Legacy Lands – Deck Highlight


Legacy Lands by Albert Lindblom


The Legacy MOCS Showcase Qualifier happened this past Sunday. It’s a high level event of only 26 players that was eventually won by Sam Rolph on Death and Taxes. Today, however, I’m highlighting the other finalist: Legacy Lands!


Dark DepthsLife from the LoamValakut Exploration

Lands has always been a very popular deck in Legacy, locking the opponent with Wasteland and Rishadan Port or Punishing Fire and Grove of the Burnwillows while threatening a fast Marit Laige token thanks to Dark Depths and Thespian’s Stage.

The biggest innovation that Lands got in the last year has been Valakut Exploration. It’s a great card advantage engine that works perfectly with 34 lands and four Crop Rotation, making sure you never run out of gas, even in the games where all your Life from the Loam were hit by Surgical Extraction. I used to play Lands myself and my losses often came down to my opponent dealing with my Life from the Loam and me slowly having nothing to play with.

The list that Albert Lindblom played has two Sylvan Library, two Elvish Reclaimer and three Valakut Exploration, totally ready for the slow blue decks metagame that’s Legacy at the moment with very few combo decks to punish you.

Speaking of combo decks being a bad matchup, Endurance definitely helps there, being a great free hate piece for both Reanimator and Doomsday.



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