Legacy Rakdos Reanimator – Deck Highlight


Legacy BR Reanimator by _AGAINST_



Reanimator is a very old archetype in Legacy. It’s always been around, threatening a turn one Griselbrand. Recently though, with Force of Negation and Endurance adding to the zero-mana free interaction, it’s certainly having a tougher time.

Despite all that, we’re still seeing _Against_ and the trophy leader ewlandon having success with the archetype, and since it’s featuring few new cards, I figured I’d give it shutout.


EntombReanimateArchon of Cruelty

The first new card we’re seeing in the main deck is Archon of Cruelty, which is a great threat to play around Karakas. It usually serves as a second threat after Griselbrand gains you an insurmountable lead in the game. Archon of Cruelty is also seeing play in Oath of Druids in Vintage – it’s wild and I love it.


GriefSerra's Emissary

Another new card that’s popping up in the main deck is Grief as just a couple of copies to split the number of Unmask. Unmask is still better than Grief in this deck since you’re able to target yourself with it and reanimate a Griselbrand on turn one without Lotus Petal or Dark Ritual.

Grief is a creature though, so you’re able to get value off with it and your reanimation spells since you’re able to evoke Grief then Reanimate it to apply a bit of pressure as well as disrupting the opponent twice on turn one.

The last new card we see here is Serra’s Emissary. I’d sideboard it in against Tendrils of Agony decks, naming sorceries, against Affinity naming artifacts or you can name lands to protect your Griselbrand from Karakas

Despite all this, It’s important to still almost always go for Griselbrand in the dark, and then choosing Serra’s Emissary, Iona, Shield of Emeria, Ashen Rider or Archon of Cruelty as second option.



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