Legacy Sultai Smog – Deck Highlight


Legacy Sultai Smog by Btraut


Witherbloom ApprenticeChain of Smog

I’ve already explored and played with the Chain of Smog and Witherbloom Apprentice combo in Legacy, but I’ve only done it in a Delver of Secrets shell so far. Today’s list from Btraut, who Top 8’d the most recent Legacy Challenge, leaves Delver of Secrets behind and goes more all in on the combo in Legacy Sultai Smog.

You have tutors for your combo pieces in the form of Spellseeker and Green Sun’s Zenith, which also serves as a toolbox for Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath when you want to grind and Sylvan Safekeeper when you need protection for your combo. 


Cabal TherapyAbundant HarvestForce of Vigor

The thing that surprises me the most about this deck is the lack of Force of Will. We’re naturally used to seeing zero-mana counterspell being played in a blue combo deck, but Btraut decided to go for a different route for their interaction with Cabal Therapy and Thoughtseize.

Another new addition to the deck is Abundant Harvest. This is a pre-print from Modern Horizon 2 that’s been added to Legacy via the Mystic Archive in Strixhaven. It’s replacing Preordain here since you don’t need to be worried about blue pitch since you’re not playing any blue Forces, but you do worry about green pitches since you have two Force of Vigor in the sideboard.

Chain of Smog is definitely a new player in Legacy. It’s nothing extraordinary, but I like with to show the news in my Deck Highlights in this “often solved” Magic format.


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