Magic Origins Sealed Practice

Now that we’re well into Magic Origins season I’m going to break down a Sealed pool and show you how I would build it to help you get ready for any upcoming Magic Origins Sealed PPTQs or Limited Grand Prix. I cracked these packs on the road in Vancouver, so we’ll look at it Photo Essay style:

The Rares


Overall the rares are quite good. The Firecraft and Marauder are quality cards, while the Djinn can take over games by itself. Languish can win games no other card can, and be both built around and planned for in game to take full advantage of it.



Not only is white lacking in card quantity, but its card quality just isn’t there. There is a minor enchantment subtheme, so I could see a nearly mono-color deck splashing the 2 Auramancer and Sigil of the Empty Throne, but I’m certainly not looking to start there with my Sealed build.



Blue is absurd! It has many premium uncommons including 2 Sigiled Starfish and 2 Jhessian Thief, which can just win games on their own. They even curve perfectly into Separatist Voidmage. The rest of the cards here are solid, and top out with the Soulblade Djinn backed by a reasonable number of spells on color to trigger it. Blue looks to be a frontrunner in this Sealed pool.



While not quite as deep as blue was, black has a ton going for it. First and foremost is Languish, but it is complemented further by Reave Soul, 2 Weight of the Underworld, and Cruel Revival to set up a really nice removal suite. The 3-drop creatures range from decent to very good depending on which colors black ends up paired with, and again, the color has a good shot at making the final build.



Similar to the white, the red is quite shallow. Even though the cards are decent, there just aren’t enough red cards to contribute to the final product to warrant play.



4-drop city! Green is a bit on the shallow side too, but 2 Wild Instincts is a good color payoff and the 4-drop creatures are all reasonable. We can consider pairing green with either blue or black in the final build.

Gold and Colorless

Gold colorless

Throwing Knife is solid, and Possessed Skaab is notable alongside the strength of the blue and black cards.

Before I show you my final build, try and think how you would build the deck then compare notes with my build.



My Build

Final build

It’s not a huge surprise I ended up in UB after seeing the quality of the cards opened. This deck is incredibly powerful and can operate well at any stage in the game. Green is an option to pair with either blue or black, but given the very strong blue uncommons and the high individual power level of the black cards, it is not better than what it would replace.

There were a lot of tough decisions in coming to the final 23 cards, since the deck has about 30 cards it could play. I debated over whether I wanted Eyeblight Assassin or Deadbridge Shaman as the last 3-drop creature, but many of the Thopter-generating cards are quite good, so I started the Assassin here. It also combos better with the Thieves after the opponent blocks with an X/2. I also started two Weight of the Underworld, but I could easily see bringing in Consecrated by Blood if you don’t see much removal in game 1 to ride a Thief to victory.

One final decision was the inclusion of Shadows of the Past. I like it here with all the removal, and it can deal the final points of damage once the opponent has stabilized, since despite the massive amounts of tempo this deck generates, its creatures aren’t all that big on average. Combine that with the scry (and those from the Starfish), and it’s not that unlikely to find the right answer every game (which will often be Languish).

Would you have built this pool differently? If you also built UB, did you include different cards than I did? Let me know in the comments!



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