LSV’s Deck of the Day – Pauper Slivers

Welcome back to my Deck of the Day, where I highlight a sweet list from any format that catches my fancy. Today we’ve got Pauper on the mind – the hive mind. Yes, that means Slivers, a long-forgotten tribe that has gotten enough juice to be a force in Pauper.

JoaoPurga’s Slivers, 5-0 MTGO League

4 Gemhide Sliver
3 Bladeback Sliver
1 Hunter Sliver
4 Muscle Sliver
4 Sinew Sliver
4 Plated Sliver
4 Predatory Sliver
4 Sidewinder Sliver
4 Virulent Sliver
4 Lead the Stampede
4 Winding Way
4 Ash Barrens
2 Blossoming Sands
7 Snow-Covered Forest
1 Snow-Covered Mountain
6 Snow-Covered Plains

1 Hunter Sliver
1 Electrickery
2 Gorilla Shaman
4 Hallow
2 Obsidian Acolyte
3 Prismatic Strands
2 Standard Bearer

Gameplan: Stack up as many +1/+1 Slivers as you can, and overrun the opponent. If the board stalls, Bladeback Sliver can deliver the final couple points.

Key Cards:

Gemhide Sliver – Casting your spells is important, and Gemhide lets you fill the board extremely rapidly.

Muscle Sliver / Sinew Sliver / Predatory Sliver –  Buffing the squad is the best thing you can be doing, and these transform your team from zero to hero in an instant.

Winding Way / Lead the Stampede – These spells fill up your hand with Slivers, and in the case of Winding Way, lands if needed. These cards reward you for having a low land count, and this deck maximizes that.

Tips and Tricks

Be on the lookout for poison kills with Virulent Sliver. Note that it only triggers on combat damage, so it’s not a combo with Bladeback Sliver.

Watch out for combat phases where one of your +1/+1 slivers dies. If you lose a Muscle Sliver in combat, your other slivers shrink and could die as a result.


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