Deck Highlight: Pioneer Peer Into the Abyss

Deck Highlight: Pioneer Peer Into the Abyss


Pioneer Peer Into the Abyss by flyingspaghetti


I’ve always been a fan of Lotus Field decks in Pioneer, and despite Underworld Breach getting banned, they still pop up from time to time. Today, we’ve got one that harnesses the power of Peer into the Abyss, which is a spicy number indeed.


Header - The Game Plan

Get out a Lotus Field, then copy it with Thespian’s Stage. Untap them both with Hidden Strings and Pore Over the Pages, drawing tons of cards in the process. Eventually cast Peer and Fae of Wishes, and win via Jace, Wielder of Mysteries.

This deck is a Lotus Field deck through and through. Once you get Field out, the deck fires on all cylinders, and it struggles when it doesn’t have Field going.


Header - Key Cards

Lotus FieldThespian's StageSylvan Scrying (Timeshifted)


Finding Field is step one, as the deck basically can’t win without it. Field makes all your cards better and your mana engine work, so it’s definitely critical.


Hidden StringsPore Over the Pages


These are your primary untap mechanisms, and both generate a ton of mana once you have double Field in play. Pore also digs through your deck and fuels the rest of your card draw effects.


Dig Through TimePeer into the Abyss


These are your heavy hitters, as both gives you access to a ton of cards. Peer in particular can be a draw 20, and losing half your life doesn’t matter once you’re comboing off.


Vizier of Tumbling SandsBala Ged Recovery // Bala Ged Sanctuary


Vizier generates a mana with Field in play, as well as getting you another card deeper. Bala Ged Recovery is a way to not miss land drops and bring back Strings or Pore (or whatever else you’re missing). Both of these are nice modal cards, which makes them flexible and powerful.


Fae of Wishes // Granted


Fae covers all your bases and can get win conditions, defense, disruption and card draw. It’s a low cost for that much flexibility, and can even be played as a 1/4 flyer in a pinch.


Niv-Mizzet, Parun


Niv offers another win condition and kills the opponent on the spot if you cast Peer while it’s in play. The mana cost may seem prohibitive, but Lotus Field handles it easily.


Header - Opening Hands

If you don’t have Lotus Field or Sylvan Scrying, you should think twice about keeping. Strategic Planning in an otherwise good hand might be decent, but for the most part this deck can mulligan aggressively. Arboreal Grazer is another nice one to see, as it speeds you up significantly.


Thespian's StageStrategic PlanningYavimaya CoastVizier of Tumbling SandsFae of Wishes // GrantedPore Over the PagesArboreal Grazer


Keep. Grazer plus Planning makes me inclined to keep this, and you have a cycler and a Fae to play over the next few turns as needed.


Lotus FieldLotus FieldThespian's StageArboreal GrazerForestBotanical SanctumTemple of Mystery


Keep. Turn one Grazer into Temple plus Lotus and Stage is worth keeping, even if it is a seven-land hand essentially. You have tons of mana plus a scry, which will usually be enough.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • If you have Fae in play, you can use Hidden Strings to cipher, which gives you an extra untap.
  • Thespian’s Stage can copy opposing lands, and I’ve won games copying things like Mutavault before.
  • Most opponents will play scared against you, so if you’re facing counterspells, you can play a little slower than normal.


Header - Pulling the Hidden Strings

I really enjoy decks like this, and I’ve liked every Lotus Field deck I’ve played in  Pioneer in the past. This one looks sweet, and good luck opening on Lotus if you play it!


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