Legacy Izzet Delver Post-Modern Horizons 2 – Deck Highlight

Legacy Izzet Delver by Steinerson



Modern Horizons 2 took Legacy by a storm! Dozens of new cards have popped up in the format, but in the end, good old Izzet Delver was the deck of the weekend. In total, four copies appeared in the Top 8 of Legacy Showcase Challenge and with the two finalists (Tommy Ashton and Sam Rolph) both on it.

The most impactful cards were for sure Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Dragon’s Rage Channeler, two incredibly powerful one-drops in a format like Legacy where threats needs to be as cheap as possible and produce as much value as possible.

Dragon’s Rage Channeler doesn’t need much to be busted. I thought it needed Mishra’s Bauble to enable delirium easily but Tommy proved that just playing normal Magic is enough to put an instant, sorcery, land and creature in the graveyard to have a 3/3 flyer for just one red mana.

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer is probably the best creature Legacy has had since Deathrite Shaman. It’s a beatdown creature that can create a huge value, both in the terms of mana and in card advantage. Don’t play less than four.

Finally, Murktide Regent is topping the curve. The obvious comparison is with Ethereal Forager, but the fact that the Whale dies to Lightning Bolt and this Dragon makes that difference glaring.

It might feel like a nonbo to pair this with Dragon’s Rage Channeler, but this deck dumps so many cards in the graveyard quickly (thanks to the Channeler’s ability) that’s not hard to keep the graveyard size to four.

Tommy Ashton, the winner of the Showcase, said he went 6-0 in the Izzet mirror, sideboarding out five Forces for four Pyroblast and a Blazing Volley and always fetching up that basic Island and basic Mountains as soon as possible. If you want to succeed in Legacy with Modern Horizons 2, you better be ready for this deck!


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