Legacy Mono-Black Worldgorger Combo Reanimator – Deck Guide

Despite the Reanimator archetype mostly being defined by stock versions these days, there’s still a fair bit of innovation that can occur. MTGO player Roodslay recently did so and took a Mono-Black Worldgorger Combo variant to the top 32 of a Legacy challenge. Worldgorger Dragon shows up every now and then and honestly doesn’t usually impress me. This version looks very streamlined and powerful though, so it warranted me taking a look at it.

Let’s jump right into the deck and game plan.




Legacy Mono-Black Worldgorger Combo by Roodslay


Header - The Game Plan

This is an extremely fast graveyard combo deck that is looking to put Griselbrand in play as fast as possible. Once that’s in play, you can draw enough cards until you can assemble Animate Dead and Worldgorger Dragon to generate infinite mana and find a way to kill your opponent (more on how that works later). This deck has a sideboard plan that sidesteps the graveyard aspect of the deck in lieu of a different combo: Sedgemoor Witch and Chain of Smog. The combination of all of this will put opponents on the backfoot early and will always be threatening to win the game against your opponent.


Header - Card Choices


This is the lynchpin of the Reanimator strategy. Entomb enables all of the most powerful starts and is certainly one of the best cards legal in Legacy. Once you resolve an Entomb, the rest of the game gets so much easier since this deck has 12 ways to bring a creature back and I would highly value any hand that has an Entomb.


Any Reanimator deck in Legacy will start with four of these. Griselbrand not only wins games by itself, but it enables just about any combo you can imagine. In this deck, you will frequently use Griselbrand to set up your Worldgorger Dragon combo pretty easily, as finding a way to put it in your yard and an Animate Dead effect is not that difficult. Unless you have a guaranteed win with Worldgorger early (read: you know they can’t interact and you have all of your combo pieces) you should look to start by Reanimating Griselbrand.

Worldgorger DragonOona, Queen of the Fae

This is what differentiates this deck from a traditional Reanimator deck. While this requires quite a bit more set up/deck building costs, the upside of being able to win in a single turn is substantial.

The way it works is as follows: you use Animate Dead to bring back Worldgorger Dragon, which triggers its ability. That removes the Animate Dead from the battlefield, thus causing you to sacrifice the Worldgorger, which returns your lands and the Animate Dead, which targets the Worldgorger Dragon. This loop repeats as many times as you’d like, generating infinite mana. If you have one of the lands that ping your opponents, that will end the game in short order. If not, you can then use a card like Entomb to find Oona, Queen of the Fae and mill your opponent’s entire deck. Importantly, the loop can only be broken up by reanimating something else, so if you don’t have the win locked up or another target, you will create an infinite loop, so be careful about that.

ReanimateAnimate DeadDance of the Dead

Reanimate is too efficient not to play in a deck like this and it enables some of the fastest starts with Griselbrand. While four Animate Dead is common for Reanimator decks, Dance of the Dead is replacing Exhume here. While it’s certainly a worse way to bring back a creature in the abstract, it’s essential for ensuring you have enough enchantment reanimation spells to enable Worldgorger Dragon, as it works the same way Animate Dead does in that regard. If you just need to get your combo going, using Dance of the Dead to reanimate Griselbrand will at least allow you to draw a decent number of cards, which will often be enough.


Grief was a pretty significant printing for this archetype. Not only does it provide an extra four copies of Unmask (that cannot target yourself), it can be reanimated as an alternative plan, which can put unprepared opponents under reasonable pressure early. Having eight ways to make your opponent discard a card for free greatly increases the speed and consistency of this deck and will help you find ways to play through pesky disruption.

Collective Brutality

Since this deck doesn’t play Faithless Looting, it has a bit more space for different enablers. Collective Brutality is a bit clunky in Legacy but the fact that it is both disruption and an enabler can be crucial. Seeing as this format is really defined by Ragavan, it’s reasonably likely that your opponents will have a small creature in play that you will want to kill, so Brutality seems like a solid fit here.

Dark RitualLotus Petal

At this point, these are staples of the Reanimator archetype. This deck is very fast and explosive and having the ability to kill someone on turn one is extremely potent.

Swamp (400)Sunscorched DesertPiranha Marsh

The Swamps might not need any introduction, but the other lands might look like oddballs. They’re a relatively low-opportunity cost way to make sure your Worldgorger Dragon combo kills your opponent. Of course, there are downsides to these lands, so it’s not as if they are completely free. However, considering that it means you don’t need an alternative way to kill your opponents outside of just the Worldgorger loop, it’s worth it to run some number of these lands.


Header - The Sideboard

Sedgemoor WitchChain of Smog

This is the plan against an abundance of graveyard hate. Sedgemoor Witch is fine enough by itself since most opponents won’t have much removal against you, being able to pair it with Chain to one-shot opponents (assuming you get another turn) is a nice way to ignore the graveyard hate they brought in.

Thoughtseize (Timeshifted)Cabal Therapy

Some extra discard spells are nice. Cabal Therapy isn’t that common these days, but it’s quite nice in conjunction with Sedgemoor Witch out of the board, so I rather like that inclusion.

Plunge into Darkness

This is not at all a common Legacy card but it mostly seems like it contributes to the sideboard juke against graveyard hate and primarily comes in when you bring in the Witch. It helps you dig pretty deep for Chain of Smog, as well as anything else you’re missing. It’s especially effective if you have a few pests in play, as that will allow you to see a significant portion of your deck.


Header - Tips and Tricks


Header - Sideboard Guide

Izzet Delver

Izzet Delver

Out: 4 Dance of the Dead, 3 Worldgorger Dragon, 1 Oona, Queen of the Fae 

In: 4 Sedgemoor Witch, 4 Chain of Smog

Griselbrand will often be enough by itself so I don’t think you need the full combo, especially against a deck with Surgical Extraction. The Sedgemoor Witch certainly has the ability to win the game by itself, and combining it with the combo will surely be enough to win the game. I don’t think you want Plunge into Darkness since your life total is often under pressure and you won’t have enough to work with.


Bant Control

Bant Control

Out: 4 Dance of the Dead, 3 Worldgorger Dragon, 1 Oona, Queen of the Fae, 4 Collective Brutality, 1 Lotus Petal

In: 4 Sedgemoor Witch, 4 Chain of Smog, 3 Plunge into Darkness, 2 Cabal Therapy

I think the full transformational plan is a good direction to go here. Again, Griselbrand is often good enough and even if they answer it, you can use the Griselbrand to assemble your alternate combo. Sedgemoor Witch will certainly do a fair amount of good work by itself and Chain of Smog can actually just function as a disruptive spell, which is kind of nice.


Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes

Out: 2 Collective Brutality

In: 2 Thoughtseize

I know Brutality answers creatures, but it doesn’t disrupt their hand meaningfully and they don’t actually have that many problematic creatures. Overall, this should be a pretty good matchup, just make sure you have a fast plan and it should be pretty easy to put them in a bind.




Out: 2 Worldgorger Dragon, 2 Dance of the Dead

In: 2 Thoughtseize, 2 Cabal Therapy

Reanimator is certainly fast enough to keep up with Doomsday, but I don’t think you need your full Worldgorger combo to win. Getting Griselbrand in play will allow you to shred their hand apart, which should be good enough, so try to keep a fast hand if possible.



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