Legacy Power Rankings – September Update

 Modern Horizons 2 has definitely changed the Legacy format. Let’s see where it’s at today, three months since Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and others came into this format, in the Legacy Power Rankings.



1. Izzet Delver

Ragavan, Nimble PilfererDragon's Rage ChannelerDelver of Secrets // Insectile Aberration


Izzet Delver stays at the top, or I should say, Izzet Tempo does, because more and more players started cutting their Delvers. The first one was Rich Cali, whom in his article wrote about the card being the worst of the three one-drop between Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Dragon’s Rage Channeler. Then, Nathan Steuer won the MOCS Showcase with two copies of Delver and Steam Vents replacing basic lands. However you want to build your Izzet deck, you’re going to get yourself a Tier 1 deck regardless.



2. Jeskai MonkeyStill

Ragavan, Nimble PilfererUrza's SagaPrismatic Ending


Jeskai MonkeyStill is a Standstill deck featuring Urza’s Saga to break the stall. However, we often see this combination of colors feature different decks that can welcome various shells from Dragon’s Rage Channeler to Predict to Expressive Iteration to any control decks that wants to take advantage of Urza’s Saga and Retrofitter Foundry.

White gives you the best removal spells possible between Swords to Plowshares and Prismatic Ending, so it’s definitely a great color to choose as your back up if you don’t want to go to the face with Lightning Bolt in an aggressive deck like Izzet Delver. 




Legacy Jesaki Midrange by Nathan Steuer


Nathan Steuer is one of the best players on Magic Online at the moment, and recently had a Top 4 split a large Legacy event with four copies of Standstill in his list. We’ve seen lists cutting them entirely, but I love how the card is still having success in Legacy. 

I would say that Jeskai Midrange, or MonkeyStill, is a strong control deck, able to defend and play a great defensive game with the best removal in the format as well as having a great late game thanks to Urza’s Saga with the ability to deploy a dreadful turn one Ragavan.


3. Bant Miracles

Uro, Titan of Nature's WrathEnduranceTerminus


Bant Miracles is still your home for Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath and Terminus. This is the true control deck of the format and the one that isn’t playing red for Ragavan.

Endurance is great against Doomsday and Dragon’s Rage Channeler and it’s definitely one of the most important addition from Modern Horizons 2 to this deck.

AnziD is for sure the most important content creator of this deck and is continually innovating the archetype. Just recently, he won the Challenge with his own brew adding Expressive Iteration to this deck, making it even stronger in the late game. To know more about that version, make sure to read Rich Cali’s Deck Guide on this deck variation


4. Doomsday

DoomsdayThassa's OracleForce of Will

Doomsday is the best combo deck in Legacy. I might be too generous with the Bant deck and it’s entirely possible that a Doomsday deck, piloted to perfection, is the second best deck in Legacy, although I’m a big Force of Will fan and chose that as my tiebreaker.

Kai Sawatari, a German/Japanese Magic player, has been rocking the MTGO Challenges these past weeks with Doomsday and the deck seems to be doing great, despite the high number of Force of Will, Force of Negation and Endurance decks floating around. In case you’ve never encountered the interaction, Endurance is sometimes able to disrupt a Thassa’s Oracle win if the graveyard and the deck size is higher than two when you’re casting Thassa’s Oracle. Of course, there are plenty of workarounds to this, but it’s definitely a new card to mention since this deck didn’t get any new tools with Modern Horizons 2.


5. Yorion Death & Taxes 

Aether VialThalia, Guardian of ThrabenYorion, Sky Nomad


Whenever Delver sits at the top of the metagame, Death & Taxes rises to defeat it, and naturally climbs several spots in the Power rankings.

The Death&Taxes we see these days is different than what we’ve been used to. It’s playing 80 cards with Yorion, Sky Nomad as a companion. With this, you’re able to increase your Equipment selection and add Kaldra Compleat to be able to race and quickly defeat a Delver deck that doesn’t have any way to deal with an hasty 5/5 that can kill anything that tries to stop it.

