already put it at a huge disadvantage for being “best card ever?” Any card that has a high chance of trading 1-for-1 does not seem like a candidate for best card to me.

  16. @Alex: Their point was partly, in addition to Mongrel’s power, that there weren’t very many removal spells in general in odyssey block, and because of the pump ability and Mongrel’s ability to change colors to black, there actually were not very many options to kill it with even within the small cadre of removal that there was. Also, the any card that can be traded one for one can’t be the best argument is complete nonsense. You could trade 1 for 1 with Jitte, and it is almost certainly the best limited card of all time. Granted, in Jitte’s case there were literally 8 cards from across all 3 sets that could kill it, but any of those cards do technically trade 1 for 1.

    That said, I do think they were sleeping on the planeswalkers a bit. Elspeth in Alara, Garruk in Lorwyn, Chandra in Lorwyn, and Gideon in RoE were all pretty huge beatdowns.

  17. “Also, the any card that can be traded one for one can’t be the best argument is complete nonsense. You could trade 1 for 1 with Jitte, and it is almost certainly the best limited card of all time.”

    Ok well yes technically, every card can be traded one-for-one in some way. Even Emrakul can be Oblivion Ringed. My point is that creatures that don’t have comes-into-play or leaves-play abilities (such as wild mongrel), if they die to a removal spell, are just dead. Once they are dead then they have been traded one-for-one and you have no gain. Whereas with Garruk, it is very unlikely for it to trade one-for-one, because if you are in a situation in which that might occur, you can just make a 3/3 and then you have card advantage. You could then argue that if your opponent is completely dominating you then you might make a 3/3 and then Garruk still dies on the counterattack, but in that scenario I don’t see how Wild Mongrel would help you that much either. Jitte you can usually play, equip, and attack on the same turn, and use the -1/-1 ability to kill something so that when it dies you get the advantage. There’s also the point of creature removal being almost universally maindecked and picked high, whereas artifact removal is almost universally sideboarded and picked low. So yeah I would say it’s a legit argument that Wild Mongrel trades one-for-one with removal. That’s another reason why I think Baneslayer Angel is worse than Martial Coup, for instance. Or that any random Dragon is worse than Starstorm.

  18. Alex – You can try to kill WM with removal but in that block the removal was direct damage or non black. Since the mongrel could outgrow most direct damage and turn itself black, it was very difficult to kill while they had card in their hand.

  19. I think they shouldve mentioned koth in the red section. It’s new but that card is just pretty damn unbeatable. Planeswalkers in general just win games and I agree Garruk is the best in green. Its overrun that also makes guys and accelerates you. for 4.

  20. @Josh: I disagree on Koth. He’s definitely very strong, but I don’t think any planeswalker that cannot defend itself is in the same class as something like Elspeth, Ajani, Garruk, or Chandra that can either kill attackers or make blockers. Koth is great when you’re ahead, but if you’re at all behind, you can deal 4 damage and then your opponent can just counter swing and kill it.

  21. For blue, I really like Mulldrifter. It’s a 3 for 1, it flies, it helps you hit your fourth mana drop if you’re desperate. It definately helps that it was a common, so I got to see it all the time, but for versatilty and value’s sake, I like Mulldrifter for blue.

    For green, I would pick overrun. It is often a card that wins games that no other card in its format could. Green is usually about playing a bunch of dorks, and that strategy often leads to stalled board states. Overrun will always trump a stalled board unlike any other card in its color.

    Cool video, I love these kinds of arguments.

  22. “Alex – You can try to kill WM with removal but in that block the removal was direct damage or non black. Since the mongrel could outgrow most direct damage and turn itself black, it was very difficult to kill while they had card in their hand.”

    Keywords: While they had cards in their hand. People will eventually run out of cards in their hands. What if you block the mongrel with a 3/3, they discard two cards to make Mongrel into a 4/4, and then they play something like volcanic spray? That seems like a fairly common scenario and is not great for the Mongrel player. Sure if you have a bunch of madness cards that reasoning goes out the window, but how many madness cards can you expect to have? WIth Garruk, all you need is Garruk. If you topdeck it with no cards in hand and only 4 lands in play, you can actually still win. The same is not true of Wild Mongrel, you need good madness/flashback cards and you need to play it early game with cards in your hand for it to be effective enough to win the game. Garruk can win you the game from any point, and is pretty good when you are ahead or behind. It also doesn’t get blocked all day by any decently sized wall or regenerator.

  23. I may be forgetting some things, but Phyrexian Processor was probably as good as Masticore was (although not as good as Jitte i guess). Skullclamp and Sword of Fire 7 ice can get honorable mention.

    Lin Sivvi just has to be the white answer.

    Opposition in 7e has my vote as the best card in any format ever.

  24. Wild Mongrel +1

    Like Pat says, the card was splashable, aggressive, efficiently costed, and synergistic with the block it was in. Pretty hard to beat that.

  25. Pretty sure my favorite part about Tempest block draft was that you not only had Rolling Thunder at common in Tempest, but you then had Fanning the Flames AND Flame Wave in Stronghold.

    As far as the picks go, Treachery is certainly a solid choice, though it also has Meloku, the Clouded Mirror and Jace, TMS to contend with.

