Magic: The Gathering Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are rapidly approaching, and if you have a Magic fan in your life (or you’re the Magic fan and need to give someone a hint), we’ve got some great ideas for gifts that will bring some festive cheer to players of all sorts!

We’ve got everything a Magic player could need covered, whether thats cards to play with, accessories or some bling for a favorite deck, look no further!

The Ultimate Magic Gift Box

Our Ultimate Magic Gift Boxes start at just $49.99 and are ideal for everyone from the new player, with a special box designed just for them, to Commander fans, all the way to draft fanatics, who will love the chance to chaos draft with the 24-pack edition. 

Each box comes with some awesome extras, including special promos, so you really can’t go wrong with one of these!

For the Standard Player

Keep the Magic player in your life up to date with a bundle from the lastest Standard set, Zendikar Rising. 

With 10 Zendikar Rising Draft Boosters, 1 Collector Booster, land cards, and more, Bundle: Gift Edition is the perfect present for your favourite Magic fan.

For You and a Friend

Get together over a game of Commander this holiday season with our set of two Commander Legends decks! 

Choose your favorite and go to battle, then swap decks, add cards and customize to spice things up. It’s a great way to bring a buddy into the game, or give someone the gift of a game with you!

For the Family

Get the whole tribe involved with JumpStart, the perfect way to teach someone Magic. 

Forget playing Monopoly and fighting with Grandma over Park Avenue, teach her to play with goblins, dogs, zombies and much more in this beginner-friendly set!

For the Commander Lover

Since we’ve mentioned Commander players, the latest Magic release, Commander Legends, is the perfect thing for them. 

Whether you want to get a booster pack or two for their stocking, or a full booster box for the full experience of drafting this special set, it’s absolutely ideal for Commander players and draft lovers alike.

For the Limited Player

If you know someone who really loves to draft, you can give them a classic booster box of one of Magic’s best sets. 

Dominaria remains a big fan favorite and is sure to make a Limited-loving Magic player feel the festive cheer!

For the Collector

If the Magic player in your life likes to collect all the best cards for classic formats like Modern and Legacy, then Double Masters is a perfect stocking filler. 

This set has some absolutely amazing cards, gorgeous promos and a full booster box offers tons of entertainment if you draft it!

Something Special

Holiday gift cards are pretty rare, so this is the kind of stocking stuffer that will really make an impression!


One thing that every Magic player needs is sleeves, as well as deckboxes to store all those sleeved cards. Ultimate Guard are the choice of Team CFB, and for good reason. 

They make some of the best deckboxes, sleeves and other accessories around. We recommend the Flip’n’Tray for a single deckbox, the Arkhive to store a collection and the incredible Katana sleeves to keep that favorite deck safe. Find your local stockist at ultimateguard.com

Maybe you want something unique to really treat a friend or loved one?

Die Hard Dice offer metal dice sets and life counters, and these things are HEAVY.

Four or five times heavier than plastic dice, they feel substantial when you roll them, special, luxurious! Find out more at dieharddice.com

Tokens are always needed in Magic, but you can never find the ones you need.

Infinitokens make sure you never have to worry about that again. Their dry-erase tokens mean you just draw on whatever you need to represent in the game, and just wipe it off after you’re done!

They’re an awesome gift that any Magic player can find a use for, find out more at infinitokens.com.

If you’re looking for something even more unique, then Inklin Customs is one of many incredible artists in the MtG community who creates custom tokens.

Her designs are cute and colorful and sure to bring a smile to someone’s face this holiday season! Check them out at inklincustoms.com

Finally, if you want to help that Magic player in your life show off their hobby, the MTGProShop has clothing, pins, keychains, drinkware and tons more to do just that!

Check out MTGProShop.com for more.

Happy Holidays from everyone at ChannelFireball!

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