Legacy Monkey Sneak and Show – Deck Highlight


Legacy Monkey Sneak and Show by Raton


Modern Horizons 2 has shaken up Legacy immensely. The first week was all about UR Delver and its newest toys, whereas in second week we saw a total of one UR Delver among the two Legacy MTGO Challenge Top 8s! The deck I’m featuring today comes from Raton, who Top8’d Saturday’s MTGO Legacy Challenge with their own take on Sneak and Show featuring the newest, fiercest one-drop of Legacy, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer.


Ragavan, Nimble PilfererShow and TellSneak Attack

This deck packs Daze and Force of Will to protect a turn one Ragavan, but also has the explosive draws on going turn one Ancient Tomb and Lotus Petal for a Show and Tell to cheat out Griselbrand.

It’s unclear if Sneak and Show needs a card like Ragavan already in the main deck. In the past, we’ve seen combo decks adopting creatures as their plan B from the sideboard, and I want to point out that JPA93 (the most famous Legacy Sneak and Show player) also made a Top 8 appearance with the deck last weekend. Comparatively, their deck had the Ragavans in the sideboard.



Legacy seems like a new world to explore, but putting an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn into play with haste can never get that old.



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