Legacy UW Humans – Deck Highlight


Legacy UW Humans by Kellen Pastone


Humans is my pet deck in Modern and I’ve often tried it in Legacy too. However, seeing former Platinum Pro Kellen Pastore make the Top 4 of  a MTGO Legacy Challenge with Legacy UW Humans makes me want to make a new Legacy video!


Elite SpellbinderChampion of the Parish


Elite Spellbinder, Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa’s invitational card, is making its first foray into Legacy, and it does plenty of things here:

  • It works wonders with Aether Vial , as you can flash it in on your opponent’s draw step to take away a sorcery-speed, freshly drawn card. 
  • As a Human, it naturally synergizes well with Champion of the Parish and Thalia’s Lieutenant.
  • You can tutor it up with Recruiter of the Guard since it only has one toughness.
  • You can blink it with Charming Prince since it has an enters the battlefield trigger to take away multiple cards from your opponent’s hand.
  • It gives you information about your opponent’s hand to make it easier for your Meddling Mage. You can even consider naming the exiled card with Meddling Mage after delaying it for one turn with Elite Spellbinder.

I’ve always and only seen Humans being played in Legacy in combination with Noble Hierarch and rainbow mana bases thanks to Cavern of Souls and Unclaimed Territory, but maybe now that Elite Spellbinder is available as a premium three-drop, it’s worth it to just sticking to UW for this prison-creature-based deck.



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