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Legacy Rector Nic Fit by Overhaul

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Arena RectorAcademy RectorYorion, Sky Nomad

There’s a lot to unpack in this seventh place finishing deck, Legacy Rector Nic Fit, at the last Legacy Challenge on MTGO by Overhaul.

For starters, it’s a Yorion, Sky Nomad deck. That means 80 cards so that you can fit as many toolbox cards as you want!

I called this deck Rector Nic Fit because it plays both Arena Rector and Academy Rector, using Cabal Therapy and Phyrexian Tower to sacrifice them to get some powerful enchantments or planeswalkers out of the deck.

It also features Veteran Explorer and Abundant Growth as ways to accelerate/fix your mana base.

The deck isn’t just a toolbox in the main deck. The sideboard is also crucial in Game 1 since you have both Living Wish and Karn, the Great Creator that grant you access to your sideboard.

There’s an additional toolbox in the deck as well that’s granted by your 28 lands featuring Field of the Dead. Crop Rotation can get any land you might need, from Bojuka Bog to Phyrexian Tower to Karakas to Ancient Tomb.


Vanishing VerseAssassin's TrophyOpposition Agent

There’s also space for some interesting interaction cards. Vanishing Verse is fresh addition from Strixhaven that’s able to deal with creatures as well as powerful threats like Jace, the Mind Sculptor or Omniscience.

Opposition Agent is a card I often get blown out by but never really add it to any of my decks. Other than the classic fetchland scenario, I like Opposition Agent as a permanent hatebear against Doomsday, which is among the best decks in Legacy right now.

This deck is wild and I’m so glad that whenever I do these Deck Highlights, I get to see Legacy players reach the Top 8 of their Challenges with the craziest brews!


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