28 thoughts on “LSV’s Top 8 Cards from Alara Reborn”

  1. What about Behemtoh Sledge? It is limited to g/w but still a stong card. Better than border post for standard right now.

  2. What about Putrid Leech? I feel like it really doesn’t have too good of a home at the moment, but it’s such a strong card for its cost. Same with Terminate.

  3. LSV is fantastic.

    I loved the drafts, and I’m loving this. I hope you do this for every following set. Oh and please next time seperate it into a vid for Constructed and a vid for Drafts.

    Youtube vids of people with a pleasant voice talking about magic = win

    Keep it up!

  4. While i agree with pretty much everything, i feel like the Escort is kind of overrated.

  5. hmm….while im pretty much agreed that the cards previewed on this video are the top 8 in the set (minus bloodbraid which IS NOT BETTER THAN malestrom pule >.<) I think lord of extinction deserves a shoutout. already my jund ramp mindset is going haywire thinking of that bad boy swinging in with a loxodon warhammer equipped. one big upside ot the card is also that he is a black creature (an possible downside), seeing as the majority of blightening and b/w tokens decks run terror making him nigh unkillable. while he does die to the wealth of white rmeoval currently available its still pretty nice to see a devastatingly large creature for only 5 mana.

    Another card i would like to talk about is Spellbreaker Behemoth. it may be just that my FNM’s have led me to see 5 cc decks around every corner (with generally 60-80 percent of the field playing it) but htis guy is an absolute beating for any control deck, especially when i can flash in an uncounterable cloudthresher at the end of their turn and proceed to smash their face with it and my 5/5 behemoth during mine.

    while i know you’ve grown to hate green decks for their lack of “focus” i dont think you should rule out cards that very well may bring green back into tournament contention.

  6. Kudos on the great video editing.
    More videos like the ones you are doing (this and the drafting ones) are appreciated and wanted.

  7. Major points for showmanship. Throwing the cards at the camera was great.

    Also, good list. I’m a little hesitant to say Bloodbraid deserves it’s hype just yet, but it’s certainly worth a spot in the top 8.

  8. Ah! Stop throwing Maelstrom Pulses around! lol jk
    Great vid, love channelfireball, tell all my friends about it.
    Keep it up!

  9. GregAndThenSome

    2 Rares and no Mythics, that makes my day. Wizards seems to be pushing the power of uncommons lately (Volcanic Fallout, Kitchen Finks) and I’m taking it as an apology for Thoughtseize. Great vid, too!

  10. Great Job! I liked this video ARB review much more than dozens other written set reviews on other sites. And i pretty much agree on card choices

  11. Nice to see so many top picks are not rare! Of course, it makes sales of boxes die a bit. I think you hit all the major cards that will make heavy impacts. I have yet to really decide if I like the Borderposts though. If they became popular enough, a second turn Naturalize basically ruins the day.

  12. “I have yet to really decide if I like the Borderposts though. If they became popular enough, a second turn Naturalize basically ruins the day.”

    Not to mention Vithian Renegades become amazing under a Bloodbraid Elf.

  13. “Not to mention Vithian Renegades become amazing under a Bloodbraid Elf.”

    totally lived the dream in sealed once.. third turn bloodbraid on the play into a vithan renegades on his turn 1 borderpost. it was awesome. i think i came a little.

  14. No Putrid Leech? So sad. What does a two mana 4/4 have to do to get recognized nowadays…

  15. I liked this video a lot. The top “8” is clever and even the tossing into the camera works pretty well, of course I hope you didn’t actually throw a pluse around like that.

    Looking forward to more of these

  16. Great to hear the method behind the madness! Welcome commentary from the best in the biz; Keep it up!

    Only contention would be Borderposts vs. B-Sledge. Wouldn’t be surprised to even see GW Tokens start sideboarding or mainboarding this for advantage in the mirror.

  17. Wall of denial, Terminate, and Medding Mage are also good. Might be more viable in constructed than the Borderposts. (Block doesn’t count in my mind. What block?)

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