Live Long and Prosper from Exile – EDH Showcase

As I’ve said before, I like a commander that tells you, very clearly, what you should do with it. One such commander is Prosper, Tome-Bound – and he actually tells you to do two things: play cards from exile and use Treasure tokens for fun and profit. And that’s just what Higgzy has done with this sweet Rakdos play-stuff-from-exile list! I didn’t even realize there were so many ways to play cards from exile, and certainly didn’t realize how powerful some of them are. 




Live Long and Prosper by Higgzy

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If you’d asked me to name creatures that cause you to exile cards you can then play, I would have been able to name Gonti, Etali and… er… Robber of the Rich? Well, it turns out there are a ton more than that, and all of them synergize magnificently with Prosper. Dire Fleet Daredevil, Dauthi Voidwalker, Fiend of the Shadows – the list goes on, and then on top of that there are creatures that go even more bonkers. Dream Devourer lets you play anything from exile, while Wild-Magic Sorcerer gives these exiled spells cascade!

Valki, God of Lies // Tibalt, Cosmic ImpostorIgnite the FutureMizzix's Mastery

As I mentioned, however, I was surprised by the power level of some of these play-from-exile cards. Of course, Etali is good in more or less any Commander deck, but then there’s Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor, Ignite the Future, which costs an effective six when flashed back. Not bad! The most incredible looking card to me, however, is Mizzix’s Mastery – not only do you cast everything from your graveyard, you end up with a stack of Treasures after having done so.

Jeska's WillYou Find Some PrisonersTheater of Horrors

Of course, there are all the usual suspects in red that offer “impulse draw” – exiling cards you can play for a limited time – such as Jeska’s Will and Light Up the Stage, and there are a few other sweet ones like You Find Some Prisoners and Galvanic Relay. Some enchantments help keep these cards flowing – Theater of Horrors, Valakut Exploration, Outpost Siege – all combining with Prosper to fill your coffers with Treasure.

Revel in RichesHellkite TyrantMarionette Master

But what to do with all those treasure tokens? If you don’t need to use them to play more cards from exile, this deck plays a couple of extra win conditions that will happily put extra Treasures to good use – there’s both Revel in Riches, and – in case your opponents have a NegateHellkite Tyrant, both of which convert a pile of Treasure into an extremely satisfying victory. Finally, there’s Marionette Master, which allows you to sacrifice all your treasures in one go to burn out the entire table!

I like the balance this deck strikes between Prosper’s exile and Treasure abilities (and even played Porcuparrot to take advantage of Prosper’s deathtouch), and how it goes hard on a particular set of mechanics, duly encouraged by its commander. This is exactly the sort of deck I hope to sit down across from when playing EDH – not overwhelmingly powerful, and filled with sweet and surprising tricks. If you’ve got a deck like it, I’d love to see it – send it my way via a DM on Twitter!


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