Solitude is another addition that’s making the deck tick, with your Yorion companion ready to be pitched whenever you need that free spell.

Yorion, Sky Nomad has a powerful blink ability in this deck and you don’t have a problem ticking Aether Vial up to five or just playing a longer game to deploy that fifth land drop. 



Legacy Yorion Death and Taxes by YawgmothPT


6. GW Reclaimer

Elvish ReclaimerKnight of the Reliquary (Timeshifted)Crop Rotation


GW Reclaimer is another fair deck that’s trying to grind blue decks out, using Elvish Reclaimer, Knight of the Reliquary and Crop Rotation to assemble Marit Lage while disrupting the opponent with Swords to Plowshares and Wasteland.

Modern Horizons 2 delivered a very important tool to this deck in Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth, which will turn your Dark Depths into a Forest as well as make Knight of the Reliquary able to sacrifice any land to its ability. That might sound like a small deal, but the reason why Golgari Depths was the best home for Dark Depths through all this time was likely thanks to Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth making Dark Depths tap for mana, making the deck function much better whenever you had those draws.

The deck has since cut black entirely, previously splashing for Abrupt Decay and Plague Engineer. Instead, it’s simply gone Selesnya since its mana base picked up another colorless land in Urza’s Saga, which you can tutor up easily and gives you a nice artifact toolbox between Mox Diamond, Retrofitter Foundry and Thran Foundry, which you can sideboard in against graveyard decks or Thassa’s Oracle decks, together with Endurance.


7. Elves

Allosaurus ShepherdGrist, the Hunger TideNatural Order


Allosaurus Shepherd is a menace for every blue deck, and because of this, Elves is able to go unchecked with either a combo kill thanks to Glimpse of Nature or a safe Progenitus found with Natural Order.

Modern Horizons 2 didn’t bring a whole lot of new toys to the deck, but some lists feature one copy of Grist, the Hunger Tide, which you can tutor up with Green Sun’s Zenith, as it’s a creature both in the deck and on the stack while being a planeswalker in play.

Another factor that plays in favor of Elves lately is the fact that Plague Engineer is seeing very little play since Delver decks moved to be pure Izzet and Maverick decks also moved to be pure Selesnya.


8. Reanimator/Oops All Spells

ReanimateSerra's EmissaryThassa's Oracle


Ewlandon is back in the Legacy trophy leader race with his trusty BR Reanimator, which is now abusing of Serra’s Emissary as an anti-Karakas threat that can shut off decks like UR Delver by itself, naming creature.

Oops All Spells is also having a small resurgence as the fair blue decks picked up such an incredible consistency and card advantage while having quick threats, making it hard for slower combo decks to beat them. You need to be fast and deploy your combo before they can properly function.



Legacy Reanimator by Ewlandon


9. Lands

Life from the LoamDark DepthsValakut Exploration


Lands is having a resurgence due to the combo decks being at an all-time low.

You’re able to grind blue decks, gaining card advantage with Life from the Loam, Sylvan Library and Valakut Exploration, while disrupting the opponent with Wasteland, Rishadan Port and Punishing Fire and finally winning the game thanks to the trusty Marit Lage off of Dark Depths.


10. Sneak & Show

Sneak AttackShow and TellGriselbrand


If Lands is having a resurgence, the opposite needs to be said about Sneak & Show. This deck’s been struggling against Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Dragon’s Rage Channeler decks that now have two incredibly fast and good threats that will make it harder, making Sneak & Show face a lot of interaction as well as a fast clock.

Following JPA93’s results, the most important voice on this deck, will let you know when it’s or it’s not time to play Sneak & Show and you can see him doing well with a variety of decks from Mono-Blue Artifacts to Jeskai, but none of them being Sneak & Show.


Recap: Legacy is stabilizing and the Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer decks are slowly consolidating to the top of the metagame and it’ll be very hard to knock them down. 



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