Legacy High Tide – Deck Highlight


Legacy High Tide by IWouldLikeToRespond



High Tide and Time Spiral have been a combination for over 20 year and it’s a pleasure to see Marcus Ewaldh, aka Iwouldliketorespond, getting as far as second place in last Sunday’s Legacy Challenge with this deck.


High TideTime SpiralBrain FreezeDress Down

The way this combo deck works is that you use High Tide and Turnabout to get huge chunk of mana, Time Spiral to draw seven new cards as well as untapping all your mana, you then use Cunning Wish to either kill the opponent with Brain Freeze or with Blue Sun’s Zenith if they play an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

I love to see this combo deck in action in Vintage Cube, and it’s nice to see that someone is still doing it in Legacy.

The only new addition to the deck is Dress Down, which you can see in four copies of in the sideboard. I assume Marcus is sideboarding Dress Down whenever you want to turn off your opponent’s hatebears, from Thalia, Guardian of Thraben to Meddling Mage, and of course Dress Down is a powerhouse against Thassa’s Oracle.

High Tide is a combo deck that’s immune to both graveyard hate and artifact hate, which makes it quite resilient to the sideboard cards you see around these days like Endurance and Null Rod. Resolving a six-mana sorcery in a world of Daze and Force of Negation will certainly be a tough task and only true masters of this deck can really watch it unfold.



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