Legacy Sultai Control – Deck Highlight


Legacy Sultai Control by Paradise_Lost


Sultai in Legacy is by far my favorite color combination and usually the thing I love to do the most. Often, I prefer putting Delver of Secrets in my main deck and sideboard it out when needed, but if the metagame is combo-light I don’t mind playing straight-up Legacy Sultai Control with main deck Baleful Strix.

This is exactly that Paxxxu and Paradise_Lost did in the last Legacy Challenge, both clinching the Top 8 with this beautiful collection of cards!


Uro, Titan of Nature's WrathDazeBaleful Strix

I love the addition of Daze to the main deck. It’s a card that we usually only see in Delver of Secrets decks, but it’s among the strongest card in Legacy and a great addition, even in decks that are lighter on one-drops like this one.


Witherbloom CommandRun Afoul


It’s the first time I’ve seen Witherbloom Command being played in Legacy and I’d like to analyze its four modes, since it’s a new card from Strixhaven.

For two mana, together with Assassin’s Trophy and Abrupt Decay, you’ll have a removal for one-toughness creatures, a kill spell for Aether Vial, Carpet of Flower and Sylvan Library and a little drain effect. However, I think the most underestimated effect is the first one. Getting a fetchland or a Wasteland back to your hand, as well as milling yourself for three to get closer to an Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath, is a very nice bonus when attached to an effect that’s already reasonable, like killing a small permanent. You can also randomly get your Doomsday opponent by milling them for three. Definitely an underexplored card from the new set!

Another card that caught my attention is the sideboard Run Afoul. I’m expecting this to come in against the Delver of Secrets, Sprite Dragon and Ethereal Forager decks, as well as of course to deal with the indestructible Marit Liege!



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