Legacy Lands – Deck Highlight




I’ve been a huge fan of Legacy Lands for years, and even played it in the last Legacy Grand Prix I went to. It’s gotten some cool updates that I wanted to highlight, including everyone’s favorite land, Urza’s Saga.


Header - The Game Plan

Grind the opponent out with Life from the Loam, using Exploration and Mox Diamond to speed things up.

You can see a video of me playing the deck here (though it’s a slightly different list).


Header - Key Cards

This deck has a bunch of different combos – let’s go through each of them.


Life from the LoamMox DiamondExploration

This is the core – Mox Diamond and Exploration let you accelerate at a cost of cards, but Life from the Loam gets those cards back and more. Loaming every turn lets you disrupt their mana base with Wasteland and Rishadan Port, blow things up with Blast Zone and just get tons of lands into play.


Punishing FireGrove of the Burnwillows

Punishing Fire is the main anti-creature plan, alongside The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale and Maze of Ith. Because you can mill it with Loam and bring it back easily with Grove of the Burnwillows, it fits perfectly into this deck.


Dark DepthsThespian's Stage

Dark Depths and Thespian’s Stage gives you a 20/20 for just three mana, as Stage copies Depths, you keep the Stage, and it pops because it has no ice counters. Crop Rotation often assembles this combo, and this is how you try and outrace the faster decks in the format.


Urza's Saga

Urza’s Saga is a combo in and of itself, as it makes a couple Constructs and then gets one of the tutor targets. Loam bringing back Saga is a powerful loop, and control decks have a really hard time beating it.


Valakut Exploration

This is another card that combos with the rest of the deck, particularly Exploration (it’s even in the name!). Valakut Exploration leads to a snowball effect where you play lands that flip over more lands, which ends up giving you a ton of card advantage.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Sometimes you just need to cast Loam with no targets to start dredging it.
  • Crop Rotation has a ton of potential, so make sure you know all the silver bullets the deck has. Tabernacle for wide boards, Maze for one attacker, Karakas for legends, etc.
  • Wastelanding your own Bojuka Bog so you can replay it is a play I often make, as it lets you recur graveyard hate with Loam.


Header - Loaming for Fun and Profit

I still maintain that this is one of the most fun Legacy decks out there – you get to play with all lands! It’s gone through many evolutions, and it warms my heart that it’s still a legit competitor.



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