Legacy Mono-Black Curses – Deck Highlight


Legacy Mono-Black Curses by McGuireCJ



It’s well known that in Legacy you can pair prison elements like Chalice of the Void, Trinisphere and Karn, the Great Creator with literally anything, and McGuireCJ paired them with Curse of Misfortunes and other Curses up to the Top 8 of Sunday’s MTGO Legacy Challenge with Mono-Black Curses!


Chalice of the Void (Timeshifted)TrinisphereKarn, the Great CreatorCurse of Misfortunes

This deck uses Dark Ritual, Chrome Mox, Ancient Tomb and City of Traitors as fast mana to power out Curse of Misfortunes, which will quickly spiral out of control with Overwhelming Splendor and other Curses that’ll make the opponent’s life impossible.

The four Leyline of the Void in the main deck may look strange, but Legacy is a format where nearly everyone has a lot to do with graveyards and you get to combo with Helm of Obedience from the sideboard as well, which you can tutor up with Karn, the Great Creator.


Sudden EdictUrza's Saga

Modern Horizons 2 added two new cards to the deck. First, there’s Sudden Edict which is a slightly better Diabolic Edict. Second, there’s Urza’s Saga, a unique land that can take over a board stall game whenever the opponent is stuck under a Trinisphere or a Chalice of the Void.

The sideboard also features a copy of a card I’ve never seen before in Legacy, Thran Foundry. It’s being used over Nihil Spellbomb in this deck for its ability to deal with the Thassa’s Oracle combo deck as well as graveyard decks. It isn’t as serviceable as the Spellbomb, but it’s a nice one to pick off Karn¬†since you already have Tormod’s Crypt if you need something cheap.



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