    I’d also feel wrong not at least mentioning Sprout Swarm for Green.

  26. My experience with most of the old cards are through cube, but based on this:

    W: Martial Coup
    U: Treachery
    B: Sorin Markov, a beating in its format aswell, I’d say. Never played Living Death though. Possibly Grave Titan though, hardest to beat card in cube imo.
    R: Comet Storm
    G: Survival of the Fittest? That, Garruk or Kodama of the North Tree for me.
    Land: Stronghold or Shelldock Isle probably. But Isle is busted due to meloku and bouncelands.
    Multi: Oona, Broodmate or Bituminous Blast for me. Though I suppose Glare is sick in Ravnica.

  27. Sprout Swarm is a solid contender for Green. It wasn’t unbeatable in TPF (although you pretty much needed an air force), but you didn’t NOT pick it.

    As for black, Drana is Drana.

  28. As a draftable card for an artifact, does anyone remember how awesome viridian longbow used to be? Lol got my ass handed to me by that more often than almost any other card. Jitte is a strictly better card but longbow was not a rare.

  29. I have to second the other person named Max’s request for a discussion thats only commons (preferable) or only non-rares. What are the non-rares that really annihilated limited formats: quick thoughts B: Pestilence or Nighthawk, W: Empyrial Armor, G: Mongrel or Sprout Swarm, R:Sparksmith or Rolling Thunder, U: Mind Control? Land: Growth Chamber/Gruuk Turf/Bolierworks, Artifact: Clamp.

  30. Pristine Angel.
    Pro everything0 vigilance 4/4 flyer. Beat that palease.

    Also if you open Mongrel and Overrun you take Shower of Coals since they where pretty much always in the same pack :]

  31. I always look to Grab the Reins as one of the most backbreaking limited cards of all time (at least for a non-rare). Anyone who played enough MIrridon knew how ridiculous that card was. Also Barter in Blood was often a huge blowout, though I wouldn’t put it #1, just thought I’d mention it.

  32. I like grab the reigns for red.

    Forgotten Ancient for green maybe or Big Slug in Mir for a block specific card

    black maybe slaughter buyback.

    white empyrial armor

    blue probably treachery.


  33. For the green arguement. I remember Ursapine and sprout swarm being unbeatably good in time spiral draft.

    Ursapine becasue it was like a green fireball/overrun. But I lost quite a few games to sprout swarm.

  34. Marsh Casualties was the way half of my games of Zendikar limited ended. That card was absurd in the format, and an uncommon.

  35. The sad thing about this is that most of the answers come from the last few blocks:

    Black: Grave Titan. I never played with Living End, but Grave Titan is better than Profane Command was. Drana was ridiuculous,as there were so few ways to deal with it, basically just Flame Slash and Induce Despair. Skeletal Vampire was pretty unbeatable.

    Red: I don’t know. I think Inferno Titan is the most powerful red limited card ever, but since Red was so horrible in M11 it may not be the answer. Rolling Thunder was insane. Comet Storm was awesome, but the format was so fast it wasn’t as good as it would be in a normal format. I think I’ll go with Rolling Thunder.

    White: Martial Coup, Exalted Angel, Sunblast Angel come to mind.

    Blue: Meloku. What a house.

    Green: Sprout Swarm was insane. If your opponent didn’t get a strong tempo start, they weren’t beating the Swarm.

    Land: Karakas in ME3, and it’s probably the least close out of all of these races. It was the best card in the format.

    Artifact: Jitte probably. Contagion Engine now is pretty insane though. Phyrexian Processor and Masticore from back in the day.

    Gold: Lavalanche was probably the best if you were in the colors. Again, onesided wraths are usually gonna be tops because they can’t really be played around, aside from being ready with a counter.

  36. I guess super resilient genuine game winners like Skeletal Vampire (or Grave Titan) don’t quite make it since there is always something that answers them e.g. Faiths fetters. Glare would be a pretty strong gold card

  37. I once hate drafted a Worship. In theory that seems like a card that would be absolutely unbeatable for a significant proportion of decks but you’d have to have drafted 7th 8th 9th or Urzas to know. and I imagine very few people drafted those sets much and they are very large sets so Worship is as rare (in limited) as a mythic rare is now.

  38. Jitte
    Izzet Boilerworks
    Insurrection (hoard smelter dragon might actually be better, it’s close)
    Keiga (seems better than treachery right?)
    Martial Coup
    Sprout Swarm

    For non rares

    Loxodon Warhammer (yes it’s even better than skullclamp)
    Izzet Boilerworks
    Rolling Thunder
    I don’t want to just say Mind Control but I can’t actually think of anything better.
    Empyrial Armor is probably right, but in terms of pure ability to frustrate an opponent it has to go to Troubled Healer
    Sprout Swarm

  39. Pretty awesome. I would have gone further and asked for the best planeswalker, and best multi-color card as well.

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  41. Jitte is the best artifact, but bonesplitter is pretty sick for a common.

    White-Baneslayer Angel. Yes, ITDE. But it is gg if there is no removal.

    Blue- Treachery.




  42. I’m surprised they mentioned Overrun but not Garruk. Garruk was like “acceleration… and either Overrun or 3/3 beasts, your choice.”

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